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Kibo Terris Farkas is a skilled swordfighter, trained by the Sword Master Aegis herself. After losing in the semifinals of the 82nd Annual Clash of Steel Tournament, he re-entered the next year to take home the gold. As he manages to clear through the first few matches, he has little trouble making it to the semifinals. After winning in the semifinals with a score of 3-1, Kibo advanced to the finals. However, the match would be interrupted by a large, mysterious, purple airship flying above the arena.

Involved Characters

Kibo Terris Farkas the Wolf

Aegis the Sword Master

Tenebris the Tiger

More will be added once I create their pages.

Author's Preface

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The Hope of the Universe Series is not about a chosen hero from an ancient prophecy, it's about a skilled fighter that gets wrapped up in a battle to save the world, and slowly becomes a hero. Throughout the story, Kibo will learn new techniques and skills to help save the world, slowly building up power to become the Guardian of the Universe.


  • The writer was almost a weeb and named it Uchu no kibo.
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