Higher Goals is the 48th episode of the AngieYaz/RoseOfSharon reboot of Sonic Underground.


After Manic reads a book about Ernest Hemingway (an author from Earth), it gives him the idea to create a list of life goals to help make his life more complete.

He devises a plan to accomplish two of his goals at once by climbing to the top of the Starlight Tower, and declaring his love to his wife Apheelia by hanging up a sign that says, "Manic Loves Apheelia". This leads to Manic and his siblings walking to and getting stuck at the top of the building.





Manic: Apheelia, look up at the Starlight Tower tonight!
Apheelia: Okay, Manic, sure!
Manic: Argus! The sibs and I are climbing the stairs of the Starlight Tower!
Argus: [to Sonic] You know, Your Majesty, they have an elevator there.
Sonic: "Fastest thing alive", remember? We'll be there and back in two shakes!
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