Hillard Ducth is a captain within the G.U.N. Fifth Army Division, where he serves as a tank commander and officer in charge of a small squad of light tanks. While he lacks the heavy elemental power focus of the Fanatic Fifth; he is a prime example of the superiority complex and belief in power through fear that parts of the leadership encourage.

Hillard Ducth

Biographical Information
  • Captain Hillard Ducth - official title
Romantic Interests
Physical Description
  • Fur: Cyan, with peach skin
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Sand brown
  • Casual Attire
  • Black leather jacket
  • Grey shirt
  • Grey gloves
  • Black leather motorcyclists pants
  • Black leather boots
  • Standard issue Fifth Division helmet
  • Standard issue Fifth Division fatuiges
  • Black leather boots
Political Alignment and Abilities
VehicleHammerforge Industries Meteor-type Artillery
  • Tactical thought
  • Experience in command of soldiers
  • Highly intimidating
  • Basic hand-to-hand combat training
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original CreatorFlashfire212


Broad-shouldered and muscular, Hillard Ducth is an echidna who clearly acts like he has something to prove. His black hair is kept cropped in military standards, while his cyan fur is always well-groomed; even down to wearing small studded cuffs around his dreadlocks to "help keep things straightened out", as he claims.

Hillard might act like a little bit of a thug and gangster, but examining his sandy brown eyes often shows hidden depths and intelligence, as well as a barely-restrained tension.


While off-duty, Hillard chooses to strut around in full black motorcycle leathers, for all intents and purposes resembling a Dark Legion officer without the cybernetics. With jacket, pants and boots all made from leather, he does tend to make a fair amount of noise as he moves.

In uniform, Hillard's appearance changes only slightly. While he still wears his leather boots, he wears the standard Fifth Division helmet and fatigues, which have been shaped and tailored to increase anonymity and intimidation factors. Despite his role as an officer and tank commander, he still wears the face-closed helmet variety for the same purpose.



The G.U.N. Fifth Division, in all of its different fields and areas, has two focus points. The first is sheer elemental power and a belief that it is superior to anything else, including technology. The second is the belief that fear is all that is needed to keep people in line. The problem for Hillard? He doesn't meet the first part. Many members of the Fanatical Fifth put their powers as their first point, with extreme displays of mastery and sheer force routine sights in Fifth Division bases.

To answer this issue and "fit into" the Fifth Division's normal way of things, Hillard very quickly built up a rough and violent exterior, a follower towards the beliefs of the unit. While he lacks the elemental might that the others might possess, he makes up for it with dedication to his own intimidating physique. As a tank commander, his lack of combat might is more forgiving, but many other soldiers often have pointed out that Hillard's muscular bulk actually lets him down in combat, as he spends more time in the gym than sparring hand-to-hand or practicing his sidearm marksmanship.

In his defense, Hillard is a competent commander, with his squad of four light tanks working with great coordination thanks mostly to his ability to communicate with them, though his strategies are quite often brutal and inappropriate for any environments where civilians might be in the field.

Elementless Abilities


Hillard's typical tank assignment is a Hammerforge Industries Meteor-type Artillery, with three lighter tanks under his command. A light-grade artillery vehicle, the Meteor-type carries a set of long-range missiles capable of leveling buildings or tearing apart hostiles over long ranges. As an artillery officer in a zealous division, Hillard is often strictly monitored.






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