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This is it - part one of chapter five! Time for things to get messy....

Chapter Five - Part One

"Ah! There you are Misty-Re," Shadow spoke, stepping in the room Misty-Re and several other spies were in. "I brought you all here so I can fill you in on my plot to retake Castle Mobius."

"About time!" Misty-Re snapped sarcastically. "You kept us in the dark for months and now you happen to reveal your grand scheme?!"

"That device you gave me." A malicious grin grew on Shadow's face. "It opens the door to an ancient temple located in the underground caverns of Downunda. That temple is said to have a dangerous creature sealed inside, one that could cause worldwide chaos."

One of the spies (not Misty-Re) gasped in shock."You don't mean to..."

"To destroy Mobius?" Shadow finished. "Yes. I might as well give the world a restart in the process. After all, it's what Maria would have wanted..."

"You're insane!" The spy exclaimed in horror, backing away from the group.

"I hate it when people question my state of mind," Shadow muttered as the spy tripped over a chair in his haste to get out of the room.


Hikaru brushed some imaginary dust off her jacket. She had slightly changed her clothes; a dark-gray tank-top instead of a blouse and tie and black shorts with a brown belt instead of a skirt. Slung across her shoulder was a bow and a quiver of arrows with blue feathers.

She nervously fiddled with her necklace. Why do I get the feeling something bad will happen?

"Dad!" Sonia whined loudly, following her father as he entered the room with Silver at his side. "I wanna fight too!"

"I said no!" Sonic replied, irritated. The hedgehog had removed his cape, feeling that it would have simply gotten in the way.

"Excuse me. Am I interrupting here?"

Standing in one of the doorways was a purple red-streaked feminine hedgehog. She was wearing a black two-piece, golden rings on her wrist, no gloves, and lavender shoes with white soles.

"Oh, sorry, madam," Silver responded quietly as Sonic and Sonia continued to bicker, completely oblivious to the hedgehog's presence. "A little family disagreement. What'ya need?" 

"I'm lost. I'm looking for a quality restaurant around here. I think I've made a wrong turn..." The female hedgehog replied.

Hikaru went to a different part of the room and sat in the nearest chair. Both Kara-Ne and Clara gave the kitsune a look that quite clearly said "Really?".

Hecate blinked, realizing that she took more than a wrong turn. "I'm in Castle Mobius, arn't I?"

"I wouldn't exactly call a castle a restaurant," Silver spoke, shaking his head in puzzlement.

"Hey, Hecate!" Sonia greeted, waving to the female hedgehog.

Hecate smiled and waved back at Sonia. "I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to waltz in uninvited. I'll get out of your hair soon," she said, stumbling back through the doorway and accidently banging her head on a wardrobe. "Ow," she grunted before bumping into the wall.

Hikaru sat up from her chair and went to Hecate, worried. "Are you alright, ma'am?" she asked.

"Yes, I'm fine," Hecate replied. "Just can't see all that well, really," she explained. Something was wrong with her eyes. Her eyes were milky-crimson, not what a normal person's eyes should look like.

When Hikaru got a good look at Hecate's eyes, her own green eyes widened.

Hecate frowned, "Is something wrong, dear?" The purple sorceress asked worriedly.

Hikaru went to the doorway, telling Hecate to follow.


"What do you want to talk about?" Hecate asked, adjusting the silver ring on her right hand.

Hikaru looked over her shoulder. She was unsure of what to say to the other female.

Hecate looked puzzled, "Is something wrong-" She shook her head. "I...Never got your name."

"Hikaru." said the kitsune girl. "And you are?"

Hecate bowed to the kitsune in respect, "I am Hecate. I'm sorry to have waltzed in univited," she apologized.

"Hm, I suppose it's alright. The waltzing-in-uninvited part, I mean." Hikaru replied with a chuckle.

Hecate smiled, then looked around, "Where are we going?" She asked again.

Hikaru looked away, only to run into a door. "Ow!"

"Goodness!" Hecate exclaimed, stumbling over to the kitsune's side. "Are you ok, dear?"

"Yeah, I'm alright," said Hikaru. When she looked up, she recognized the place as her house.

She got up and opened the door. "Wait here."


Hecate waited and waited, fiddling with her silver ring. She looked down at it. She felt a spiral symbol that was imprinted into the metal. Hecate seemed worried about it.

Hikaru finally came back, with a pair of black glasses in her hand. "Would these help?" she asked, handing the glasses to Hecate.

Hecate looked up at Hikaru, taking the glasses and putting them on. "I can't see anything," she blankly responded.

Hikaru frowned. "Really?" I thought those glasses would help..."

Hecate shook her head, "Nothing can fix my eyes," she said, handing the glasses back to Hikaru. She looked into the kitsune's eyes, Hecate's own milky eyes radiating with a strange intelligence, "I am blind."

Hikaru's eyes widened again, more in surprise than any other emotion.


Sonia was still annoyed that King Sonic wouldn't let her go with them to fight Shadow. "Grrf! I just wish he'd let me go with them!" she ranted in front of Clara.

The said echidna girl stared at Sonia. "I could stay here, if you want."

"You don't have to," Sonia spoke. "I just wish Dad would stop being overprotective. Auntie Lara-Su's Dad was the same way, according to her. I guess all dads are like that." The teenager frowned slightly. "Dad... hasn't been the same lately."

Clara also frowned, though more in contempation. "Oh?"

"Ever since some Enerjak incident a couple of years ago and something about a new evil arising he's been... preoccupied," Sonia responded quietly. "Before then, we used to have a lot of fun together. Manik had fun too. And he let us risk our lives against Tikhaos when we were little. I don't... I don't know what's going on now." Sonia gave Clara a sad smile. "At least you'll get to kick butt. Maybe you can tell me about it when you guys get back."

Clara nodded, after making sure her bow was secure. "Of course."


Hecate smiled a little, "It's ok, though. I've learned how to see without my eyes," she said. "Thank you for trying to help anyway, dear."

"I suppose. Come on, let's get back to the castle." Hikaru ran in a certain direction.

Hecate nodded, following the kitsune to Castle Mobius.


"So what's happened in the past several or so years since the Tikhaos attack?" Silver asked Sonia, who was still with Clara.

"Nothing you'd want to know," Sonia replied, "except Manik broke my mom's vase this morning."

Silver chuckled a bit, but that was all.

"Hello, dearies. I hope I'm not interrupting anything," Hecate said as she walked into the room.

Hikaru entered the room soon after.

"Nah, just chatting," Sonia responded as Sonic entered.

"Everybody ready?" Sonic asked, looking around at the group.

Hikaru, Clara, and Kara-Ne - who had been in the room, but hadn't spoken - each nodded.

"Alrighty, what're we waiting for?" Sonic asked. "Let's go!" With that he dashed out of the room. 

"Still got it," Silver muttered, following the blue hedgehog, albeit at a much slower speed.

"See you guys soon," Sonia spoke, sitting down.

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