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Yay! The last chapter of the story! :D

I'm really happy that the story is finally finished after... what, four months or so? Doesn't matter how long it took, I'm just really happy.

I hope that you, the readers, enjoyed the story I, along with my two friends (Claire and Julia), have written. Look forward to the sequel! :D


A fairly cold breeze creeped through the snowy forest, causing all the animals rush into their dens. At least the non-Mobian animals.

An old and wrinkly Mobian, more specifically a fennec fox, trudged through the forest tiredly. Behind him he pulled a small sled with few supplies. 

Somewhere nearby was a female echidna with blue fur, who looked to be sleeping.

The fennec fox suddenly came upon the echidna, who was lying in the snow. "The things kids do nowadays..." the fennec fox muttered grumpily. He picked up a walking stick from his sled and poked the female echidna with it.

The echidna stirred, mumbling something incoherent. After awhile, she woke up.

"What'ya think yer doin'?!" the fennec fox exclaimed in what sounded like a mix between a Scottish and a southern accent (or the Mobian variants). "Stupid kid, in the middle of the forest. Ya could die out here, ya know!"

"Huh?" The echidna looked upon the fennec fox. Her eyes, which were a violet color, widened.

"W-Who are you?!" she asked.

"An old man who can't be takin' care of dumb kids in the wilderness," the fennec fox replied, disgruntled. "Where're yer parents? Ah swear, they should be ashamed..."

"Before I answer that, what's your name?" the echidna asked.

"Charles Ren," the Fox told her. "Now you, little missy?"

"The name's Kara-Ne." said the echidna girl.

Mr. Ren nodded slightly and asked, "Why're ye in the middle of the forest anyway?"

Kara-Ne didn't answer. She was trying to remember what had happened prior to waking up in the forest.

"Ya alright, kid?" the fennec fox asked after a moment.

"I'm fine. Sorry," Kara-Ne said. "If you don't mind, I'm going to find a way out of here."

"Ah don't mind at all," Ren replied, handing her a map. "Here's a map to the nearest village. Now Ah better get goin' or somebody's gonna be complainin' about their mangoes not bein' there on time." With that, the fox trudged past Kara-Ne, muttering something about customers eating shoes.

Kara-Ne waved goodbye, glancing at the map afterwards. She might as well get going. With that in mind, she started walking down a path.

As the blue echidna trudged down the path, a white hedgehog wearing nothing but a white and purple striped t-shirt, white shorts, and white sandles noticed Kara-Ne. "Now, who could that be," she asked herself, jumping down in front of the echidna's path.

Kara-Ne made a startled noise, surprised by the hedgehog's sudden appearance.

"G'day, m'lady. Didn't mean to startle you," the she-hog apologized.

"Hi." Kara-Ne said timidly.

The mystery girl smiled, "Why so shy?" She asked.

"I'm not used to social interaction, that's all." said Kara-Ne.

"It's ok," the cryokinetic said, sticking her hand out, "My name is Chione. What's yours?" She asked with a smile on her face.

"Kara-Ne." the echidna replied, timidly shaking the hedgehog's hand.

Chione let go of Kara-Ne's hand, "So, what brings you all the way out here?" She asked.

"To be honest, I have no idea how I got in this forest in the first place." Kara-Ne replied.

"Well, I can help you get to the next village. The closet one on the map ya got there," Chione gestured towards the map that Kara-Ne held. "My way is a lot faster than walking."

"What can you do?" Kara-Ne asked.

Chione smirked, "This." The surrounding snow started to move and clot together into a shape.

Kara-Ne stared, amazed.

The snow then formed into a dogsled, complete with huskies made of snow with glowing ice-blue eyes.

"Wow. That's pretty good." said Kara-Ne, still in amazement.

"Thank you!" Chione chirped, getting onto the dogsled. "C'mon. Want to get to that village?"

Kara-Ne smiled and got onto the dogsled.

Chione grabbed the ice reins before exclaiming, "Mush!" The huskies immediately responded, dashing forwards at a surprisingly fast speed.


The two have been traveling for awhile before a small village came into view. "Village ho!" Chione shouted as the snow huskies slowed down as they approached the village.

Kara-Ne smiled. "Thank you."

"Your welcome," Chione smiled. This woman was just full of happy vibes. "Is there somewhere you need to be?"

"Is there somewhere to sleep around here?" Kara-Ne asked. Sleeping in the forest like that was, needless to say, not her thing.

"I'm sure there is an inn somewhere around here," Chione piped. "If you want, I can help find one," she offered.

"Of course." said Kara-Ne, getting off the dogsled.

Chione also got off the dogsled, "Follow me. I'll find one in a jiffy!" She started towards the village.

Kara-Ne followed the hedgehog. But after a couple of miles, she felt a mild headache, which certainly came out of nowhere.

Chione turned around, frowning for the first time since she met Kara-Ne. "Are you ok? Do you need a doctor?" She asked.

Slowly but surely, Kara-Ne remembered a specific set of events; the Lunar Phoenix incident and the time leading up to her... resurrection? That didn't make any sense.

"Nothing. Just a headache." Kara-Ne told Chione, deciding not to tell her what she remembered.

"Ok!" The she-hog squeaked. After a few minutes of walking, they arrived at an old wooden inn. "We're here!" Chione announced.

"Thank you, Chione." said Kara-Ne.

Chione smiled brightly, "Your welcome!"

Kara-Ne entered the inn, happy for Chione's assistance. Tomorrow morning, once she was well-rested and such, she would set out to find Hikaru.

The echidna hoped the kitsune would be okay.

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