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Hikari Hyozan

Biographical Information
  • Age: 19
  • Kurai Hyozan (Twin Sister)
  • Hika
Romantic Interests
  • Kurai Hyozan (Her Sister)
  • Unknown
Physical Description
  • Fur: Silverish White
  • Eyes: Yellow (Formally Black)
  • Height: 3'3
  • Weight: 79 lbs.
  • Black and Red sleeveless zipper shirt that reveals her breasts some along with her stomach.
  • Grayish Black scarf with with red lightning bolts wrapped around her neck.
  • Black Hoodie with Red Streaks wrapped around her waist.
  • Dark Blue Jean Shorts.
  • Black Fingerless Gloves with red lightning bolts on them.
  • Black Boots with red lightning bolts on them.
  • Red rings around her wrists.
  • Black rings tying her hair up.
Political Alignment and Abilities


  • Transforming Bow and Dagger Set.
  • High Speed
  • Electrokinesis
  • Quick Agility
Super Forms
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original Creator


Hikari's design consists of a long scarf wrapped around her neck and both ends of the scarf on both sides of her, it's colors consist of dark gray with red lines on the ends of each point of the scarf that look like lightning bolts, and for the shoes and gloves, her shoes are boot like with a simple cup style to the top of them and gloves are the same except fingerless and the detail design for those is similar to the scarf with the red lightning bolts but the gloves are black just like the shoes, and similarly the same thing for the shoes.

Hikari wears a hoodie around her waist as for her shirt, she wears something with no sleeves with the front part being a zipper and short so her stomach is revealed but with the zipper, it's zipped down some of the way to make her bust more pronounced but not "too" revealing and the color for this is black with red, so just like the hoodie, as for pants she wears jean shorts that are dark blue colored, and finally has long twin-tails with black bands keeping with wrapped up with a streak of red on her hair in front.


Hikari is almost always energetic and happy, takes value in life and gratefully explores how it will move on be it her own life or someone else's, she is willing to go into the line of fire to protect those around her, making her protective of her family and friends.


Early in the Twin's life, they had been liked by the village they lived in, they were quite popular, even their parents were popular, they went to small school sessions everyday. Leaving their final bits of everyday spending time with each other and their parents, until one day years later.

A pack of Bandits entered the village hunting a single family, the Hyozan family, as they pillaged what they could for profit it also gave them chances to search the houses, the parent’s of the twins told them to hide away from the house as they fought them back, but eventually the parents were killed by these bandits, and burnt the house down, but not before hanging the parents in nooses in the burning house.

The girls were crying quietly over the loss of their parents, and they wanted to go back into the village, but they couldn’t cause the Bandits were still searching for the girls, they took refuge in abandoned houses over the next couple days hunting them down, but they never found them, the girls were long gone.

Years passed, Hikari had been learning Archery, Smiting and Animal Taming, for good company and protection, along with supplying weapons for herself and Kurai, while in the meantime, supplying them with more than weapons, but money as well.

Hikari started selling decent quality weapons, for a good price, being able to help feed and clothe her sister and herself, while they could barely afford a room at inns for some towns and villages, with this knowledge in hand, Hikari and Kurai both knew they couldn't afford good rooms.

So they started sleeping together, thinking that since their sisters, it's just fine, as years continued to pass, they managed to sell better quality weapons and get better rooms, while they had the option at time to not sleep together, they still did, one night as the two girls came in from a long day of work.

They sat down in the room they rented, Hikari is counting the money she had made in that day, thinking they could finally rent a good room in the inn their staying at, Kurai's eyes light up, and jumps in joy as they can finally settle down after all these years, then just outright kisses Hikari.

Hikari blushes deeply then bows her head nervously, then kisses her sister back, Kurai opens her mouth, saying if it wasn't for Hikari they wouldn't be where they are, then Kurai drags Hikari into the bed and covers each other up, saying the next day is when it all begins..


Hikari was given Electrokinesis powers from a rogue G.U.N. scientist who wanted to prove you could create soldiers, human or mobian with the technology he created, an experiment went haywire, causing it to alter her DNA changing her eye color from black to yellow.


  • Agility: Hikari's abilities are short and sweet, during her time away from civilization with her sister she learned how to be really agile, with this ability she's able to dodge and in some terms, quickly fire arrows from her bow, her agility has saved her multiple times from very dangerous situations.


Her weakness is her own personality, while she at times acts mature, she is very childish and when pointed out can get very defensive and will lose focus either in combat or outside combat, this has caused people around her to get hurt, and occasionally herself.


Base Stats
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