Hincho Shin-Ha
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17 (born August 19th, 1995)
Extreme endurance, superhuman strength, access to the Rage Gene
No real allies, a few truces
Soren Shin-Ha, Dragon Lord Araki, Sanguine the VampHog, Armies of Hell, the Demonic Legions
Hachiman (father), Leea (mother), Soren (brother), Victoria (sister), Leona (half-sister),
His body, whatever he can find
"You should be careful not to anger me...for you have no comprehension of what drives me."
"Any attempt to hurt will be faced by agonizing and painful defeat."

Hincho Shin-Ha is a rabbit born under the clan of Shin-Ha, located somewhere in Japan, and is known for his ability to access the ancient Rage Gene that was passed onto him by his father, Hachiman. His main goal in life is to honour the name of his clan and protect his family members that have not fallen to evil influences.

He is known for his silent personality, though when he has to, he will fight with brute force and will not hesitate to seriously hurt, or even kill, those who challenge him or upset him. Hincho is also known for his amazing endurability, seen during one of the many times where somebody has attempted to stab him, and ended up having the knife blade just shatter into pieces on impact with his skin. He is also famous for the extreme amount of physical strength he possesses.


Hincho is 165.1 centimetres tall, with long, blue hair that reaches to his rear. He has white fur covering his body, with each fur strand acting like a shard of strong metal, making Hincho almost completely resistant to being knocked about and thrown into walls. A pair of long ears sprout from his head which go downwards, with blue interior. His fists and toes have a blue tint to them, and his eyes are an intimidating glowing dark red, with his pupils being a slightly lighter shade of red.

Hincho's usual attire consists of a black overcoat, a pair of black trousers and a grey belt. His tail fits through the rear of the trousers, and the trousers end at his ankles. He often walks barefoot, and goes without a shirt, to expose his fluff-covered chest, the fluff in question taking on the same blue colour as his hair.


Early Life

Any detail of his birthplace is unknown, only his birthdate and parents are explored in detail. He lived with his sister, Victoria, and his parents, Hachiman and Leea, for some time, training with his father in the ways of martial arts. After about a year of training, Hachiman had come to realize that Hincho was more than just an ordinary child, as he showed an impressive amount of strength for his age, as well as being able to resist strikes from his father during a practice fight.

However, no amount of training prepared Hincho for the arrival of his older brother Soren, who had almost completely fallen to the insanity caused by his constant usage of the Rage Gene, which was also passed onto Hincho without anybody knowing. Soren had planned to spite his father by killing Victoria, although due to the combined efforts of Hachi and Hincho, Soren was beaten off and Victoria was left with minor, though permanent, injuries.

Discovery of the Rage Gene

Hincho was overcome with anger after Soren's attack, an anger which not even Victoria could calm. Hincho seperated himself from his father completely at the age of 12, without even a goodbye. He did not want to get angry with his family, so he isolated himself from society. During his time in isolation, he put himself under a harsh training regime, forcing himself to extreme lengths to increase his own already-impressive endurance and strength.

One day, Hincho had placed himself in a high-gravity chamber to test his endurance. It was an intense challenge, and it even seemed that, despite his metal-strong skin, he would fail to survive. However, as the gravity began to crush him underneath the high amount of stress, Hincho felt a sudden surge of energy rush through his veins. He knew he was failing, and he knew he was going to die because he wasn't strong enough. Knowing this fact was what triggered the Rage Gene inside him to activate, causing his body and muscular structure to grow in size, and his skin became even harder. The gravity had no effect on him at this point, as the transformation caused by the Rage Gene made him incredibly powerful, powerful enough to resist the stressful conditions of the chamber. This intense energy release caused the chamber to malfunction and, in the end, destroy itself. Hincho, however, survived with relative ease until a few minutes later where he suffered a heart attack after transforming back into his original form.


Hincho is still a wanderer, searching for Soren and planning to strike him down with the ever-increasing rage which adds to the power of the Rage Gene. Also, he searches for any way possible to help support his family, which he still cares about. In fact, the main reason why he still keeps in contact with his family is because of his blind sister, Victoria, who he wants to help all he can.

He has only seen brief appearances from Soren, and has not been able to fight him again as of yet. However, the time will soon come. For now, Hincho continues to wander the world in search of his cursed brother, in hopes of ending his life to rid the world of one less threat.


Hincho was always, even before his intense training, rather to himself, and didn't like involving himself in other people's business, or people getting involved in his. He is a quiet individual a majority of the time, not openly speaking about his feelings or opinions, and has been known to completely ignore some strangers if he sees them as 'unimportant'.

He is usually tolerant of annoyances or pests, but when angered, he changes completely in personality. When angered, he likes to taunt his foes about his own strength and ability, having a desire to strike fear into the hearts of others and make himself known to be the strongest out of anybody, so that people will learn not to bother him. He is violent and aggressive, but he is also a thinker and takes interest in solving problems and puzzles. He prefers to be left alone unless there is a major threat in the area he has travelled in, and goes out of his way to eliminate the threat, though not for his own benefit, but by getting people to "shut up" about it.

Powers and Abilities


As a result of being born with the Rage Gene, Hincho's fur strands take on a metal-like structure, making his "skin" literally as hard as nails, maybe tougher. Due to this, it is hard to inflict direct stab attacks against him, as knife blades do tend to shatter when directly stabbing his skin. However, slash attacks are the most effective weapon attacks against him, as they move the fur strands out of the way instead of directly charging against them. Gunshots have some usage against him, though it really does depend what part they hit and at what range they are fired from.

When being stroked or pet, the fur strands act as normal hair or fur, so they really only seem like metal when in a fight or in battle. It is possible to make Hincho bleed by using an extremely tough metal, or with energy attacks.


Hincho's strength comes from the power of the Rage Gene locked inside him. He was born already using some of the Rage Gene's energy, about 5%. However, this small amount meant that Hincho, and his brother Soren, would grow to be strong individuals, though Hincho is the stronger of the two, while Soren is the faster.

With this blessed strength, Hincho is able to shove vehicles out of his way with little difficulty, and can strike through tough materials. However, his strength can only go so far, though often when he is put under extreme stress, his strength levels will increase to far beyond his average due to the effects of the Rage Gene being accessed.


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