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You may be looking for the Dark Mobius counterpart, Suzuna Tenshi, or the post-Genesis Wave counterpart, Akira Uhura.

Hikaru Youko is a female kitsune born in the future of Light Mobius.



Hikaru has silver fur, pale green eyes and spiky-banged, medium-length red-gold hair with burgundy tips. She has twin fluffy tails with white tips.

At some point after A Future Hope, her hair grew out to about below her shoulder blades, but the bangs remain the same length and are no longer spiky - now, they frame her face and it has been dyed to a chestnut brown color.

Hikaru keeps her hair in a ponytail with the bangs free, most of the time.


Hikaru's outfits have certainly changed at specific times throughout certain stories.

Her usual outfit is a navy-blue blouse with a black tie and a black leather jacket over it, a black skirt with dark-gray leggings and black leather boots. So far, A Future Hope is this outfit's only appearance.

During events like the Unveiling ceremony, Hikaru would wear a strapless, simple and calf-length white dress with a sweetheart neckline and simple black flats. This outfit hasn't appeared yet.

Most of the time, she is seen in a white blouse with a black-striped cyan tie and a black sweater vest over them, as well as a cyan skirt. She still wears her dark-gray leggings and black boots. Along with the ceremonial outfit, this outfit hasn't appeared yet.

As a Freedom Fighter, Hikaru sheds her blouse and tie in favor of a dark gray tank-top and her skirt in favor of black shorts with a brown belt around her waist. She still keeps the blouse, tie and skirt from her usual outfit for special events - aside from the Unveiling. As of yet, A Future Hope is the Freedom Fighter outfit's first appearance.

With any of her outfits, she wears a silver necklace with an acorn-shaped sapphire gemstone pendant around her neck. After her hair grew out, she started wearing a black ribbon headband to hold it down.


Hikaru is a brooding, antisocial girl. She never talks at all, which means she has very few friends. Because of an ulterior motive that she's secretive about, she often does certain things, such as helping them out with their own goals, for other people, though it's almost like she's trying to further her own goals.

She's also very serious; put her in a humorous situation and she will just stand there with a stoic face. She's of the disagreeable sort, and is not someone you'd want to argue with ever.

Hikaru has a soft side that she doesn't quite show to anyone, except when around people she knows. She's very suspicious about people she doesn't know. After becoming a Freedom Fighter, however, she mellows up a bit, though retains her seriousness in any kind of situation.


Early Life

Events of Beginnings

Events of A Future Hope

Events of A Second Stand

Events of Family Matters


Canon Characters

  • Sonic the Hedgehog and Sally Acorn - Even if she doesn't agree with them, Hikaru respects Sonic and Sally.
  • Sonia and Manik Acorn - While Hikaru considers the Acorn siblings friends, she sometimes gets annoyed with their antics.
  • Rouge the Bat - Hikaru doesn't see eye to eye with Rouge about certain things, and the kitsune finds the bat's flirting off-putting.

Fanon Characters

  • Kaden and Sayaka Youko the Kitsunes - Hikaru loves her parents, though there are times when she would disagree with them.


Hikaru's main power is telekinesis, the ability to manipulate the surrounding environment with the power of the mind. She is easily able to lift small objects, though other objects may depend on how heavy they are. Some objects may be too heavy for her to lift using her telekinesis.

As for her hallucikinesis, she doesn't do much with it, only using it to create illusions. This can be used for situations such as creating distractions for enemies and fooling people into thinking that something is true.


Hikaru is able to climb objects; for instance, climbing up a rope along the side of a cliff. She has really unusual balancing skills which can assist her in combat or when she is making an escape.

She's also pretty good at stealth, allowing her to avoid being seen by even those who pay close attention to their environment, using people's usually short attention span against them.


Aside from the English language, Hikaru is able to fluently speak Japanese (or the Mobian equivalent), but can't fully read it. She also has some skill in the martial arts and can use them to her advantage in the battlefield. She is also skilled with the bow.


Hikaru has hydrophobia, or the fear of water. Whenever she's near a body of water, she can be seen freezing in terror. As a result, she doesn't go anywhere near water.

She's also not a very fast runner, as noticed when she becomes exhausted after running for a certain amount of time.


  • Hikaru's first name means "light, radiance". Regarding her personality, this can be considered ironic.
  • Hikaru wielding a bow is a reference to her adopted creator's love of archery and preference for staying out of melee range in certain video games.
  • Hikaru's ideal voice actress would be Yvonne Strahovski, the same person who voiced Miranda Lawson from Mass Effect.


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