Honey Lemon the Hedgehog (born Lemon Meringue the Hedgehog) is a sixteen year old female Hedgehog. Born from a neglectful abusive household, she sought her freedom away from said neglectful family before discovering her supernatural abilities, running into Sonic the Hedgehog and his team of Freedom Fighters and becoming a Freedom Fighter herself.


Lemon Meringue was born into a family of hedgehogs that were accused by their clan of crimes they didn't commit due to weird things happening around them and no one else to blame them on. Furious for the blame, the Meringue family relocated to escape their scrutiny where the father, the mother and the four hedgehog offspring eventually started to turn on one another due to the cabin fever they were suffering and the isolation scanter they were in. Due to lack of food, medical equipment and hallucinating weird supernatural elements around them, the Meringue family saw no other way but to put the blame all on young Lemon Meringue herself who was innocent and meant no harm to others. The abuse and deliberate neglect of Lemon's needs went on until she turned 15 and sought refuge away from her abusive household. Running away on the night of her birthday when nobody was awake. Lemon took off into the woods where she begin to suffer the same hallucinations of supernatural elements around herself like her parents and siblings. One night while walking through a cold dark night in the woods, she was lured away into a dark cave by the sound of a mysterious dark voice offering her shelter and warmth in exchange for something: this turned out to be the mysterious hedgehog supernatural evil being Mephiles the Dark. Drawn but frightened, Lemon was intrigued by his offer but turned him away due to being frightened by him and took off into the woods again. She kept wondering on and on until she discovered a cult of young hippies -- random Freedom Fighters -- who themselves were rejected by society due to their own super-abilities and welcomed Lemon into their group where she gave herself a new name -- Honey Lemon as a new mark away from her abusive neglectful family she was born in and a new beginning for herself.


Honey Lemon is a sixteen year old female Hedgehog. She has cream/yellow/gold fur with gold markings on her yellow fur and cream colored muzzle, ears, and belly. She has long yellow/golden hair with just one strand of hair bleached yellow/white to reflect her "standing out from the rest". She wears tan brown boots, tan brown shorts, brown gloves for hunting, a brown scarf, a white jacket and a tan colored shirt. Unbeknownst to others, she had bruises on parts of her body from years of familial abuse which she keeps covered with makeup.

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