You know how deleted scenes are basically scenes that were cut from the final version of a film and stuff like that?

It's the same thing here, except these are scenes that were scrapped and stuff like that.

Going into Hiding

This deleted scene really should have been in the story. Basically Lien-Da had to go into hiding, taking Rutan with her. I'll let you figure out why.


Lien-Da rushed to her home, stumbling and praying the whole way. "Please let him be safe... Rutan..."

"Rutan!" Lien-Da called as she finally reached the house, weak and miserable. A few seconds later the front door opened with a loud bang and a voice called out, "I thought told you idiot salespeople to eat my- what in blazes?!" Rutan was startled at the sight of his mother all ragged and asked, "Mom, what happened?!"

"Chaos Legion... locked me... up... they're coming..." Lien-Da grabbed Rutan by the wrist and pulled him down an alleyway as Rutan questioned as to why the Chaos Legion locked her up.

"No time to explain," Lien-Da replied, not bothering to avoid the puddles. "Have to hide!"

Rutan stopped asking, deciding that his mom would tell him the whole story once they were safe.


I originally had this idea; a flashback of Takara Keene telling a certain part of the Lunar Phoenix legend to her granddaughter. But I figured the chapter would be a bit too long, so I scrapped the idea.

Undercover Once More

I saw Julia's comment about Misty-Re going undercover as a maid again at some point during the story. So why not?


"They what?!" Shadow practically screeched when Misty-Re told him what happened.

"They defeated the Lunar Phoenix, sir," a harassed Misty-Re replied. This was received by an angry glare from Shadow.

"Maybe you should start doing your job!" he spat. "Hm..."

"Sir...?" Misty-Re addressed weakly, fingering her shirt collar nervously. What was Shadow going to do this time?

"Misty-Re, I need you to go undercover as a maid to gather information on how  they foiled our plan," the black hedgehog finally spoke. He smiled sinisterly when he saw the horrified expression on Misty-Re's face.

"Not again, sir!" Misty-Re protested, "You know what happened last time I was undercover as a stinking maid- I got blasted by a gas gun, for goodness sakes!"

"So what?" Shadow shot back. "That's not my problem, now is it?"

"Thanks for making this moment of my life horribly awkward," Misty-Re muttered loud enough for a certain hedgehog to hear.

"What was that?!"

"Nothing sir."

Misty-Re was really beginning to consider going under the radar at this point.

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