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Here's chapter three. It takes place where the previous chapter left off, where a certain female echidna walked off to make sure Hikaru and Lien-Da don't escape.

However, she has other plans.

Chapter Three

The blue echidna sighed as she entered the room. She finally spotted the cell both Lien-Da and a girl she had never seen before were currently in. No doubt the girl in question was the kid Shadow had mentioned earlier.

There were two guards in front of the cell, one with the key dangling from a loop on his belt. 

"Ma'am," the guard with the key addressed simply. The other guard was too busy watching Hikaru and Lien-Da to care.

The echidna approached the two guards. Once she was a few feet away from the cell, she lowered her head and smirked; now was her chance.

She proceeded to jump and perform a roundhouse kick on the guard with the key, knocking him out. This attracted the attention of the other guard.

"What are you doing?!" he yelled, his hand flying to grab the stun gun from his belt.

Before he could do anything, she simply kicked the said guard and punched him in the face, also knocking him out. She went to the guard with the key and grabbed the said key from his belt.

"What?!" Lien-Da exclaimed, confused.

Hikaru was just as confused, but she didn't have time to voice her question when the echidna opened the cell door. The kitsune took the opportunity to get out of the cell as quickly as she dared.

"A rescuer?" Lien-Da asked. "Well, that's the biggest surprise of my life in long time..."

The echidna girl nodded. "What's your name?" Hikaru asked. The echidna gave her an odd look.

"I'll tell you later. Right now, we have to get out of here." the echidna replied.

"Why are you helping us?" Lien-Da asked, still confused. "You're a Chaos Legionnare... your loyalty is to the Majesty..."

"I'll explain later. Let's just go." the echidna replied. She ran off, but not before taking the stun gun off the guard as a precaution. Hikaru followed her.


"Hikaru?" Sonia addressed as she entered Hikaru's house. No response. "Where could she be...? Sonia saw some dried mud left on the carpet from a boot.

"Hikaru doesn't wear that size boot... and I don't recognize the tread either... someone else was here." Sonia frowned, thinking. "What could have happened...?"


Unless one were to count the guards the blue echidna fired the stun gun at, they managed to escape the place with few problems, if any.

"I ask again, what's your name?" Hikaru asked after a moment. "The name's Kara-Ne." the echidna said in reply.

"I'm Hikaru." the kitsune told the echidna, who had identified herself as Kara-Ne.

"So..." Lien-Da asked curiously, "why did you help us?"

"This is.... rather hard to explain." said Kara-Ne matter-of-factly. She pretty much explained it as some sort feeling of disillusionment. That, and her feeling that a certain idea..... wasn't a good one.

Lien-Da didn't say a word in reply. She was busy thinking what she heard over.

"Well, I suppose you can say it." said Kara-Ne, looking down. At one point, Hikaru ran off without a word.

I better go see what she's up to. Kara-Ne thought. Glancing at Lien-Da for a moment, she went and followed the kitsune girl.


"What's this?" Sonia found a small piece of paper on the carpet as well. It was partially torn, but it said, "Project Cha." 

Sonia thought a moment. "Project Cha? Wait... maybe it originally said  'Project Chaos'..." Sonia frowned, deeper in thought than ever. Sonia shook her head and decided to make a full search of the house, starting in the kitchen. 

Sonia searched intently for any disturbances, but it looked fairly neat aside from two or three dish towels strewn about the counter. She checked in the bathroom, but it was clean as well with no visible disturbances. Sonia searched through Hikaru's closet in her bedroom and looked under the bed with a flashlight. Nothing still. Sonia was beginning to feel more and more panicky.


"What is this place?: Kara-Ne asked as she and the kitsune approached the open door of the house. Hikaru stared at the door, wondering why it was open.

"Hikaru? You didn't answer my question." said Kara-Ne.

"This is my house. You're welcome to explore, if you like." Hikaru replied. She entered the house, deciding to go to her bedroom. Kara-Ne followed her, though she went ahead and decided to explore.


Sonia started pacing back and forth. "No other clues... not getting anywhere... what... could... have... HAPPENED?!" The teenage girl continued to rant, unaware that Hikaru and Kara-Ne were in the house.

"Sonia?" Hikaru said, apparently close by the room.

"Hikaru?!" Sonia exclaimed, confused. She came out of the bedroom and saw Hikaru. "Thank Aurora you're okay. What on Mobius happened?! You were late- I got worried and I came here to look for you- you were gone and I found weird tracks on the carpet!" Sonia was talking so quickly that most of it was incomprehensible.

At one point, Kara-Ne happened to come by. However, she hid in the nearest room. On the other hand, Hikaru explained what happened.

"Yow!" Sonia spoke, relieved that Hikaru was okay. "Well, we can count on the Chaotix to kick King Shadow's butt." Then the young female realized something and continued, "Oh right... they're still involved in the Mazuri debate... shoot!"

Kara-Ne peeked from the room she was hiding in, curious as to what was going on.

Sonia saw Kara-Ne and asked, "Who's the echidna girl?" She was very observant for a teenager.

"Oh, her? Her name is Kara-Ne." said Hikaru. The said echidna nervously waved.

"Hi, Kara-Ne!" Sonia greeted before looking back at Hikaru. "Guess it's up to us to kick Shadow's butt!" 

"Yes, of course. But first..." said Hikaru. "I'd like to talk with your parents. Care to escort me?"

"Not a problem!" Sonia replied, as enthusiastic as ever.

Hikaru giggled. "Lead the way!" she said. "Kara-Ne, you coming?" The echidna girl nodded and quickly ran to Hikaru's side.

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