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Woot, time for the final confrontation!

I guess.

Chapter Five - Part Three

"There it is!" Silver exclaimed as he skidded to a stop in front of the entrance to Portal. "The Lunar Phoenix!" 

The Lunar Phoenix, taller than imaginable to any mortal, let out a window shattering screech. 

"Oh my goodness..." said Clara, flinching. Kara-Ne, on the other hand, started whimpering. Hikaru hugged the blue echidna upon hearing her whimper.

Tyron's ear tuffs slanted backwards, the griffin letting out a small growl. He jumped out of Kara-Ne's arms, running towards the monster, yelping angrily.

"Hey, wait!" Clara yelled, while a shocked Kara-Ne looked on. Hikaru frowned considerably.

Sonic sped to the griffin, snatching him up. "What do you think you are, a griffin of steel?!"

Tyron cocked his head to look at Sonic, frowning. He got caught up in the moment.

Hikaru risked a glance at the Lunar Phoenix, still frowning quite a bit.

"Hikaru, is something wrong?" Silver asked, gathering up his strength to fight the Lunar Phoenix. They had to be ready for anything.

"I feel like I've forgotten something, but I don't know what." Hikaru replied, drawing her bow and nocking a blue-feathered arrow.

Sonic plopped Tyron into Clara's arms and exclaimed before speeding off to attack the Lunar Phoenix, "Last one there is a rusty Ro-butt-nik!"

"'Ro-butt-nik'? What kind of term is that?" Hikaru asked, confused. "Actually, fight this creature first, ask questions later."

Tyron looked up at Clara, then jumped out of the black echidna's arms, barking at the Lunar Phoenix.


Hecate's ear twitched, lifting her finger from the special book she was reading. "Great Chaos," she muttered, sensing the Lunar Phoenix's dark energy. The sorceress rose to her feet and started towards the door. She quickly stumbled through many hallways, occasionally bumping into a wall. Manik or Sonia might notice the purple she-hog wandering through the castle in a hurry.

"Hecate, what's going on?" Manik asked, seeing the purple hedgehog.

"Something is going on at the gate," she replied. Hecate bumped into another wall. "Ow," she grunted, then bumped into another wall.

The sorceress stopped and pondered for a moment before looking at the blue hedgehog, "Would you be kind enough to help me to the castle gates?"


"C'mon!" Silver exclaimed, using his telekinesis to lift debris into the air. "We gotta stop the Lunar Phoenix!"

Clara fired a pryokinectic arrow at the Lunar Phoenix, followed by Hikaru firing the arrow she had nocked to her bow earlier. Kara-Ne, on the other hand, looked for a hiding spot - for just in case things went wrong.

Tyron shuffled nervously in place. He wanted to help his friends, but didn't know how. The small griffin gave a short, gruff snarl before charging at the Lunar Phoenix again, bitting at the giant bird's feet.


Meanwhile, back in the forest, a large feathered-creature opened her bright blue eyes, the echoing of a baby griffin's crys awakening her. She flared her wings, taking off into the stormy sky, and towards Portal.


Tyron squeaked when his sharp beak wouldn't pierce the skin on the Lunar Phoenix's leg. He noticed the debris floating in the air, running to the one closet to the ground and jumping ontop of it, then to the next, then the next, then onto the Lunar Phoenix.

The Lunar Phoenix thrashed around, trying to get at Tyron as if he were an annoying flea. Silver threw some debris in the Lunar Phoenix's face, causing it to shriek.

Hikaru fired another arrow at the Lunar Phoenix. At one point, though, she used telekinesis to lift a piece of debris and threw it at the creature.

Tyron squeaked and clung to the Lunar Phoenix's feathers for dear life. He lost his grip and was sent hurdling towards the ground.

The Lunar Phoenix let out a snarl when the arrow hit just above it's right eye. It turned around and glared at Hikaru, ignoring Tyron.

Sonic leapt towards Tyron and caught the little griffin as he fell. "As some guy whose name I forget might say, 'release the griffins!'"

Clara chuckled. Then she made a face when she noticed Hikaru making a rude gesture at the Lunar Phoenix. Kara-Ne peeked from some hiding spot she had found earlier.

Tyron looked up at Sonic, grateful for his help. The griffin frowned. He wanted to help defeat the Lunar Phoenix, but instead he was making things worse.


The figure beat her mighty wings harder, her red eyes glowing with determination. "He is out there. I know he is. Stay safe, my little cub. I'm coming."


The Lunar Phoenix let out a shriek of outrage, clearly offended by Hikaru's gesture. The beast snarled and move towards her fiercely, its tongue coming out of its mouth and moving like a finger. It was going for the kill.

Seeing that, Clara immediately fired a pryokinetic arrow at the Lunar Phoenix, while Hikaru performed a backflip and ran away to the nearest hiding place - which happened to be Kara-Ne's hiding spot.

"Did you really need to do that?" Kara-Ne asked the kitsune girl. Hikaru just shrugged, not willing to answer.

Tyron galloped over to Kara-Ne's hiding spot, jumping into the blue echidna's arms. The only sensible option for him was to hide.

Silver, using his telekinesis, flung several pieces of debris at the Lunar Phoenix. The larger creature let out a roar of anger and snapped at Silver, its teeth like daggers.

Hikaru and Kara-Ne - the latter cuddling Tyron - both risked a glance, just as Clara grabbed a relatively small piece of debris and threw it at the Lunar Phoenix.

The Lunar Phoenix let out an angry snarl and looked at Clara.

Tyron let out a small whimper, but before the Lunar Phoenix could bite Clara's head off, a loud, ear-splitting cry could be heard coming from the sky.

The Lunar Phoenix growled at this new visitor.

A silver-pink griffin half of the size of the Lunar Phoenix dived out of the clouds, talons outstreched. She snagged her claws on the monster's head.

The Lunar Phoenix thrashed about, trying to throw the griffin of it. The Phoenix snarled in rage, its glare like daggers.

The griffin, (who I have dubbed "Rose") snarled, losing her grip and being flung into a nearby building. Rose quickly got up, screeched, then lunged, wings pumping, going for the Lunar Phoenix's eyes.

Out of the corner of her eye, Clara noticed Hikaru making a series of gestures at her. Motioning for Sonic and Silver to follow her, the black echidna ran to where Hikaru was - which was Kara-Ne's hiding spot.

Sonic and Silver followed, watching the battle unfold before them.

Tyron yelped, watching the Lunar Phoenix and his mother fight. "Muh....Mother..." A quite voice echoed.

The Lunar Phoenix growled and moved out of the way of Rose's attack. As soon as she zipped passed its head it grabbed her tail in its massive beak.

Kara-Ne gasped and looked away. Hikaru, on the other hand, frowned considerably, scratching her head like she was confused.

Rose roared in pain, twisting her body and impaling the monster's eye with her pink, sharp beak.

This did nothing to damage the Lunar Phoenix's eye, but it caused the creature to let go of Rose in surprise.

Rose pulled her beak out of the Lunar Phoenix's eye, covered in what was supposed to be blood. The griffin whirled around, slashing at the monster's face.


A maid was dusting a few vases, coughing once or twice. She stopped with her vase-dusting routine when she noticed a certain blue hedgehog.

"Prince Manik, where are you going?" she asked.

"Um... to play... hockey...?" Manik replied lamely.

Hecate's ear twitched and she turned to the maid's direction, "This young man was just helping me to the city gates."

The maid, a lynx by the name of Xena, frowned. "Okay? I'd hate to be disrespectful here, but please get going so I can go back to dusting this vase."

As if to prove a point, Xena pointed her duster at the vase.

Hecate nodded, taking Manik by the hand and leading him out of the hallway.

Xena scratched her ear with her free hand. What's all that about, anyway?

Deciding that it was none of her business, the lynx went back to dusting a particular vase (the one she pointed her duster at), unaware of what was going on outside the castle.


The Lunar Phoenix let out a snarl as Rose slashed its face. The Lunar Phoenix snapped at her with its beak, fortunately missing.

Rose darted at the monster, pumping her powerful wings and busting the Lunar Phoenix's face with savage winds.

The Lunar Phoenix let out a shriek of pain and snapped at Rose, catching one of her wings in its beak. A huge gash appeared on her wing.

Rose wailed in agony and fury, faltering and slammed into a nearby building. She screamed again when a piece of rubble collapsed and crushed her other wing, leaving her unable to fly.

The Lunar Phoenix started to move in for the kill.

"Hey, birdbrain!" A female voice yelled. A piece of debris crashed into the side of the Lunar Phoenix's face, crumbling upon impact. Hecate stood over the ruins of a building, her blind eyes glowing.

The Lunar Phoenix glared at Hecate, then looked down at Rose. "Kill the griffin first, then the hedgehog girl," the creature thought. Rose was crippled. Finish her off first, then go for Hecate. The Lunar Phoenix's plan was set.

However, Rose wasn't done yet. The griffin inhaled, before blasting the Lunar Phoenix with a devastating Hydraulic Wind Beam. It hit the monster with such force, it may have been enough to shatter a brick wall.

This didn't even phase the Lunar Phoenix. It just keeps coming.

Hikaru frowned considerably. Then, she gasped in shock.

"What's wrong?" Clara asked, concerned.

Silver glanced over at them, wondering what was going on.

"I just... remembered something... about a certain legend." said Hikaru. She glanced at the others and explained what she remembered about the Lunar Phoenix legend; the part where it said something about a sacrifice.

Rose blasted the Lunar Phoenix again, this time nailing it in the eye.

The Lunar Phoenix screeched in pain, but kept coming. 

"A sacrifice?!" Sonic exclaimed. "Does every legend have to have a sacrifice?" Silver glared at Sonic for that one.

Silver turned to Hikaru and asked, "What do you mean, a sacrifice? Like... someone has to give themselves up to stop the Lunar Phoenix?"

Tyron squealed, struggling from Kara-Ne's grip. "Help....mother..." the voice echoed again.

"Hey!" said Kara-Ne indignantly, noting the baby griffin's struggling. She attempted to comfort him, which may or may not work.

"I... think so." said an unsure Hikaru. "But it also mentions a female echidna."

She described what was said about the echidna as best as she could.

"Of all things about the legend, that's the only part that doesn't make any sense to me." the kitsune commented after explaining.

Rose willed herself to get up, throwing the debris off of her. Despite her injuries, she charged the Lunar Phoenix head on.

The Lunar Phoenix snarled, charging at Rose.

"Female echidna..." Silver then realised something. "That echidna... sounds like... but..." Silver looked at Kara-Ne, wide-eyed.

"We happen to know a lot of female echidnas," Sonic commented. "How will we know who's the right one??"

Kara-Ne glanced at Silver. The blue echidna frowned and asked, "Why are you looking at me like that?"

Rose veered to the side, jumping onto the monster's head, once again jabbing her beak into the Lunar Phoenix's eye. Except this time, her mouth was open. The griffin bit down, then jerked her head to the side, tearing out the giant bird's eyeball.

The Lunar Phoenix snapped at Rose's tail, it's eye slowly regenerating.

Silver frowned considerably when Kara-Ne asked that. Should he tell her...? But if he did, a life would be lost. But if he didn't, more lives would be lost. "My Aurora, what should I do?!" Silver was afraid of what would happen in either scenario.

Rose whacked the Lunar Phoenix's eye hole with her tail, narrowly avoiding it's sharp beak. She then proceeded to tear out the monster's other eye, while Hecate was still throwing chunks of crumbled buildings at the Lunar Phoenix.

Silver decided to take the chance. "Guys... the echidna in the legend of the Lunar Phoenix... I think it's Kara-Ne."

Hikaru nodded in agreement, while Clara stared in shock.

"Me?!" Kara-Ne said in shock, almost dropping Tyron.

"I don't know for certain," Silver continued, "But you fit the description of the female echidna in the legend."

"Legend?" The high pitch voice asked. The voice was then revealed to belong to Tyron. He frowned, having no idea what they were talking about. Instead he turned his attention back to the fight.

Hikaru walked over to Kara-Ne, whispering some words to her, so quiet that only the blue echidna could hear her.

An ear-splitting screech broke through the silence. The Lunar Phoenix had latched onto Rose's front right leg and flung her into a building, shattering it.

Tyron squealed, thrashing around until he got free from Kara-Ne's arms, running towards the Lunar Phoenix. He didn't care if he got hurt or even died. He just wanted to help his mother.

"Hey, come back!" Clara yelled, seeing where Tyron was going.

Silver used his telekinesis to lift Tyron in the air and pull him back towards the group.

The Lunar Phoenix snarled at Rose, approaching her slowly.

"Unless you want to get yourself killed, don't do that again." said Clara, her tone making her sound much like a mother scolding her child.

Kara-Ne, with a determined look on her face, ran out of the hiding spot, not really caring about the reactions of the others.

Tyron screeched, struggling against the psychic force. He was determined to get to his mother. "Let me go! I need to help my mom!" He screamed.

Kara-Ne rolled, grabbing the smallest piece of debris she could find. She got to one knee and threw it at the Lunar Phoenix, trying to get it's attention.

Tyron let out a screech, breaking free from Silver's psychokinesis. He landed on his feet, his red eyes glowing.

Sonic ran out towards Tyron and snatched him up. Then he looked at Kara-Ne and shouted, "What are you doing?!"

The debris Kara-Ne threw hit the Lunar Phoenix square in the face. Irritated by the interruption, it swiveled around to face her. The Lunar Phoenix had just about enough of rocks being flung at it.

Hecate's hand glowed, as a staff made of purple energy formed. She gripped it, then pole-vaulted onto the Lunar Phoenix's back. The blind sorceress swung the staff, it hitting the bird's temples.

The Lunar Phoenix was momentarily distracted. It used it's tail like an arm and attempted to grab Hecate like she was a pesky flea. The creature, still attempting to grab Hecate, looked down at Kara-Ne with a snarl. The Lunar Phoenix wasn't happy.

Hecate whacked the monster's tail with her staff, which didn't do much considering it was just feathers. She jumped onto the Lunar Phoenix's head, beating it with her energy pole.

Tears were flowing down Hikaru's face as she gazed at the fight. Kara-Ne, if you're doing what I think you're doing, goodbye...

The blue echidna stood up, determindly gazing up at the Lunar Phoenix. Either she didn't hear Sonic or she ignored him. She closed her eyes and started to chant a series of words; her voice was quiet at first but it gradually became louder.

"From darkness of flames, you emerged,

And chaos you brought with you,

Meet my blade and take my soul,

For back to the darkness of flames you will go."

The Lunar Phoenix vanished in a flash of violet, followed by Kara-Ne seconds later.

Silver saw Hecate falling (she was on top of the Lunar Phoenix earlier, after all) and managed to catch her using his telekinesis.

"Thank you," Hecate thanked the white hedgehog. Tyron, now slightly aggressive, bit Sonic's arm to make him let go, then ran to his mother's side.

Sonic quickly followed Tyron as Silver said somewhat sadly to Hecate, "Your welcome, Hecate." The hedgehog frowned slightly, thinking.

Hecate turned to Rose, then ran over to the injured adult griffin, who had her eyes closed, her forearm bleeding immensely. Tyron had tears in his eyes, nudging Rose with his beak. "Please, mommy. Please wake up, mommy," he whined.

Sonic, who was also near Rose, checked her for a pulse.

"We all fought against this threat together," Silver thought, "And now one, maybe two people died today. Was it really worth it...? Was all this... in vain?..."

Clara sighed, turning around to face Hikaru. To her surprise, the kitsune girl was on her knees, crying. The black echidna walked over to her, went down on one knee, and hugged Hikaru.

The kitsune gasped, surprised. "Clara...?" she asked.

"Ssh, it's okay." Clara said comfortingly. The kitsune girl started sobbing and she hugged the other girl back, who whispered words of comfort.

That day was a very sad time for everyone...


Erisa- a goddess in the form of a female kitsune- frowned slightly as she studied the scroll. Another name, apparently. "Kara-Ne, hm?"

A spirit, which happened to be a female echidna with blue fur and violet eyes, appeared somewhere nearby. She looked around in curiosity. Where am I?

Erisa turned around with a start. "Ah, you must be a legendary one. This is my temple, where I guard the names of the passed. I'm guessing you're Kara-Ne."

The spirit made a startled noise and quickly turned around to face whoever spoke to her. "Uh... hi," she said nervously.

Erisa gave her a small smile and asked, "From where do you come? I haven't seen an echidna in centuries." She noted that the spirit seemed nervous and said, "There's no need to worry. If I wanted to hurt you I'd have done it already."

The spirit chuckled, albeit still nervous. She told Erisa the shortest version of her story, while wondering what she meant by "centuries".

"Hm..." Erisa thought over what Kara-Ne just said to her. "Is that her...?... is she... the one?" She looked at the spirit a moment. "You haven't fulfilled your full purpose yet. It is time for you... to return."

Kara-Ne stared at her, baffled. "Huh?"

Erisa didn't answer and instead started chanting.

"Eternal light,'

Return, realise, relive,

Send home this one,

For a purpose has yet to be fulfilled.

Give back her soul,

And let her bring serenity

To whence she came."

Kara-Ne stared, still a bit baffled. But before she could say anything, she vanished in a flash of white.

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