Hiki the Rex is a mobian Tyrannosaurus Rex and a minor character appearing in Dino Emeralds and a supporting character in the sequel Fiona/Cyo: Cretaceous Adventure.


Hiki is a red mobian Tyrannosaurus Rex and unlike the real theropod she has three fingers due to her kind need a better grip as well she has a upright posture, longer arms and is much smaller being 7 feet tall. She wears a green tank top and leafy skirt.

Hiki the Rex


Hiki makes a small appearance in Dino-Emeralds giving Sonic a necklace as a gift for saving the island from a certain doom.

In the sequel she'll have a larger role with her husband Tyron, helping Cyo, Fiona, Ochiai and Nikita against the clones.


Hiki is a kind and understandable individual who would comfort anyone being sad and depressed. She is also quite girly and dislike getting dirty and does not tolerate anyone hitting her.

Powers and abilites

  • Extreme strength - Being a T.rex, she possesses great strength despite being 7 feet tall. She is strong to hurl a full grown man with ease and attack anyone who is bigger than her, such as fighting a Iguanodon or a sauropod.
  • Powerful bite - Like real T.rexes, she has a bite force of 13,400 newton, enough to crush bones.
  • Speed - Being smaller than a regular T.rex she can run faster than the 15 feet tall beast.
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