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The second chapter. so I believe it's time for things to get interesting.

Chapter Two

"So this is Mazuri, huh?" Sonic asked, looking around the vast plains. He glanced at the small party and commented, "Doesn't look like much."

Clara chuckled, looking around the plains herself. "I know, right?"

"Who the deuce are you?!" a female voice yelled from somewhere nearby.

"I think we got company," Sonic announced.

The voice belonged to a sixteen-year-old kitsune with pale gold fur and wearing a black safari outfit. She had neck-length black hair and dark brown eyes. She also had one tail.

The look on her face was one of pure surprise. Hikaru's eyes widened in recognition.

"Um, who is that?" Sonic asked, scratching his quill absent mindedly.

"Hotaru?!" Hikaru said in shock, causing the other kitsune to look at her.

Sonic frowned. 

"That's my cousin, Hotaru Aimi." said Hikaru, right as the kitsune girl - now identified as Hotaru - ran over and tackle-hugged her.

"This girl is your cousin?" Sonic asked, astonished. 

Hikaru nodded. "I meant to tell you about her, but there just wasn't a good time."

"It's fine," Sonic replied. Then he said jokingly, "I'm the king of Mobius, not a nag."

Hikaru chuckled.

"It's good to see you again." said Hotaru, as she pulled away from hugging her cousin. She glanced at Hikaru's companions and frowned. "And who are these companions of yours?"

"I would be Hecate," a noticeable weakened Hecate spoke. "I could tell you were cousins. You both share a similar aura," she said.

Hotaru glanced at Hecate and frowned. "Aura?"

"Your life force, essentially," Hecate corrected. "A sorceress like myself are able to sense a life form's aura."

"I never met a sorceress before." said Hotaru, glancing at Sonic. "Who might you be?"

Hikaru facepalmed. "That's King Sonic."

"Oh!" Hotaru exclaimed in surprise and quickly curtsied, which looked rather lame.

"Er... hi?" Sonic said, trying very hard not to laugh. "Nice to meet you, Hotaru."

"Same to you, King Sonic," said Hotaru, smiling. Her smile faded as she gazed at Clara. "Who's that and why does she have black fur?"

"That's Clara," Sonic replied. "As for her fur... you know what, I dunno."

"I've never seen an echidna with black fur before," Hotaru commented as Clara timidly waved at her.

"Neither have I." Sonic frowned and asked, "What're'ya doing in Mazuri anyway?"

"Oh, I'm just here for sight-seeing." said Hotaru, shrugging.

Hecate sighed, "Mazuri must look beautiful. The culture here must be unique as well. I've done a lot of travling, but no sight-seeing."

Hotaru chuckled. "Why are you all here, though?"

"We are looking for a fox known as Miles," Hecate interjected, swivling the ring on her finger. It was becoming quite tight on the sorceress.

"And who is this 'Miles'?" Hotaru asked, curious as to who the fox Hecate mentioned is.

"He is a friend to King Sonic," the she-hog stated. "He is a twin tailed yellow fox," she continued.

Sonic had been frowning the entire time. Then he looked at Hotaru and asked, "What about the Chaotix? Have you heard of them?"

"Eh, yeah," Hotaru replied. "Seen 'em actually. A couple of nutcases." She paused and said, "That fox you described is with them."

(Figured it's high time we edited. - Julia)

"Where did you last see them?" Hecate pressed on.

Hotaru frowned, thinking. "I saw 'em hanging around near that dingo camp a couple miles south. I can take you there, if you want."

"We'd appreciate it," Hikaru replied, looking around. "We'd probably get lost trying to navigate without a map."

Clara fingered her bow anxiously as they talked. Something was bothering her...

Hotaru nodded and said, "Follow me, and watch for snakes, of course."

"Something bothering you?" The she-hog asked the echidna as they walked. "I could sense your anxiety."

Clara looked at Hecate, a little startled. "Er, I'm fine, I guess. It's just... don't you think things are going a little too easy?"

Hecate considered Clara's words. It was true that things were going well. Maybe too well. "Yes, I see what you mean. Something might be up," she theorized.

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