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Alright, chapter four. A talk with the royal family, while Sonia and Kara-Ne get to know each other.

Looks like things will get messy in the next chapter....

Chapter Four

"So... um..." Sonia was unsure of what to ask Kara-Ne at that moment. Hikaru was busy discussing the Shadow problem with King Sonic and Queen Sally. And Sonia and Kara-Ne were not involved in the conversation.

Kara-Ne nervously twiddled her thumbs. This is awkward... She thought to herself.

"Why did you help Hikaru escape Shadow?" Sonia finally asked, flinching as she did so. To be honest, she was a bit afraid of Kara-Ne.

The echidna girl looked startled, not really expecting Sonia to ask that sort of question. "" Kara-Ne was uncertain of one thing; how to properly explain it.

"Darn it!" Sonia thought. She didn't want to make Kara-Ne uncomfortable. "Sorry.... I shouldn't have asked."

"It's alright." said Kara-Ne, looking down at the floor. "It's something I'd rather not talk about."

"Of course," Sonia spoke. "I understand."


"Is something wrong, Hikaru?" King Sonic asked. Something seemed to be bugging Hikaru and it was worrying the blue hedgehog.

The kitsune frowned, not really responding at first. She recalled a story her mother told her, something about some sort of creature called the "Lunar Phoenix".

"My apologies, I was just remembering something." she said, finally.

"It's fine," Sonic replied simply, toying with a chili dog on his plate. "So what's wrong?"

Here goes nothing. Hikaru thought.

"My mother once told me a story about a creature called the 'Lunar Phoenix'," she spoke, fiddling with her necklace.

"A what now?" Sonic asked, confused. He had never heard of the Lunar Phoenix legend.

"The Lunar Phoenix. It's a creature of legend. Let's just say, very few know of it." said Hikaru. She then explained the rest of the legend, including the mention of a tyrant.

"Tyrant huh?" Sonic repeated, scratching his quills. "That sounds... catastrophic."

Hikaru silently agreed. She had a similar thought when her mother told her of the legend.

Sonic thought a moment and asked, "How come it's bothering you?"

"I feel like there's a.... connection, for lack of a better word, but I don't know why," said Hikaru, frowning again.

Sonic frowned at that. "Hm..."


Silver frowned as he studied the city of Portal. "Deja vu all over again..."

"Of all places, why here?" Clara asked, almost irritated.

"This is likely the time we need to be at to stop the 'Lunar Phoenix' from being released," Silver responded, and he started running towards the royal palace.

Clara shrugged, running after him.


Sonia frowned deeply, thinking. "What's going on in there... I hate being kept in the dark." She sighed and said to Kara-Ne, "Any ideas on what they're talking about in there?"

The echidna girl shook her head. "Not really, sorry."

"Darn," Sonia thought. "Um... so... wanna play a game of cards?" Then she suddenly wanted to smack herself on the forehead. "Really?! You're going to ask her that when the entire planet may be at stake?"

"I'm not one for cards, but yeah." said Kara-Ne, looking down at the floor again.

Sonia had to dig through a pile of her father's things (some of which were so dusty she sneezed more than once), but finally found a deck of cards. "Here we go..."

Kara-Ne sat down on the floor.

Sonia dealed out some cards and the game started.

"Hm..." Kara-Ne was just staring at her cards.

Suddenly there was the sound of rushing feet and Silver burst through the door. "Um... am I interrupting?"

Clara followed suit. When she glanced at the girls, she frowned. "Ugh, seriously?" she said, facepalming.

"Silver!" Sonia exclaimed, hugging the hedgehog.

"Hey, hey!" Silver pushed Sonia away. "Mobius's safety is at stake here. I need to see the king."

"He's in there but-" Silver didn't wait for Sonia to finish and dashed into the room that Sonic and Hikaru were in.

Kara-Ne stared in confusion. "You know that hedgehog?"

"He saved my family from being blown up by a missile," Sonia replied. "And helped stop Tikhaos. I can never forget any of that... even if I wanted to."

Clara just stood there, remaining silent. I hope that doesn't go too terribly wrong.... She thought.


Silver literally burst into the room Sonic and Hikaru were in. 

"What the deuce?!" Hikaru said as soon as she saw the silver-furred hedgehog.

"You will not believe this- a crazy monster- Lunar Phoenix- my planet-!" Most of it was incomprehensible to Sonic and Hikaru.

"What happened?!" Sonic asked, startled by Silver's sudden appearance.

Hikaru was silent, too surprised to say anything.

"My planet was attacked by the Lunar Phoenix!" Silver exclaimed, still somewhat jumpy. "Clara and I raced over here and we came to stop Shadow!"

"Okay..." Sonic frowned slightly. "Who's Clara?"

"That would be me," said a voice Hikaru didn't recognize. When she looked at the doorway, she noticed a female echidna with black fur.

"That's her," Silver spoke, basically confirming what the echidna said.

"Oh." Sonic smiled, albeit worriedly, and greeted, "Hi, Clara. Nice to meet you."

"Hello," said Clara, timidly waving.

Sonic nodded and spoke, "Well, what are we waiting for? Let's kick some butt!"

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