Hooper the Lycanroc is a character appearing in The Legend of Fox the Brave. He is an old male Dusk Lycanroc who founded and first led the Angel Island Pack, and debuted in Reign of Terror before he passed away of natural causes. Hooper is the grandfather of Crystal the Lycanroc, and while initially a minor character in his debut and in Boulder's Rise of Ruin story, he will have his own short story in Legends of the Alliance, which will be expanded upon in a full story of his own. Chronologically, Hooper is the first Dusk Lycanroc, specifically the first with foresight, to arrive in the Four Worlds, as it is revealed that Boulder was still a Rockruff at the time(Hooper helps Lucas save him).


Hooper has the typical Dusk Lycanroc look, but is quite large for one.


In his younger years, Hooper had a bit of an arrogant side, as-at first-his primary goal in the Four Worlds was to learn what the visions he was having meant. When he did figure out who the thugs in his visions were, he went out to attack them on his own, partly out of his own arrogance. He is shown to be aggressive to the point that even when surrounded by several jackals, he keeps fighting and snarling. In his later years, he is calmer and more caring about his Packmates, and has taken a liking to his granddaughter.


Hooper's story: Hooper grew up and evolved in his old home in Alola, but just before the Coming of Alola, he began having strange visions of antagonistic rogues he recognizes as jackals. He gathered a Pack of Lycanroc to travel to the Four Worlds, and they moved to Mobius. Determined to figure out what his visions mean, Hooper traveled out on his own to find the rogues, who turned out to be the Jackal Squad, resulting in him being attacked and outnumbered by them. Hooper fought viciously, and their leader took an interest in the Lycanroc loner, deciding that Hooper could be a strong addition to his Squad. However, Hooper refused, breaking free of the jackals holding him and fleeing back to Angel Island. He would later travel back down to mainland Mobius to help a Midday Lycanroc and a Rockruff being antagonized by the Squad, and drove them off. However, it was later revealed that the Squad went straight for the Pack's home, attacking the still fledgling Pack, and killing Hooper's mate Mikka. After Hooper took Lucas and Boulder there, he was spurred to move his Pack to a new location, being Angel Island. Once they got permission from Knuckles, they found a home on Angel Island, and Hooper helped Lucas find the Storming Alliance, as the Midday loner had been looking for them, deciding he'd had enough of Pack life, and figured that Boulder would be better off without them. In his new home, Hooper decided to put his Pack before himself, and chose to stay with his Pack to lead them.

Modern Times: Hooper was mentioned a couple times in Crystal's flashbacks in Return of an Enemy, and it's seen that Crystal adored her grandfather, hearing that his visions of a new home was what led to him leaving for the Four Worlds. He appeared in Reign of Terror, after Rogue Tribe found the Angel Island Pack. He was revealed to be very sick, and he passed away after seeing his beloved granddaughter one last time. In Boulder's currently unknown story, Hooper appears as a Spirit to Boulder after the younger Lycanroc speaks with Locke about his concerns. Wanting nothing more than to just talk with Boulder, Hooper relays the story of why he really went to the Four Worlds(though Boulder doesn't recall Hooper saving him, given that he was very young).


Though Hooper was only in really one fight, his full moveset was confirmed to be Crunch(attack), Counter, Stone Edge, and Accelerock.


Like all Dusk Lycanroc, Hooper's Ability is Tough Claws, which boosts attacks that make contact.


Being a Rock-Type, Hooper is weak to Water, Grass, Fighting, and Steel-Type Pokemon.


Hooper is the first Dusk Lycanroc to chronologically arrive in the Four Worlds. Additionally, he is the first Dusk in the Four Worlds with foresight, making Boulder the second.

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