Hiro the Raccoon is a noble yet clumsy hero, as well as one of Xing's best friends. He has a crush on Xing-Li, though feels he isn't strong enough to be her boyfriend. This being said, he also knows that Xing has a crush on Sho the Panda. This caused Hiro to declair that Sho was his greatest rival, and while Hiro's antics meerily amuse Sho, he (Sho) will still take Hiro as a threat. Hiro's main weapons are his Gun-Chucks which he uses to dispatch multiple enemies. Hiro is considered to be a contrast of Sho.


Hiro was born into a small guild of weaponsmith raccoons. They did most business within the Panda Clan. Hiro was stricken by Xing at the age of just 12. He introduced himself, and the two quickly became friends. Hiro begged his father to take up the Grand Council's offer for them to move into the city to due exclusive business with the Panda Clan. Hiro's father finally agreed. The Raccoon group known as "The Pact" moved into the Village. Hiro and Xing's friendship grew. However Xing's best friend, Kesshou would often times defend against Hiro's attempts at flirting, and any chance that Xing might liked him back soon faded. The two remained very good friends. When Xing began to grow intrest in Sho the Panda, however, Hiro became highly jealous. When he officially found out Xing had liked him, he became the self-proclaimed rival of an unaware Sho. Hiro's jealousy is very promiment though he tolerates Sho for the sake of Xing.


Hiro is a warm-hearted hero with a sense of justice and a lovestruck demeanor. This clumsy character seems to have the worst of luck when it comes to anything. He is very clumsy, though is often very amusing. His witty antics make everyone around him laugh. he tends to make friends easily, though they are all quick to laugh at him when something bad happens to him. Hiro is a strong fighter, with a nag for combat. He believes that everything in life must be earned, as does the entirety of "The Pack". Hiro is not very smart, but is very caring and kind. he is the type to jump into a situation without any thought. He never has a plan another virtue of "The Pack", and deals with whatever situations he is faced with at that time. Hiro can be intimidated by mythilogical beings or stories of them. However, he would risk his life to save his friends lives (though reluctantly for Sho) no matter what. Hiro can also be very gullable, and seems to have a child-like innocence.


Hiro is gifted with great agility and is rather swift. Being a raccoon of "The Pack" he has the ability to turn invisible and is capable of performing theive type abilities (I.E. Lock-Picking, Pickpocketing) though hates using them. Hiro is also capable of scaling surfaces using his claws, which strangely are strong enough to dig into any surface. A rare and often time "useless" ability to be born with, the power allows for quick get-away's. Hiro's main weapons are his Gun-Chucks. The downside is that to use them his allies must be in a safe distance. The lightning quick barrage of bullets work very effectively against a group of people. He can also put the pistols on safety and use them as regular nun-chuks in close combat. He is also very skilled in hand-to-hand combat, though he has no specific fighting style. Hiro is capalbe of seeing in the dark, smelling out almost any scent, and is capable of hearing from very far away.


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  • Hiro was created to be a contrast of Sho the Panda.
  • "Hiro" means "Generous, Tolerant", "Abundant", or "Prosperous"
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