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Part two of chapter five. Time for things to get really messy...

Chapter Five - Part Two

Hecate seemed confused, "Is everyone ready for what?" She asked. The purple hedgehog knew it wasn't any of her business, but she was curious.

"To stop Shadow from whatever he's planning," Sonia told her quietly. "There was something about a Lunar Phoenix."

"Lunar Phoenix?" Hecate tilted her head to the side, "You mean like an immortal moon bird?"

Sonia shrugged. "I dunno. I never heard of it."

Hecate nodded, "Same here," she said before looking at the princess. "Sonia Acorn, right?"

Kara-Ne, who was talking with Hikaru, looked over in the direction of Hecate and Sonia. She smiled briefly and returned her gaze to the kitsune girl.

"Yep," Sonia replied, glancing at Hikaru and Kara-Ne. "You guys should get going. Dad is always impatient and refuses to wait long."

Hikaru nodded. "Come on, Kara-Ne." she said, and ran off. The echidna girl glanced at Sonia for a moment.

"See you soon." said Kara-Ne, waving at the princess and following Hikaru soon after.

"You are staying here?" Hecate mused, turning to the chipmunk, her milky-crimson eyes peering into Sonia's spirit.

"Yeah. Dad won't let me come," Sonia replied, picking up a random book. "But hey, at least you guys will be able to kick butt."

Hecate nodded, "I understand. Fatherly love," she chuckled. She looked down at her ring and started fiddling with it. She could feel a monotonous droning in her head.

"See you soon." Sonia responded, thinking about something.

Hecate stared down at the symbol that she felt on her silver ring. She didn't know what it mean't, but Sonia would possibly recognize it.

Sonia didn't notice the symbol. She glanced at the clock and said, "It's eight fifteen A.M. I better go before Manik breaks something again. Hikaru and Kara-Ne are probably outside the Castle now."

Sonia's voice brought Hecate back into reality. She blinked, looking around the room. What am I suppose to do now? She asked herself. She wasn't even suppose to be here.

The hedgehog sighed, looking around the room and wondering what to do. I wonder if they have a weaving kit around here... Hecate thought to herself. And with that, she went off to explore the castle. _____________________________________________________________________________________

Flying above the city of Portal was a black-furred hedgedragon. He looked down at the inhabitants, going into a dive and snatching a bucket of red paint and dumping it on a random person's head. He giggled like a little kid, flapping his wings and flying higher. Spinel spotted King Sonic, Hikaru, Silver, Clara, and Kara-Ne. The 9-year old hybrid grinned, wondering who he should prank out of the group.

Clara looked up at the sky and noticed the young hedgedragon. She drew her bow, but it didn't aim it at the hedgedragon yet. She didn't want to hurt him, at all.

Spinel noticed Clara draw her bow, choosing her to prank. Being swift, he dived and grabbed another bucket of paint, flying over Clara and dumping it on her head, giggling.

"You little brat!" Clara yelled, shaking her head.

Spinel flipped onto his back, howling in laughter and nearly plummeting out of the sky.

Clara glared at Spinel. "And where are your parents?"

Spinel went into another dive, landing on the ground all fours. "My dad is out of town and my mom is at work," he explained to the echidna.

Clara shook her head again. "Aren't you a little young to be on your own?" she asked.

Spinel shrugged, "Yea, but it doesn't stop me!" He yelped enthusiastically.

Clara shook her head a third time, but before she could say anything, Hikaru stepped forward. The kitsune glared at the hedgedragon quite angrily.

Spinel cocked his head to the side, "What? All I did was dump paint on her," he said.

"Stupid kid," Silver muttered. He might be next in line for paint on his head.

Spinel glared at the silver hedgehog, sticking out his forked tongue and blowing a raspberry.

Silver moved out of the way quickly. "Um... sorry?" Sonic couldn't help but snicker.

Spinel giggled, wagging his tail like a happy puppy. "You people are fun," he squeaked.

Hikaru, no longer glaring, poked the hedgedragon. "Do you want to play a game later today, kiddo?" she asked in a comically high voice. Clara and Kara-Ne stared at her like she was out of her mind.

Spinel nodded vigorously, "I love games!"

Hikaru giggled, grabbing the nearest pen and piece of paper, writing the directions to her house. "Here you go, kiddo. Directions to my home." she said.

Spinel snatched the piece of paper. He glazed over it for a split second before running off on all fours, the scrap of paper hanging out of his mouth.

"Try not to destroy anything!" Hikaru called out. Clara and Kara-Ne still stared at her like she was a madwoman.

"I'm going to a stranger's house and I have no idea what I'm doing!" Spinel yelled as he galloped down the streets, knocking several people over.


Hecate found an old weaving kit and set it up on a table. She started weaving a basket because of not having anything else to do. Every once and awhile she would glance at her ring. Sometimes, she swore she sensed the spiral symbol glow...


"That's weird," Silver remarked. The group made it to the forest and were searching for Shadow's hideout- if it was still there. "My Time Stone is glowing really bright and I don't know why."

"Time Stone?" Hikaru asked.

"Let's just say it's like a Chaos Emerald," Silver said to her. "Do you remember where Shadow's hideout is?"

Hikaru said nothing, instead following a path that she assumed would lead to the hideout.

The bushes next to the group rattled, followed by a startled hiss. Something was hiding in the underbrush.

"What was that?" Sonic asked, looking around. He heard it.

Hikaru, Kara-Ne, and Clara also looked around.

The creature stuck his head out between the leaves, his head resembling an Earth eagle with bright red eyes. The small bird-like animal looked up at Sonic curiously.

"A bird?" Silver looked at the creature in astonishment.

Clara stared in surprise, as did Hikaru and Kara-Ne.

The animal carefully crawled out of the bushes, reavealing that it was not a bird. It had the back legs, hindquarters, and tail of a black lion, while from the waist up it had the body and grey feathers of an eagle, and it's front legs were replaced with bird talons.

"What the deuce is it?!" Silver exclaimed, backing away, as did Sonic.

The three girls also backed away, Kara-Ne looking quite scared.

Sniffing the air, the griffin inched closer to Sonic, not taking notice of anyone else.

"Um... hi... griffin creature?" Sonic didn't know what else to say.

The bird-lion monster wagged his tail, letting out a short, sharp shriek before hopping into the Mobius king's arms.

"Okay... this is totally weird." The blue hedgehog just stood there, not moving.

The griffin stopped wagging his tail, cocking his head to the side in confusion. He looked up at Sonic, noticing the shiny crown sitting atop his head.

Tyron climbed onto Sonic's head, using the hedgehog's muzzle as a foothold and unintentionally digging his back claws into Sonic's flesh. He snatched the crown in his beak and jumped, landing on his feet. The griffin turned to Sonic, waiting for a reaction.

"Eh." Sonic shrugged, slightly surprised. "Cute. But the planet is more important than a crown."

Tyron frowned, not getting the reaction he was expecting. He took the crown from his beak and put it on his head. Oddly enough, it was a perfect fit on the griffin's small head.

"Heh, you king now?" Sonic asked, chuckling. "You can tag along if you like, just don't get into trouble."

The baby monster yelped, bobbing his head. Tyron flexed his feathery wings and resumed an obedient stance.

Kara-Ne giggled, while Hikaru and Clara just stared.


Tyron happily bounded behind Sonic, stopping every once and awhile to chase after a rabbit or a leaf caught in the wind. He would quickly lose interest and run to catch up to the group. The baby griffin looked at Kara-Ne, as if just noticing she was there. Or anyone else besides Sonic for that matter. Tyron cocked his head to the side, wagging his tail as they walked.

The echidna girl glanced at Tyron, giggling.

Tyron let out a happy squeak, flapping his tiny wings and running around in circles around the group.

Silver wasn't sure what to think of Tyron. He was rather... energetic, in the hedgehog's opinion.

Hikaru and Clara, on the other hand, tolerated the baby griffin, both sometimes glancing at Tyron.

The griffin yelped, as if he remembered something. He ran over to Sonic and started pulling on his sock cuff. Tyron wanted them to folllow him.

"Yow! What are you doing, that's my sock!" Sonic exclaimed.

Kara-Ne ran to the griffin, kneeling once she was close enough. "What is it?"

Tyron stopped pulling and looked at Kara-Ne, squeaking and nodding in a certain direction.

Kara-Ne frowned. "You want us to go that way, I'm guessing?"

Tyron squeaked, turning and running in said direction.

Hikaru also frowned, yet she decided to go in that direction. _____________________________________________________________________________________

Tyron lead the group to a large building, then stopped to crane his neck and look at his friends.

"Nice bunker," Sonic commented sarcastically. Silver said nothing. Was it him or did it look just like their safe house?

Tyron pranced over to the metal door, clawing at it rusty hinges. He then spotted the hole that he used to get into the bunker in the first place and crawled through it.

"This is one weird looking hideout," remarked Sonic. "It seems there was some sort of holographic thingamajig that kept it hidden, making it look like a giant boulder. It looks like it's malfunctioning now."

A loud click could be heard from behind the metal doors. They swung open, Tyron prancing back to Sonic with shredded wires in his beak.

Hikaru and the two echidnas each silently agreed with Sonic on the "weird looking" part.

Tyron dropped the wires and looked at Sonic, then at the bunker. He didn't think it was weird looking. The baby griffin yelped, turning and running into the bunker, motioning the others to follow him.

Sonic followed after a moment, then Silver.

Tyron looked around for a light switch. Even though the bunker was pitch black, he could see just fine. He jumped onto a pile of debris and flipped the switch, the lights coming on after a minute.

Hikaru, Clara and Kara-Ne quickly followed the others into the bunker.

Tyron continued down the corridor, not sure what he was supposed to look for.

"Yeesh, it smells!" Silver remarked, covering his nose as they walked down the short staircase. Their steps seemed to echo loudly as they walked.

The three girls - following closely behind - each covered their noses, unable to tolerate the smell.

"Smells like someone had a-"

"Sonic, please!" Silver almost gagged at that point.

Tyron looked over his shoulder, confused. He thought it smelled fine. Whatever the two hedgehogs were talking about, he was probably to young to understand.

Sonic suddenly tripped over a piece of metal and fell down the staircase. "Yowch! Ouch! That hurt!"

Tyron yelped, quickly running over to Sonic. He checked for any minor injuries, worried for the hedgehog's well being.

"That's what I get for rushing down the stairs," Sonic commented, standing up.

Hikaru ran down the staircase, trying not to laugh. The two echidnas followed her soon after.

Tyron sighed in relif, continuing down the corridor. They soon came to what looked like an abandoned control room. The baby griffin jumped onto a rusty control panel, looking back at Sonic expectantly.

Sonic turned to Kara-Ne and asked, "Do you know how to work this thingamajig? There might be something in the database that can help us."

Kara-Ne stared at the control panel, frowning. She tentatively approached it, and attempted to get the rusty thing working.

Tyron huffed, jumping off the panel and running over to a banner that was laying on the floor. He dragged it aside, dusting it off with his tail, revealing a red jagged spiral-like symbol.

The griffin didn't know what it meant, but he hoped it would help his new friends in any way. He pranced around the room, gathering any metal object he could find and piled them into a stack in the corner.

Silver watched Tyron curiously. "Umm... what are you doing?"

Tyron looked at Silver for a second before going back to collecting metal. He snapped his beak down on a piece of the wall, then went back over to the shiny pile and put it with the rest of the hodgepodge.

Clara started meandering around while Hikaru sat down on the floor and Kara-Ne still tried to get the rusty control panel working, Clara eventually noticing the banner in her aimless wandering. Yet, she was wondering what the symbol was.

"Does anyone recognize that symbol?" she asked, pointing at the banner. "I have no idea what it is."

Tyron pranced over to the banner, pecking at the red spiral. He squaked, continuing to peck until Sonic's crown feel off his head and onto the banner. The griffin picked the crown back up, carefully placing it back on his head. The banner still had a small amount of dust on it, so the young mythic brushed it off with his tail.

Tyron then recognized the symbol, and went into panic. He screeched and started running around the room, then into his pile of metal. The griffin stuck his head out between the shiny things, growling at the symbol.

Sonic glanced down at the banner and shrugged. "I don't know. Shadow's new logo?" Silver gave the blue hedgehog a good long glare.

"Come on, you stupid thing." Kara-Ne muttered, kicking the rusty thing for good measure.

Tyron continued to growl, eyeing the symbol with hate.

Hikaru brushed her hair with her fingers, not noticing Clara picking up the banner with the spiral symbol. She glanced at a frustrated Kara-Ne, who muttered something about how getting a control panel to work should be a piece of cake.

Tyron looked over at Kara-Ne, quickly forgetting the spiral symbol and running over to her. He pried one of the panels of the side of the controller open, crawling inside and messing with a few wires. The control panel started glowing, meaning that it was now active.

Kara-Ne sighed in relief, silently thanking the baby griffin. Hikaru giggled, while Clara squinted at the spiral symbol on the banner.

Tyron yelped, looking pleased with himself. This look of self confidence quickly faded and was replaced with an alarmed expression. Several scuffling noises could be heard coming from another dark hallway, like millions of feet banging against the cold ground.

Sonic frowned considerably, but said nothing about the noises.

Kara-Ne was too focused on the control panel to even notice the noises. Hikaru, on the other hand, jumped to her feet while Clara dropped the banner, looking to wherever the noises came from.

Tyron's ear tuffs slanted backwards as the small griffin growled. The scuffling noises was getting louder. Something, no, somethings was coming.

"Um... what is that...??" Silver asked, anxious.

Hikaru and Clara looked at each other for a mere moment. Both then anxiously looked to the area where the noises were coming from.

Three centipede-like creatures stepped out into view. They all had ten pairs of legs, a pair of antennaes on their heads, large pincers near their mandibles, and a pair of tendrils protruding from their hind side that resemble tails. The centipedes had different color schemes. One had a brown palate, another green, and the last turquoise. Though, the turquoise's left pincer was smaller than the right, possibly marking it as the leader.

The turquoise centipede sniffed the air, then looked at Sonic with it's four black, beedy eyes.

Both Sonic and Silver got into battle positions, ready at the first sign of attack.

Turquoise snapped it's pincers together, or at least tried to. The other two centipedes did the same. The turquoise monster let out a high-pitch screech, and the three centipedes advanced.

Brown lunged at the nearest mobian, which turned out to be Silver. He gnashed his pincers, striking at the hedgehog's head.

Silver dodged just in time, kicking the centipede in the stomach.

A pryokinetic arrow struck Brown from out of seemingly nowhere, which later turned out to have been from Clara - who was in a battle position, along with Hikaru. Both girls had their bows at the ready, though one had obviously been fired.

Kara-Ne looked back for a second, then returned her attention to the control panel, more focused on getting certain information from it.

Brown screeched in agony when the pyrokinetic arrow pierced his carapace. He yanked the arrow from his body, barreling towards Clara, his intent to rip her to shreds.

Green snuck up behind Hikaru, snapping his pincers and bitting at the kitsune's leg.

Turquoise ran out into the battle field, lunging at Sonic. He made contact, knocking the blue hedgehog over. The centipede used four of his many legs to keep Sonic pinned to the ground. Turquoise wailed in pain when something sharp dug into the soft tissue between his back and neck.

Tyron growled, continuing to dig his beak into the monster's neck. Turquoise let out a low whine, twisting his head back and grabbing the baby griffin in his uneaven pincers. Tyron yelped as he was slung into a wall and hit the ground with a thud.

Sonic hit Turquoise in the stomach hard with his fist, trying to get the bug off him.

Hikaru yelped, rolling away - though not before getting bitten in her leg. She managed to get up on her knees and fired an arrow at Green, then she proceeded to roll away. This time, she managed to stand up, wincing.

Clara performed a backflip, firing another pryokinetic arrow at Brown when she landed on the ground. As soon as she looked at Tyron, she shrieked and ran over to the baby griffin.

"Come on, stupid thing, come on..." Kara-Ne muttered, having finally found the information she needed while the fight behind her was going on. She had quickly inserted a hard-drive she had forgotten about - it had been in one of the pockets of her brown jacket.

Tyron groaned and slowly and painfully rose back to his feet. Without hesitation, he ran and jumped onto Turquoise's back and climbed up to his head. The baby griffin jabbed his beak into one of the monster's eyes. Turquoise wailed in pain, getting off of Sonic and slinging his head around, trying to throw Tyron off.

Brown and Green hissed at their attackers, then noticed their leader in pain, scuttling over to his side and snapping their pincers at the baby griffin, who was pushing his beak deeper into Turquoise's eye.

Kara-Ne's eyes widened as the information upload to her hard-drive neared completion. Hikaru and Clara stared at the centipedes, as if confused.

Tyron squeaked when Brown's pincers wrapped around him. He was torn off of Turquoise's back, the centipedes' sharp pincers digging into his flesh. Tyron whined and thrashed around, trying to get free of Brown's strong grip, but to no avail.

Hikaru and Clara each fired an arrow at Brown, while Kara-Ne clapped in excitement when the upload was finally complete. She took out the hard-drive, but not before making sure the information she had uploaded on the hard-drive was the correct one.

Brown screeched and dropped Tyron, whirling around to face the two mobians. He was about to lunge at Hikaru when Turquoise let out a short shriek. Brown and Green returned the noise, turning and running back into the dark corridor, Turquoise following soon after.

"Is everyone alright?" Sonic asked, panting.

Hikaru and Clara both slung their bows over their shoulders, each nodding. Kara-Ne looked at the hard-drive with a smile.

"Let's get out of here."


"Guys, we got a problem!" Sonic called as soon as he opened the door of the bunker. A strong, cold gust of wind greeted the group as the rusty door squeaked open. Dark, unnatural clouds decorated the sky and thunder rumbled loudly. 

Clara's eyes widened in shock. Has the Lunar Phoenix been released while we were down there?

Silver had the same thought- and it showed on his face. "Oh no...."

"What do we do now?" Kara-Ne asked, fear evident in her voice. Hikaru glared at the clouds, not liking the look of them.

Tyron limped behind the group, his left hind leg bruised and bleeding. He looked up at the sky, frowning. What was going on?

"Was the Lunar Phoenix released while we were gone?" Silver asked, horrified.

"We'll soon find out!" Sonic gestured for them to follow. "C'mon, let's go!"

Kara-Ne went to Tyron's location and picked him up. She then turned around and followed the group.

The young griffin looked up at Kara-Ne, then back up at the sky. He could sense something was wrong. He could sense the Lunar Phoenix. He didn't know what to do. He didn't know what he could do. Tyron groaned, laying his head on the echidna's arm, eye juices covering his beak.

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