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Here's chapter two. This takes place a day after the previous chapter and starts off with Princess Sonia noticing Hikaru has gone missing.

Well, not actually missing, but you know what I mean.

Chapter Two

Sonia sat on the couch reading, waiting for Hikaru. The kitsune had made plans to visit the royal family and Sonia was incredibly excited to see Hikaru. So was Manik, although he went a little too far and raced around the house, breaking Queen Sally's favourite vase. Which Sally had given him a really good scolding for. But that wasn't Sonia's problem.

"Ten minutes late... weird," Sonia thought, getting worried. "Maybe she ran into traffic..." An hour went by and still no sign of Hikaru. Sonia started becoming anxious as the minutes ticked by.

"Manik?" Sonia addressed the blue teenage hedgehog. "Have you seen Hikaru?"

"Nope," Manik replied, too busy spinning a ball on his finger. 

Sonia let out a sigh and stared out a nearby window. She was getting worried that something had happened to Hikaru...


Hikaru peeked from a nearby tree. and snorted derisively. Why those two would lead her into a forest, she didn't know.

Lien-Da suddenly touched an almost invisible pad on a tree, and suddenly an entrance appeared in a very large boulder that was nearby.

"Clever," the figure remarked, who was standing next to Lien-Da. 

"Our best technicians designed it," Lien-Da spoke as she started to walk down the steps, the figure behind her.

Hikaru quietly followed the two into the entrance, silently praying to not be seen. If she was spotted, she wouldn't know what to do.

"Zenxi fiberglass windows?!" The figure exclaimed glancing at a window that had a sort of purple tint. Through it one could see a large lab that was big enough to fit experiments of many kinds.

"The most advanced," Lien-Da replied, putting her hand on a scanner. The scanner beeped and the door next to it slid open.

Hikaru, still following silent, was quite in awe of the windows. Unfortunately, she walked into a wall. "Ow!" she yelled, rubbing her forehead. She stiffened, realizing she may have revealed herself to both Lien-Da and that figure doing that.

"What was that?!" Lien-Da exclaimed, suddenly frantic. She definitely heard that.

"Probably a bird just hit a wall and made a squawk or something," the figure spoke. "One of the agents told me that there was a minor infestation."

Lien-Da rolled her eyes and replied, "It sounded more like person to me." Suddenly Lien-Da turned around and pulled out a stun gun, firing it at Hikaru. "I told you it wasn't a stupid bird!!" The beam barely missed Hikaru by only a few inches.

Oh no, I better get out of here! Hikaru thought. She whirled around to flee.

Lien-Da fired at Hikaru a second time, running after the kitsune. "Get back here!"

This time, the beam hit the kitsune squarely in the back, before she could run any further. With a startled yelp, she fell to the floor, obviously unconscious.

"Well, well, well," Lien-Da spoke, grinning maliciously as she marched over to where the kitsune lay. "Look what the flicky dragged in."

"Who is it?" The figure asked, moving to where Lien-Da was.

"A nosy kid," Lien-Da replied. Lien-Da pulled the stunned Hikaru off the ground and said to the figure, "Well?! Help me get her in a cell!"


Sonia had enough of waiting.

"That's enough, I'm going to look for her!" Sonia exclaimed, startling Manik. 

"Huh what?" Manik asked, the ball he was spinning on his finger landing on his forehead. "Ow!"

"I'm going to look for Hikaru!"


Hikaru woke up, groaning softly. She slowly sat up, feeling a bit dizzy. She reached out to touch something... only for her hand to touch what felt like a bar.

Wait, a bar? Was she in a jail cell?

The kitsune blinked a couple of times to clear her eyes. Sure enough, she was in some kind of cell. She performed a backflip in order to get on her feet and nearly fell over from dizziness.

She reached out and gripped the bars, trying to look outside of the cell.

"Looks like someone is awake," Shadow spoke, stepping towards the cell. A malicious grin appeared on his face. "How did you get here?"

Hikaru remained silent; instead, she just glared at him.

"Not feeling talkative today, hm?" Shadow asked, crossing his arms. Lien-Da came up behind Shadow and said, "We should kill her. She knows too much."

"Zip it!" Shadow snapped at Lien-Da. "Now... I'll ask you again... how did you get here?"

Hikaru sighed irritably. This was something she had not expected, but she had inadvertently gotten herself in this situation by running into that stupid wall.

"Well?" Shadow was becoming impatient.

"I still think we should get rid of her," Lien-Da spoke, glaring at Hikaru.

The kitsune glared right back at Lien-Da, her light green eyes glinting in a kind of anger. She muttered something about how her father, Kaden, wouldn't be pleased that she got herself in this situation.

"I followed her, of course." Hikaru finally spoke, pointing at the echidna as if to empathize the followed part.

"How was I supposed to know?!" Lien-Da exclaimed to Shadow.

"You know what happens to people who fail me," Shadow responded, glaring at Lien-Da angrily. Shadow signaled two guards who grabbed the red female echidna and disarmed her quickly.

"What?!" Lien-Da exclaimed, taken by surprise.

"Throw her in with the kid," Shadow spoke, and the guards opened the cell door, shoved Lien-Da in, and shut it swiftly.

That was... unexpected. Hikaru thought, staring at Shadow in surprise.

"Your Majesty, please!" Lien-Da pleaded. "Do what you like to me, but please! Don't hurt Rutan!"

Shadow smirked. "You have a soft spot for your son, that's a weakness. I can't afford such issues in the Chaos Legion. I should have gotten rid of you a long time ago."

"I sacrificed time I could have had with my son so you could return!" Lien-Da reminded Shadow.

"I know," Shadow spoke. "But I'm getting rid of you and your son anyway."

Lien-Da let out a low growl at that.

Wait, she has a son? Hikaru thought, a plan already beginning to form in her mind.

"Why?!" Lien-Da continued. "Rutan never did anything to you! He never got in the way of my job!"

"He is still a liability," Shadow spoke simply before whispering something to one of the spies standing next to him.

"I'll get on it right away, your majesty," the spy replied, walking away.

Hikaru gripped the bar with one hand. Please, don't let me regret this... she thought to herself.

Shadow exited the room, taking a large box with him. Lien-Da sat in the cell, silent.

Hikaru let go of the bar and slowly approached Lien-Da, unsure of what to say.

"Whatever you're going to say, shut up," Lien-Da spoke rudely, crossing her arms and resting her back against a wall, staring down at her feet.


Shadow rummaged through the box he had brought with him, looking for something. "Where is it...?" The hedgehog was too busy mumbling something inaudible afterwards to notice that there was another person in the room.

The person in question was a female echidna like Lien-Da. But this echidna had blue fur and violet eyes in contrast to Lien-Da's red fur and blue eyes. She was also no more than fifteen.

"I hate to question your authority, Your Majesty, but are you sure that was a good idea?" the echidna spoke, referring to getting rid of Lien-Da and Rutan.

"Yes, I'm sure," Shadow spoke, still rummaging through the box. "Now make yourself useful and make sure that the kid and Lien-Da don't escape. I've had enough trouble already..."

"Yes, Your Majesty." the echidna replied, nodding her head in respect. She then walked off; however, unknown to the hedgehog, she had other plans.

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