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Alright, the prologue to the sequel. This is gonna be so much fun! :D


Shadow stared at his blueprints thoughtfully, considering how to progress next in his latest plan. His finger slowly tapped the desk repeatedly as he turned the plot over and over again in his mind.

"Your Majesty?" a feminine voice addressed over an intercom. "Someone is here to see you- he says it's urgent."

"Well??" Shadow asked. "Let him in."

The door to Shadow's office swung open and in stepped a tall, rather roundish cloaked figure, followed by an echidna. "I assume that the plan has been going smoothly so far?" the figure asked, his voice deep. The echidna with the figure was apparently albino, and had piercing blue eyes.

"Yes, actually," Shadow replied, looking up at the figure. "It should be right on schedule."

"Good... good... and I presume that meddlesome... whoever he is, is out of the way?"

"Not exactly," Shadow responded. After a slight hesitation he continued with, "He escaped to an alternate zone before the Chaos Legion could capture him."

"And you said things ran smoothly," the figure muttered, clearly not happy. "You better get this done! Or I'll have to rely on someone else to do the job for me."

"Don't worry. It'll be done." Shadow rolled up the blueprints and handed them to the figure. "Just you wait and see..."


"I don't know why, but something about this plan worries me." the albino echidna finally spoke.

They were now outside Shadow's office and for some reason, the cloaked figure felt the same way about the plan. "I agree," he replied, looking at the blueprints. Something was... off about them. "You see here," the figure continued, pointing at a section of the blueprints," that the thermo-isolator is completely unnecessary to the operation of the device. Yes, it does act like an amplifier to the device's primary functions, but there shouldn't have to be one at all to get the job done..."

"Yeah..." said the echidna, frowning considerably.

"I'm beginning to consider that this black hedgehog has a secret agenda... and is most likely going to turn on us sooner or later," the figure theorized. "What do you think? I may just be going paranoid, but..."

The echidna stared at the blueprints. "I'm starting to think the exact same thing."

"We'll have to keep on our guard. He may turn on us at any moment." The cloaked figure looked back down at the blueprints, searching for anything else unusual.

The echidna nodded in agreement.

The cloaked figure rolled up the blueprints after a moment, saying, "We might as well get going. We can examine the blueprints some more later."

The echidna nodded, again. "Yes, of course."

The cloaked figure started to walk towards the teleporter at the end of the hallway, albeit with a noticeable limp.

A large spider in the top corner of the room watched the cloaked figure, and had heard every word Shadow, the echidna, and the cloaked figure said. It's eight eyes glowed a ghostly red, as if someone was seeing through it's eyes.

The echidna looked around, feeling like he and the figure were being watched. Seeing nothing out of the ordinary, he shrugged, figuring it was just his imagination.

He walked toward the teleporter, wanting to be out of there as soon as possible.

As soon as the albino echidna reached the teleporter, the cloaked figure pressed his hand on a pad and the duo vanished seconds later in a flash of turquoise light.

The 'visionseeker' spider crawled up on it's web and onto the ceiling. It scuttled along the roof, going to the room where Shadow was. It glared down at the hedgehog with an almost sad expression.

Shadow sniffed the air for a moment, then muttered something like, "Must be a stinkbug."

The spider turned around and went back to it's web, it's eyes stopped glowing. It blinked, confused, then went on with it's day.

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