The Himawari (lit. "sunflower") are a group of furniture, or servants, created by Alice Maeda when she became a villain. They're an efficient team and it is said there is no escape from their attacks. Each used a crossbow in battle, each of which fires arrows of light. Together, a correctly timed blast from just one of these crossbows could tear an opponent to pieces. Each Himawari wears an elaborate, military style outfit, however none are of the same species.


Although the real number of Himawari are unknown, these four are seen in battle multiple times. Alice has been heard flaunting that she can create an unlimited number of Himawari if one dies, however she can only support four at a time.

Himawari I "Rose"

The leader of the group, Rose is a brown haired, human girl. She's very quiet and uses as few words in each sentence as possible. The only time she shows emotion is when she's been hurt, after which she'll start giggling.

Himawari II "Dahlia"

Dahlia makes up the first of the three "subordinate" Himawari. The bubbly rabbit is very distracted in battle, or so it seems. Although she's really focused on the enemy, she'll talk about random topics to both confuse the enemy, and combat her own fear of silence.

Himawari III "Violette"

The second of the subordinate sisters, Violette is the wolf of their little family. Perhaps the most frightening of the sisters, Violette takes each battle extremely seriously, sometimes getting so caught up she'll stop listening to Alice herself.

Himawari IV "Lilly"

A Mobian fox, Lilly is the lowest of her sisters. Without a doubt the strangest of the sisters, Lilly is almost mute to everyone. Unless one of her sisters or Alice speaks to her, she'll give no reply. And even if she'll speak to you, she'll whisper it into your ear. Perhaps she doesn't want people to know what she says?

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