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The weather and temperature in Holoska is often zero degrees below in the morning, and sometimes colder at night. Only a Mobian with an overly warm coat of fur and/or special survival techniques or a human that lives close to a village or cave could possibly survive in such conditions.

The weather patterns are often composed of scattered snow, hail, and, if you live near the Snow Cap Mountains or the White Sea, there are powerful storms of ice and snow and winds that are strong enough to cause an avalanche or blow you away.


Holoska was first populated by The Mobian Clans of Holoska, the Human/Holoska clans colonizing many years later.

The Holoska/Human Clans have made it their duty to guard and protect the Gaia Manuscripts, Gaia Keys and the Temple itself. Many of the Clans that live on the islands and separate villages all have their own manuscript or key, the Temple itself residing in Jari-Pekka's village.

Each human clan has different views and treaties with The Mobian Clans of Holoska, some hoping for protection, some hoping for the Mobians to leave them alone entirely, and some of the human clans abandon the treaties entirely, hunting the Tundra Mobians for their skin, fur, or even hunting them for food.

The animal population consists of deer, bear, rabbit, and some wolverine. Plants also exist in this wintry climate.


The Human Clans and The Mobian Clans of Holoska.


Earth and Mobius (parallel counterpart)

Unique Animals

Though there are many normal animals living on this harsh, wintry continent, there are some of the animals that have a bit more... unique characteristics, and are often more rare.

Notable Human Citizens

Jari-Pekka (head leader of the Holoska/Human Clan)

Ursule (wife of Jari-Pekka, and also owner of a trading post)

Jari-Thure (one of the Gaia Temple guardians)

Sarianna (the other Gaia Temple guardian)

Marketa (daughter of Jari-Thure and Sarianna)

Kaitlyn (friend to Marketa)

Notable Landmark

The Gaia Temple of Holoska - located in the Holoska/Human clan's village.

Notable Areas and Residents

Snowy Valley

Home to the Ermine Clan (or what's left of them) and Angus Ermine's family, as well as a few of the Snow Hare Clan.

Dogwood Forest

Home to the Wolf Clan and the Fox Clan. As well as some species of deer, fowl, and wolverine.

The White Sea

Former home to the Harper Seal Clan. Border to the Arctic Region. Location of the Alpine Dark Egg Legion base.

The Barren Wastelands

Home to the Polar Bear Clan and the Wolverine Clan, as well as some plants and animals, with many underground volcanoes and caves.

Ice Floe Falls

Home to the Snowy Owl Clan and the secret base of the Alpine Tundra Freedom Fighters. Location of fresh water springs (rumored to have "healing" properties) and a remarkable view.

Snow Cap Mountains

Home to the Caribou, Musk Ox, Reindeer, and Rock Ptarmigan Clans. A mountainous region that is said to have another world on the other side (in other words, a place where it's always summer and there is peace and equality).

The Northern Tundra and North Sea (Arctic Region)

Home to the Walrus Herd, the Arctic Freedom Fighters, and the Northern Tundra Dark Egg Legion.

Notable Battles and Wars

The Fifty Years Tundra Mobian War

The Battle of Dark Gaia versus Light Gaia [aka the World Awakening and the Battle of Time and Change].

Crime Rates

There have been Mobian killings, kidnappings, and poaching. Mercenaries and hunters, such as enemy human clans and the infamous The Tundra Rogues are some of these. There have also been some Mobian Clans wiped out entirely, such as the Harper Seal Clan, and some clans on the brink of extinction, such as the Wolverine and Polar Bear Clans.

There have also been rumors of Gaia Temple break-ins led by the Eggman Dark Egg Legion of the region, and the mercenaries The Tundra Rogues.

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