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If you don't know what an interlude is, it's a brief period of time that comes in the middle of something.

So this is basically a little break from the main plot.


"Silver!" Mammoth Mogol reprimanded. Silver the Hedgehog, one of his apprentices, had been rather quiet lately...

"Huh, what?!" Silver exclaimed, snapping out of his thoughts. "Oh, sorry. I sensed something wrong with the timeline...."

A young female echidna sighed, rolling her ice-blue eyes. If there was something that marked her as unusual, it was her fur, which was black.

Among the echidnas, no natural instance of black fur had ever been seen.

"Is something wrong, Clara?" Silver asked, concerned. He had been pretty worried about the silliest things lately.

"Oh, it's nothing." Clara replied, apparently fiddling with her bow.

"Hm..." Mammoth Mogol frowned as he thought about something. "Odd... the timeline seems to have changed..."

"I better check on Edmund," Silver spoke, standing up. "He asked me to help him with reconstructing an old statue of some sort."

"Who is Edmund?" Mammoth Mogol asked, fiddling with a Time Stone. Apparently he did not remember the Echidna.

"Edmund! The guardian! Remember?" 

"No." This unnerved Silver quite a bit that Mammoth Mogol did not remember Edmund. Normally he had a good memory.

Clara frowned in contemplation, slinging her bow over her shoulder and brushing imaginary dust from her white shirt.

The clouds started to darken to an unnatural shade. "Um... that's... not normal." Silver frowned considerably at this. It was a bad sign.

Clara looked up at the clouds, noticing the unnatural shade. She scratched her head, trying to figure what could have happened.

Thunder started to rumble unnaturally loud and lightning struck a few nearby buildings. Enormous chunks of concrete and other debris fell from them. 

Clara gasped in fear. "This isn't natural!" she said, hugging herself.

"Let's get underground," Mammoth Mogol suggested, standing up. "Then maybe we can try to figure out what's happening."

Clara nodded, not even speaking.

Silver also nodded and said, "There's a safe house this way." The hedgehog started on that direction, only for a huge chunk of concrete to land right in front of him. "That's really cutting it close."

Clara stared at the chuck of concrete, silently agreeing.

Silver started running in the direction of the safe house again, making sure that no debris would crush him, as it was still practically raining bits and pieces of the buildings.

Clara hesitated for a moment, then she ran after Silver.  Of course, she narrowly avoided getting crushed by debris at one point.

"It can't be Perfect Chaos!" Mammoth Mogol panted, lagging behind a bit. "Perfect Chaos was destroyed over seventy years ago!"

"It's that!" Silver stopped running immediately and pointed a giant cyclone, it's colour so dark it was a black as night. "That's not a normal cyclone..."

"What is that thing?" Clara asked, slightly getting over her fear just enough to speak.

"I don't know!" A huge piece of debris was flung at the group by the cyclone, but Silver barely managed to use his powers to deflect it. "Close call!"

"Let's not stand here! Let's go!" Clara ran in the direction of the safe house, looking around to make sure debris wasn't being flung at her.

Silver and Mammoth Mogol followed behind, both worried that this wouldn't be the worst of the weather... Silver then recalled an ancient legend about some sort of creature called the "Lunar Phoenix", which was said to be even more dangerous than even the Dark Gaia.

Once Clara made it to the safe house, she immediately went to open the door. Come on, you stupid door, open! She thought.

Silver and Mammoth Mogol both tried to help, and the rusty door opened with a loud squeak and a bang.

"Stupid door," Clara muttered as she entered the safe house.

Silver silently agreed, closing the rusted door behind them and locking it tight.

Clara went to look out the nearest window whilst muttering something about how she hated certain doors.

Huge chunks of concrete and other materials could be seen flying through the air outside. And the cyclone seemed to be growing in size...

"That doesn't look good..." Clara muttered.

Silver looked out the window too and frowned considerably, which was very unlike him. "I wonder..."

"What is it?" Clara asked, still looking out the window.

"I once heard of an old legend," Silver started after a moment. "It was about some sort of creature called the 'Lunar Phoenix', said to be locked away in an underground temple."

"And you think this storm seems to be a sign that the creature has been released?" Mammoth Mogol asked, familiar with the legend. "Silver, this storm may share characteristics similar to that of the abilities of the beast, but it's just a story."

"I never heard of that legend." said Clara, frowning.

"Very few do know it," Mammoth Mogol replied. "But it's still just a story."

"At one point it mentions a tyrant  that would release the 'Lunar Phoenix' in a rage, destroying the world as we know it," Silver told Clara.

"Oh my goodness..." Clara said in shock, finally looking away from the window.

"And it never says who the tyrant is," Silver continued, "and never even described him or her." 

Clara didn't say anything, still shocked at the tyrant part. She looked back out the window.

Meanwhile, outside in the eye of storm, a great big beast in the form of a violet bird spoke. "Ultimate Lifeform... directive... destroy planet..." It seemed to be a chant, the way the monster repeated that phrase.

Getting over her shock, Clara frowned. "'Ultimate Lifeform'?"

"The Ultimate Lifeform must be Shadow. And if I'm right... Shadow is the tyrant who did this!" Silver pulled out his Time Stone and said, "We'll be back in a flash. Clara, you ready for some adventure?"

Clara smiled and eagerly nodded.

Silver put his hand on Clara's shoulder and both disappeared in a flash of yellow light.

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