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Hikaru the Kitsune: Beginnings
Directed by
Chica Nunnally
Produced by
Written by
Chica Nunnally
Co-Written by
Julia Finitevus
Followed by

Hikaru the Kitsune: Beginnings is a fan film written and directed by Chica Nunnally, the author of the Continuums of the Past series, and co-written by Julia Finitevus. It is the prequel to the story Hikaru the Kitsune: A Future Hope.

So far, the release date is unconfirmed.


An investigation of the Tikhaos attack reveals some startling information that may help identify who caused the attack. Unfortunately, the data comes back as inconclusive and the investigators have nowhere left to turn.

That is, until fifteen year-old Hikaru Youko the Kitsune gets dragged right into the mess. And she finds something​ that could severely affected the investigation... for better or for worse. Only question is, will this mystery remain unsolved forever?


Investigator Traya- Billie Piper

Investigator Revera- Lacy Chabert

Investigator Shan- Nicky Katt

Hikaru Youko the Kitsune- Yvonne Strahovski


  • This is essentially my first fan film.
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