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Baby Hikem and Maruph
Biographical Information
  • Hikaru-(Mother)
  • Memphis-(Father)
  • Twist-(Brother)
  • Gale-(Uncle)
  • Draon-(Uncle)
  • Shad-(Brother)
  • Dark-(Uncle)
  • Maku-(Uncle)
  • Met-(Aunt)
  • Yume-(Aunt)
Romantic Interests
  • None
  • Little kitty-(Hikem)
  • Sweet puppy-(Maruph)
Team affliction
  • SFW
Physical Description
GenderMale and Female
  • Brown hair with white strick(Hikem)
  • Green eyes(Hikem)
  • White hair(Maruph)
  • Blue eyes(Maruph)
  • Grey shirt with blue star and daiper(Hikem)
  • Lavender shirt with pink heart and daiper(Maruph)
Abilities and forms
  • Animal changing(Only to a kitten and puppy)
  • None yet
Super Forms
Theme Song
Created by

Memphis creator of light and User:Hikaruyami-having fun*


Two new born babies born to Memphis and Hikaru, these two twins come to join the world of SFW and learn from their family and future friends as they will grow happy for many years to come. Since they are babies they are under a great care thanks to their mother and their big brother Twist so they can grown up big and strong.



Despite his young age, he's protective for his little sister, hissing at those who would scare her or cause her harm. He shows signs of being trusthworthy and loyal to those he's gotten to be friends with. He can be a bit stubborn and rushes a bit, but he's still a good kit to those that mean a lot to him, mostly to his twin little sister.


Even being young, she cares for her big brother, always staying by his side when he's lonely. She shows that she's very kind and smart to those around her or nearby. She's also gets very shy when 1st meeting someone, often getting scared, and at times, seems to daydreams when she looks at her baby books with her brother.



They love their mother very much and counts on her to keep them warm and give them milk and safety from those that would hurt them.


They love their big brother very much,that they would try to cheer him up the best they can to see him happy.They would also hug him whenever they see him,showing how much they love him.


  • (Cries)-When they are 1st born
  • (Baby growls and purrs)-When they are relaxed or happy
  • Hikem-Nya.^w^(His way of saying something)
  • Maruph:Yip^e^(Her way of saying something)




Hikem is the 1st born of the twins with peach skin, whose hair is brown with a white stripe on his head to his cute little cat tail, which he got his hair color from his mother and her green eyes. His clothes is a grey shirt with a blue star, a blue diaper, and white socks with a blue trim. In his kitten form, he is all brown with his white stripe across his back to his tail.


Maruph is the 2nd born of the twins with peach skin, whose hair is white and has a blue tip at her adorable tiny tail, which she got from her father and his blue eyes. Her clothes is a lavender shirt with a pink heart, a pink diaper, and white socks with pink frills. In her puppy form, she is all white with a blue tip at her tail.

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