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Here's chapter one of the story. Here, Hikaru learns of Shadow's plan to retake Castle Mobius... via eavesdropping on Lien-Da.

Hope you enjoy! :)

Chapter One

Hikaru woke up from her sleep with a soft noise of disgust. That one childhood memory again!

It wasn't that she hated her parents. Oh no, she loved them despite the occasional disagreements she had with them. She just didn't want to look back on that very memory of kids insulting her just because of a phobia.

"Why do I keep having these dreams?" she muttered irritably, rubbing her hand against her forehead.

Hikaru got up from her bed, dressed up in her usual attire, and exited the room into a hallway. From the nearest window, she noticed it was night outside.

Surely she hadn't been asleep that long?

Hikaru walked down the hallway, thinking of her parents. Kaden and Sayaka had done their very best to make sure their daughter had a wonderful childhood, even if they had to use discipline at certain times.

As she walked, she noticed a shadowy figure quickly moving to another room. Curious, the kitsune stealthily followed the figure.

When she peeked from the doorway, Hikaru noticed the figure was staring at a female echidna in what looked like a black suit.

Who is that lady? That was the kitsune's first thought upon seeing her.

"Well?" The female echidna asked the figure impatiently. "What's the news?"

"I just got word, Miss Lien-Da. The Chaos Legion has the device," the figure spoke.

"Good... good. The Majesty will be most pleased," Lien-Da responded, a malicious grin growing on her face. "Then we can finally take back what is rightfully ours." Lien-Da's grin suddenly disappeared. There was a dog barking loudly in the distance. "We should probably go." 

"It's just a dog," the figure spoke. "Don't worry about it."

Lien-Da then asked, "How does the device work?"

"You'll have to see for yourself," the figure replied simply.

"I don't take mysteries too well..." Lien-Da glared at the figure. The figure glared right back at her.

Lien-Da? Why does that name sound familiar to me? And who is this "Majesty" she spoke of? Hikaru thought to herself. She felt like she heard that name before, but couldn't place her finger on it.

Whatever they were talking about, it didn't sound good to her.

"Speaking of the Majesty," the figure spoke slowly, "what exactly does he plan to do about the Acorn children? They're a threat to the throne as well."

"You think he hasn't thought of that?!" Lien-Da spat at the figure. "King Shadow will make sure that Castle Mobius is brought to its knees!"

At the mention of Sonia and Manik, Hikaru suddenly had the urge to jump out of her hiding place. However, she resisted the said urge, not even wanting to give herself away.

King Shadow? As in, Shadow the Hedgehog? Did that Lien-Da woman just say....? That was the thought that flashed in Hikaru's mind. She had heard of the black hedgehog, albeit from stories she had been hearing.

"Yes, yes," the figure replied, feeling harassed. "Good for him."

"Now... tell me," Lien-Da growled, "What does the device do?"

"I can only discuss that with the Majesty in person," the figure responded.

Hikaru tensed, though she still didn't move. Was it just her or did the figure's voice sound... like a female?

"I hope we don't have any mishaps like we did when that Silver something-or-other person was here," the figure continued, sounding disgusted.

"Getting blasted by a gas gun is a lot better than almost being erased from the timeline," Lien-Da retorted. "Besides, one of the other agents told me he's busy running around closing portals all over the universe. The chances of him coming back here right now are slim. Now.. you didn't answer my question." 

Suddenly there was a beep.

"It's the Majesty," Lien-Da spoke after a moment. "I should go."

"Of course. But I must discuss the device's capabilities with King Shadow."

Lien-Da nodded. "Alright. Follow me." Lien-Da exited the room, the figure following behind.

Hikaru quickly moved to hide in a different room; quite honestly, she didn't want to be seen. Yet another question was on her mind. Who was this Silver person?

"That hedgehog was pretty naive anyway," the figure continued as they walked. "The hedgehog who saved Sonic's life was stupid enough to get hit by a gas gun."

"Are you done?" Lien-Da asked impatiently. The figure nodded.

"Good," Lien-Da continued. "Now let's go. I'm getting sick of this place." With that, both picked up the pace.

Hikaru peeked from the doorway of the room she was hiding in. She had a ton of questions in mind, but one was the most important; what was this device the figure mentioned?

Whatever it was, she had to stop whatever the black hedgehog was planning, even though she had never actually seen him.

Hikaru followed both Lien-Da and the figure stealthily, as usual. Her only thought as she followed them was Whatever this plan is, none of you - not even your so-called king - will get away with it!

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