As you can quite clearly tell, this is the script for the fan film. Always nice to have a script, right?

Scene One: Inconclusive Data

Revera - Female Lynx Investigator: Find anything? (*looks at data pad in her hand*)

Traya - Female Hedgehog Investigator: (*staring at data pad in her own hand*)

Revera: Investigator Traya, is everything okay? (*looks at Traya*)

Traya: Oh! (*startled to the point of almost dropping her data pad; looks at Revera*) Sorry, I didn't hear you the first time.

Revera: It's fine. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, did you find anything useful for our investigation?

Traya: Well, I did detect strange energy emitting from something below the surface of Portal, but the sensors on my data pad are too weak to figure out what.

Shan - Male Mink Investigator: (*walks into Investigators' Office*) Am I interrupting?

Traya: (*looks at Shan*)

Revera: Unless barging in on an investigation uninvited counts, I guess not.

Shan: Well, sooorry. (*looks at Traya*) I don't even know what you're investigating to begin with.

Traya: (*facepalms*)

Shan: Okay, seriously. What's going on?

Traya: (*looks at Revera*) Care to do the honor?

Revera: We're investigating the Tikhaos case. (*glares at Shan*)

Shan: Ooookay... hate to break it to you, but I thought the trail went cold long ago.

Traya: (*glares at Shan*) What do you mean, "went cold"?

Shan: (*glares back at Traya*) Well, let's see here... investigators check out parts of the city where Tikhaos struck, they found nothing, the end!

Traya: (*rolls her eyes and looks at the data pad in her hand*)

Shan: (*looks at Revera*) Don't tell me... you actually found something.

Revera: Yep. Energy is emitting from somewhere underneath Portal's surface - only problem is, we can't find the source.

Traya: (*stares at her data pad intently*)

Revera: (*looks at data pad and let's out a startled cry*) The energy signature! It's... it's gone!

Traya: (*gasps and looks at Revera*) It's gone on my data pad, too!

Shan: (*looks at both data pads*) Do you think we can trace it still?

Revera: Of course not! If we can't detect the energy waves, it's impossible to trace it. Even though the data pads keep logs of data such as the energy waves, they're completely and utterly useless. We have to have an actual energy wave to pinpoint the source.

Traya: What she said.

Shan: Well, that's another trail gone cold.

Scene Two: Visiting a Family Friend

Male Wolf - Family Friend: (*stands on sidewalk in front of house, waiting*) I wonder when she'll be here...

(*All of a sudden, a young female kitsune accidentally runs right into the wolf - apparently in such a rush, she wasn't watching where she was going*)

Hikaru - Daughter of Kaden and Sayaka: Oh, sorry!

Wolf: The deuce-! Oh, it's just you, Hikaru. What's up? (*regains balance from impact*)

Hikaru: Oh, nothing much. (*pauses*) Actually, my mom is... well, she's sick.

Wolf: (*has a worried expression*) Is she gonna be okay?

Hikaru: (*looks down*) I'm hoping she'll recover in about a week or so.

Wolf: I hope so, too...

Hikaru: My dad had to stay behind, so he can take care of her. (*looks up at the wolf*) It's why I had to come alone.

Wolf: (*looks at Hikaru sadly, but trying to stay hopeful*) I'm sure she'll come through. She's been through worse situations...

Hikaru: (*doesn't say anything, only nodding*)

Wolf: Rumor's going around that some lady kidnapped a pet parrot. Apparently the parrot's worth a fortune, for some reason. I forget what.

Hikaru: (*chuckles*) Why would some woman want to kidnap a parrot?

Wolf: I dunno. (*shrugs*) Sell it, I guess.

Hikaru: (*chuckles again*) Well, I might have to see if I can find it and return it to it's owner.

Wolf: Be careful. From what I hear, that bird's mighty expensive and whoever has it may not be so willing to just give it to you.

Hikaru: Warning taken. (*waves*) Farewell.

Wolf: (*waves*) Adeiu, Hikaru.

(*Hikaru then ran off in another direction*)

Scene Three: From Parrots to Cold Cases

(*Investigators exit Investigators' Office and walk past Hikaru, not noticing her*)

Hikaru: Does anyone around here have information about a stolen parrot?

Unnamed Investigator - Vixen: You mean the parrot that's worth over five billion? I've got the files right here. (*gestures to files in her hand*) Why? You interested in investigating the matter?

Hikaru: I heard about the parrot from a family friend. And in answer to your question, yeah.

Unnamed Investigator: Here you go. But you'll have to talk to either Traya or Revera so that way it's official. Revera is in the crime lab talking to the scientists. I don't know where Traya is right now. (*hands Hikaru files*)

Hikaru: (*gently takes the files*) Thank you.

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