Honnu the Hybrid is a member of the Dry Lagoon Freedom Fighters, where she serves as a defender of her home. Unlike many of those Mobians of a race hybridization, Honnu's is too complex to be directly named.


Honnu's physical appearance is a strange chimeric combination of races, primarily covered in golden fur. Her head resembles a standard hedgidna, with the mixture of quills and dreadlocks common among that hybrid species. However, she joins these features with fox-like ears and a feline face, complete with slit-pupil silver eyes, and her skin is a warm brown color.

Honnu's torso appears to fit what many Mobians would regard as being attractive, with a notably hourglass figure and fairly sizable bust; once again fitting into more feline lines. However, her hands and feet both possess some level of digging claws, and there are unusual nodules on her wrists and ankles that function like spinnerets. Finally, as if her unusual combination of physical features was lacking anything, a long hairless tail of the same color as her muzzle skin protrudes from her back like a mouse or rat.


Considering her striking physical build, Honnu does little to hide any of it. Instead, she simply wears a hand-woven white vest that only barely covers her bust, the only clothing she typically feels she needs aside for a simple pair of sandals.



Honnu hasn't really been able to explain anything about her physical form; with what seems to be a form of retrograde amnesia from some point around the time that she arrived in the Dry Lagoon. However, her physical form has been argued to be based around a single goal, survival. Honnu's reflexes are incredibly fast, while her vision and hearing are both highly-tuned and specialized for distanced protection. She has shown herself to be able to breath underwater in the small pools and waterways around the Dry Lagoon, with her fur seemingly functioning similarly to an aquatic mammal's in keeping her warm and effectively dry when she surfaces. In addition, she can climb up sheer surfaces and dig through most forms of loose soil and even stone if given enough time.

Adding onto her intriguing physical skills, Honnu secretes a number of atypical elements from her body, without much explanation. From her wrists, she can secrete an incredibly strong natural silk which is almost certainly spider-silk, granting her access to a natural piece of equipment with the tensile strength of steel. She has used this in many ways, ranging from the creation of clothes and fine-detail work to bandaging wounds, carrying loads and binding targets. Similarly, she often has to comb her fur to remove dirty brown spores from her quills; these spores have been shown by her allies to have a number of potential medical uses, though she also employs them in combat. Some have wondered what other secrets her body holds, though she has proven reluctant for any formal medical analysis of her body.

Even her elements seem to indicate a focus on survival. All three - Nature, Water and Earth are to some extents and purposes designed to function in her natural environment. While her strongest is her control over Nature, complete with her body displaying both insect-like and fungus-like traits, Honnu is capable of creating tunnels in a manner similar to swimming through the ground, which she uses both in combat and to help with the creation of more secret homes and bases for her Freedom Fighter team. Similarly, her command of Water helps for speed when swimming, locating and creating drinking wells, and of course in combat.

Her body is not optimized for combat, and her own combat training is fairly piecemeal. While she has received some training from her teammates, Honnu primarily fights with her tail and webs, lashing out with powerful tail strikes or binding and restricting opponent movements with her tail and web fluid combined; keeping them in place to inhale spores or be pinned with stone.

The key weaknesses Honnu has are primarily psychological and physiological, rather than elemental. Due to her body, despite the supposedly attractive physique; she is often misaligned as being a monster or a freak by those less ruled by baser instincts. Due to this, she only really leaves the Dry Lagoon at the request of the Freedom Fighter team leader. Similarly, her body's natural production of spores makes her fur highly flammable. Due to this, targets wielding fire either make her highly timid or highly aggressive. She also has a general phobia of doctors and medical procedures, no explanation has been offered for this though it is likely tied into the period of her amnesia.

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  • Her name, Honnu, is an Indian name meaning gold, though the exact Indian language it is from is uncertain at the time of this note.


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