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This is an article about Honoo "Flame" The Pyrofox, a character created by Flametfh.

"It isn't who you are, or where you come from, It's the bonds you made on your journey to where you are now."
—Honoo "Flame" The PyroFox[Author]
Honoo "Flame" The Pyrofox
Flame Revamp (Usable).png
Pyrofox (Pyronian + Fox)
Marital Status
Dominant hand
August 5th
Apartment in station square (Room-Mates With Jad)
3'1" (Excluding his terrible posture)
46 pounds
Videogames, Fire, Sleep, Friends
Swimming, Celery, Spiders, P.E, Bullies
Student/Planet jumper (A traveler who jumps planets for varies reasons)

Flame is a 13 year old Pyrofox from Moreaus (A planet, A long way from any other planets, Which is a more unbalanced version, Where parts are nature filled and parts are covered in war)


Flame has a bit of a double personality Usually he is very shy and nervous, When you get to know him he is usually nice to be around and very generous, caring and kind albeit a bit annoying and random.He is also very nerdy, often making refences or talking to himself, he also doesn't mind being called a nerd. He is rage-filled but his tempermant is very mild, He likes to talk about video games, and he likes explaining things, He's been known to get embarresed whenever he makes a mistake or gets a compliment (Especially from girls, Note: This USUALLY doesn't mean he has feelings for the other character, Usually.) He's also very Innocent, and never tries to do anything to hurt anyone. He's very good at confusing people due to his high intellectual abilities, despite this he doesn't seem to be very bad at teaching and has even been known to teach people how to use magic. Flame suffers from a Social Difficulty, He has trouble knowing what is socially acceptable and has trouble learing about social interactions, He often accidently insults people, he is also very socially awkrawd. On an Un-related note He makes lots of Fox puns, Saying 'Fang' Instead of 'Thing', 'Tail' Replaces 'Follow', 'Tail' also is used to say 'Came with' and any other Synonyms.'Pluffy' replaces 'Fluffy' and any other Fox related puns whenever Pawsible (Hee-Hee this is fun, Yes he does say Paw instead of Pos)

Defining traits:


Absent minded







Happy go lucky

Oblivious to romance





Hot Headed


Flame is rather Small and Slim for his age, Often complaining about it or getting picked on for it,He also has a poor posture, he got it from playing way to many video-games and slouching in his desk-chair, He has front long hair, Which is styled to cover over his one grey eye people seem to make fun of his hair and call him emo. He wears alot of different clothes, sometimes wearing Hoodies (Regular Jacketed or Sleveless) T-Shirts and Long-Sleved Shirts,He usually wears jeans, and either has Wristbands or Watches on And unlike most people who reside on mobius, He only wears gloves in winter. Flame has poor eyesight so he wears contact lenses. He wears Brown Converse-Like shoes, He often talks about how he cares nothing for fashion but he secretly does

Relationships [Flame's universe]:


Blizzard The Winterfox (Mother)

Inferno The Pyronian (Father)

Cyice The Cyrox (Sister)

Brees The Cyrox (Brother)

Sekitan The Pyrofox (Unconscious brother)


Jadelk "Jad" The Wolverine

Terra The Tiger


Occulus Rayz


Zarex The Hyenhog

Relationships and thoughts on other characters [Other Universes]:

Add your characters In the catagory they fit in, I'll put Flame's opinion of your character.


Nova The Tech Savvy: Flame likes Nova, He likes his relaxed take on things and admires his Technical abilities. Flame and Nova get along well but Nova often seems to lack motivation, Flame sometimes hates this, but sometimes Nova helps him calm down.

Static the Cat: Flame and Static are Great Friends, Flame likes Static's loyalty and Bravery and Flame Trusts him as an ally. Flame often goes to Static for advice when he needs it, as he knows Static can give out helpful advice.

Crystaline the Wolf: Flame and Crystaline get on well, Flame secretly has develloped feelings for her, but he constantly tries to place her in the 'Friend Zone' He always fails though. Flame really enjoys her company, he likes her intelligence, fighting ability and he thinks her ability to sense is really cool.

Crymson the Cat: Flame and Crysmon and Really good friends, Flame enjoys her company and likes her Bright and friendly personality and trusts her as an Ally, But again she gets confused at flame's Intellectual abilities. Flame sees Crymson as an Older Sister and will often go to her for advice.

Speedy the hedgehog: Flame and Speedy are friends, Flame likes Speedy's Adventurous and Friendly Spirit. He also thinks that Speedy is fun to be around as he is always doing something interesting.

Robin Owsparr: Flame likes Robin, He thinks she's a very interesting and Funny person as well as Trustable, He also like her Tech suit, Which he thinks is really cool.

Stream The Icecat: Flame and Stream have known eachother for a very long time, they get along great and Flame considers him one of his greatest friends, He is usually the one he goes to for advice, Flame sees him as an Older brother of sorts

"Chaos" the Hedgehog:


Frost the Wolf: Flame respects Frost more than he respects anyone else, He trusts Frost greatly but rarely talks with him because Frost Intimidates him.

Mimic the Mockingbird: Flame and Mimic are usually friends and get along well, Flame likes being with Mimic but hates the insults Mimic gives him and sometimes they become enemies for a while.


Static Nega/Blitz: Flame really doesn't like him, He hates the Ominous feeling he gets when with him, and hates his twisted morals, but he will work with him if he has to.


Flame was born on the day before his father was hospitalised. Flame never talked to his dad until he was 4, When he met his father he was completely unaware of the reason he had never met his father, it was because flame caused an explosion of energy when he was being attacked by someone who was stealing from their home his father was caught by the explosion and was comatose, The theif was there to steal the secret of his family's power, They were a powerful family involved in the protection of his hometown. While growing up flame was often picked on by his brothers and Classmates because of his height and personalities, Thus suffering self-esteem issues, When flame was 6 his Brother Sekitan was comatose in a tragic accident, when their hometown was attacked his brother was captured and Injured, Laying in a hospital bed, Alive but unconscious, flame has always suffered after this happened mourning his brother's comatose status, Flame was so distressed he wished for someway to bring his brother back to his senses, to no avail, Or so he thought, whats left Sekitan is living inside flame, and flame seems to switch between himself and his brother, sekitan was the opposite of flame, he was funny outgoing and very agressive, when he is sekitan he is exactly the same in appearance except he has red eyes, but he seems to get more agressive angry and seems to enjoy fighting while like this, he also lacks the self-esteem issues Flame has, which often means he goes overboard gets Flame hurt or starts a fight for no reason, Flame only goes to this form when he is overfilled with negative emotions such as: anger sadness hate danger or if he is attacking someone who he doesn't like, He also often goes to the hospital where Seki currently is, and sits by him, Flame talks to him even though he knows he has no way of hearing, although Flame has never told anyone and so know-one knows (So don't bring this point up in roleplays because it creates Plot-holes). When flame was 7 he decided to be taught magic by his mother, This did not help his standing with his father, Being a powerful warrior he didn't like that flame decided to take the magic path, Since his father has never liked him that much, flame suffers abandonment issues because of his father ignoring him and since has been very shy, When flame was 10 his hometown was attacked again, the town was destroyed and flame was captured, he escaped a year later and still suffers from the year he was captured.At current times he is trying to be normal, he studies hard and is very smart, he sadly isn't very normal and still is picked on.

Strenghts and Powers:

Flame, Being a magician is able to cast spells, he can cast spells using lots of elements, He specialises in long range magic and supporting allies, Or hindering foes, hes great at casting most magic but his Illusion magic is rather terrible. He is good at using all elements, Mostly Fire but hes great with everything even Water and Ice. Though those 2 are no where near as good as anything else, He also has a few signiture moves that no one else seem to be able to use, These are: Rainbow Breaker (A large ball of energy, then he rams into and opponent and throws them away, It explodes after a while), Binary De-Construction (This Scans a foe, Showing flame what they are weak to and removing resistances to fire, He doesn't use this alot because it hurts him majorly) Celestial Blade (Where his sword glows white and flies to an opponent, Exploding, Then appearing back in flame's hand) Pheonix Bomber (A energy pheonix is shot into the sky, Which drops lazers and bombs onto a foe, Then colides into them.) Flame's Main Aura colour is Blue, Which on Moreaus re-presents Wisdom, He can use attacks that have Wisdom in their name (Which are Blue in colour!) His signiture 'wisdom' moves Include, Wisdom Flurry (A flail with BLUE HANDS) Wisdom Beam (A Deep blue Kamehameha-Like thing) Wisdom Yell (A ear peircing yell that makes a huge blue wind, This is Flame yelling with magic backing it up)

Flame is also able to fly and use telekinesis and is somewhat fast.

He also has very good swordskills, Though he is physicly weak he makes up for it great technique.

He is also Great with magic weapons, Such as Tomes and Staves.

He has a rather odd fighting style, Which seems to be compiled of Kick-Boxing, Karate and Pro-Wrestling, He seems to switch between stances, One where he stands facing the opponent with his fists facing them and leaning forwards, Which in this stance he will throw 2 awkrawd punches then do a kick in the jaw (This stance is focused more on Speed then Damage) he will also do a corwardly flail and an Snapmare, another stance he stands at a 3/4 angle with his arms down and elbows out-streched, while in this stance he will Slap the opponent and then Shoulder Barge them (This is focused more on defence and buying time, as it knocks the opponent over) he can also do his signiture grapple in this stance, Where he punches them in the gut making them bend over then he jumps and kicks them in the head. His final stance is where he stands 3/4 from the opponent but this time with his arms in the regular boxing position, When like this he will do a Left jab a Right Hook a side kick to the knee a Inverted spinning kick and a Roundhouse kick (This stance is focused more on damage) he can also use magic to increase his melee damage he rarely does because he's a magician and he isnt a good melee fighter as all the punches are very weak and his Kicks are rather slow.

He is also incredibly smart, Often jumping school years or transfering schools.

He is also pretty good with music, able to take patterns of enemies attacks, And transfering it into a rhythm making it easier for him to dodge or counter attacks, Hes also a Pretty good singer and can play the bass guitar, But suffers stage-fright, So the only time he does sing or play guitar, is when he thinks hes alone or with someone else.

He is a planet jumper, Meaning he has some sort of vehicle to get him around space, Flame rides a hoverboard, Similar to extreme gear, He doesn't ride it like extreme gear, He rides it like a skateboard, Which means flame can also use a skateboard.

Flame has a very loud voice, Despite his Shyness when he yells it hurts peoples ears a bit, When using magic it actually creates a very strong wind that can selectively knock people over. He usually doesn't talk very loud.

Flame has an High-Tension mode, That doesn't make him stronger but reduces the time it takes him to use advanced spells, Usually before using advanced spells he has to chant or charge, For example one of his spells Wisdom rush, A large cyclone of blue energy, He'd chant "Oh energies of wisdom give me your power! Wisdom rush!" Instead he would simply say "Words Words Words! Wisdom Rush!" Or rainbow breaker, Which can be either charged or chanted, usually the chant is "Oh divine elements, Grant me your strength and gather it as energy so I can banish my foe! Rainbow Breaker!" Instead he would chant "Blah Blah Blah! Rainbow Breaker!"


Flame has a number of weaknesses.

Because hes a fire character he is weak to water, He can drink it, but he cant swim and if he gets hit by a stream of water he takes alot of damage,

Hes also Physicly weak, being almost useless in hand-to-hand combat.

Hes also cowardly which is apparent when he fights, He flails his arms and blocks like he is scared.

Flame is very bad with taking hits, he has low defences after all hes a mage, When fighting close combat he will teleport and dodge to avoid taking hits.

He can take lots of people on at once, But if he takes to many people on at once, Then he is easy to beat.

While he isn't a slow runner and gets tired fast when not Flying, even though Flying is slower.

He also has low self esteem not believing in himself and not trying.

Flame always seems to be cold, Which confused alot of people because his element is fire.

Flame is very, very fraile, He gets hurt easily when attacked and is not very good at dodging or countering, he is also very meek and doesn't fight back, he acts like he isn't bothered by people attacking him. Despite how fraile he is, he shows decent Stamina and can still withstand enough, he also is shown to have alot of Health.

He tires very easily.

Flame absolutely hates fighting, He is also notably bad at it and is only good when using weapons or magic, he also notably weak in general without magic.

Flame is remarkably clumsy, He has the strange ability to trip at the worst times, for example when fighing he usually floats, yet he still trips; this rarely comes as a help the only few times it does it one of his signiture moves, Foxhound Retriever, Where he steals an item of the opponent, He falls on them usually saying "Foxhound -OWCH! Oh hey I got something!" although it often fails and he'll often say "Foxhound -OWCH! Whoops..." the only other time is in general combat, When he falls on the oponnent it usually does hurt.

While novice spells like fire-ball or Wisdom ray take no time to cast, his stronger spells take a long time to cast, for example Wisdom beam he has to charge, or for spells like Tidal wave he has to chant "Wave full of wisdom, swallow the misfortune done by the ravages of war! Tidal Wave!" Along with all his other high level spells that take long to charge, This will often leave him open, Though when in High-tension, He can cast them almost instantly with short chants like "Blah Blah Blah! Tidal wave!" , "Words Words Words! Tidal wave!" , "Words I cannot be bothered to say! Tidal wave!"

Flame's Superform, Flaring Flame.

Super forms:

Flame has 1 super form and a Lead up form.

His super form is called "Flaring Flame", To activate this Form a huge surge of magical energy has to go through flame, He has a tech peice build into his wrist that controlls his magic flow making it easier for him to activate or supress the form, While in flaring flame, Flame turns a Deep Yellow, His hair changes slightly, still covering one of his eyes and he has a large aura of pure light blue energy around him, His pupils disapear. While in the form he is much stronger, Everything is increased, his intelligence, strenght speed and so on, His personality changes alot, He is alot more serious and calm sounding. while in this form his weapons float around him, His tome floats in the air by itself so do his Sword and Scyth, The only thing he uses his hands for are Beams. Flame will never throw a punch on his own in this form, because he doesn't need to, he has infinite magic after-all, He can use this form on command but when he doesn't have the Wrist peice then the form will activate when he is very angry. This form takes a huge toll on flame's body, tiring him out after he reverts.

His Lead-Up form is Pheonix Flame, This form is simmilar to Flaring flame, He gets stronger and Looks different, He turns Orange Gains Pheonix wings, His hair Changes a bit, Still simmilar, While in this form he can fly using the wings, This form has higher speed than his super form infact, But no longer gains any strength and can't use magic as much, he can still use it alot, He gains Firey hands that hold his weapons, Again in this from he never throws a punch and will attack with his weapons and kick people, He gains an orange aura, His eyes go Red and Blue, Representing an Inner battle between Flame and Seki. He activates this form the same way, The mana need is smaller and this form is much easier on his body, getting a short boost of power after reverting, then getting tired.

More details as well as Pictures soon!

Apperances In roleplay (No specific order):

Roleplay:The Curiosity Shop

Roleplay:Emerald Island Academy

Roleplay:Crisis, Zone under fire

Roleplay:The 12 Days of Christmas

Fanon Fright: A Halloween Roleplay

Roleplay:The Neo Stellar Royale!!

Roleplay:Breaking the Crimson Flow of Rage

Roleplay:Caught in a Cross-Fire

Roleplay:Speedies story

Thats all I can remember...

Way to many

Items Currently owned:


Equis: Flames main weapon, Its a light weight sword that compensates for Flame's weakness, It has high range and is very easy to swing, It also has Inhibitor energy (All his weapons have it) That make it so his weapons can't claim a life unless he makes them, After all Flame hates to kill thinks and the idea of taking someone's life in general.

Liber Cantus: This is a Tome with charms spells and remedies in, Flame often looks at it for when he doesn't remember a spell, he also fights with it, By awkrawdly hitting with it or throwing it, It appears back in his hand.

Tempus: Flame's Scythe, Often floats next to him in a battle, Has a high range but isn't very powerful, he can do a variety of Time based attacks, Most notably, Quantum Flare, Flame stops time and slashes up the enemy, When time restarts the enemy takes the damage.

Items That he always has:

Building materials: Flame is a rather good inventor, Inventing things quickly.

His Handheld: He plays games on it, Navigates on it, Sends messages on it, He uses it alot.

Items he says he has:

Boots of ass-kickery: He doesn't have these, But when fighting he usually says "Y...You can't dodge my K-Kicks, Im wearing my...Boots of ass-kickery!

Memorable Quotes:

"Oh...Errrm Hi I'm...Honoo, Just call me... Flame, Its...N-Nice to meet you." -Introducing himself (Emerald Island Adademy)

"Well I hope its not a minefield! I'd hate to go home in 4 peices!" - Talking about Interdimensional doors (The Curiosity shop)

"Shut up! I don't like her!" - Denying his obvious feelings for Crystaline (A crisis, Zone under fire)

"It's time for a new sediment!" - Initiating in battle (Multiple occasions)

"Hey! Give that back!" - Trying to get his Wallet back from when Mimic took it (Fanon Fright: A halloween Roleplay)

"I hold many remorses for your loss..." - Remorse for Crymson's brother's death (Caught in the Crossfire)

"Its a Fang she does" - A pun explaining Terra's puns (A crisis, Zone under fire)

"Haha...Oh hard....Haha" - Laughing (Multiple occasions)

"Hopefully you'll work like a Restructive Light drive and Win so fast that you'll reverse the Alternian Solar Sweeps." - Making references, While supporting Static (The Neo Stellar Royale)

"Hey! What was that for?!" - Getting angry at Chris (Speedy's story)

"Sorry..." - Appologising for using "Wisdom Yell" ( 12 days of Christmas)

"Zzz...A school filled with morons...Zzz" - Replying to a question while asleep (Emerald Island Academy)

"Ugh...Game over...Load...Save game?" - Being Defeated (Multiple occasions)


Flame has very Severe sugar rushes, engaging in a "Trickster Mode" Like in homestuck.

Flame's Full name is actually: Honoo Eruk Xzion.

Flame, Like me , Is a Leo and acts nothing like a Leo, His birthday is also 4 days before mine!

Flame is my Fursona of sorts, Though I'm a tad more Outgoing.

When Flame blushes he goes Pink, As otherwise it would be impossible to see.

Despite the fact that Flame is mostly Red, His favourite colour is Blue. 



Standing As one

Flame's old theme.


Nerd Rage, Fight Engage!

Flame's Battle theme for the RPG I'm making.