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Cquote1 Morality isn't what defines a hero. While I may not be a saint, or the friendliest person; I work my life out trying to save those who I love. Cquote2
A message that Hiero told Ridas when Ridas questioned his morality.

Hiero the Hawk is a fiery native of Matai-Mobi, whom was orphaned at an early age. He was taken in by his mentor Ridas Huo who reformed him into a warrior and a leader to his people. He later left the island to join the Mercy Squad, a group of mercenaries out to save the world as a combined police force.


General Appearance

Hiero is a red and black, Sharp-shinned Hawk. His hair is unkempt and shoulder length long, it is also decently spiky and covers his entire right eye. As for facial features, Hiero has unusually bright eyes, and a scarred up beak. He has razor sharp talons that he commonly keeps in specialized shoes. He has a lengthy, katana like, under tail. Hiero has incredibly disfigured mantles on his back where his old wings used to protrude from. His elbows have clumps of feathers hanging on them.

Hiero's common attire is a red/black fire-proof vest, combat gloves (previously), tattered scarf, studded belt, indestructible chrome shoes, and black pants. 

His appearance is slightly altered when entering the fields of a vigilante. Hiero sports a new hair design, he has cut much of his hair due to the strict rules of the forces. He had also cut it for personal reasons. Besides his hair change, he replaced his old vest for a robe like tunic.

The tunic shares his native colors of Red and Black, with minor orange tints. He uses militarized pants only to be yielded at his knees, covered by "knight" like armor stretching from knee to talon. He also wears strips of bandages on his hands to cover his palms during parkour.


Hiero uses tattoos designed by a priest in Igna-Tribu. The symbols on his arms mean "Stubborn Warrior". Little did the Hawk know or care. Despite the insulting wording of the tattoo, Hiero's tattoos have a deeper meaning than just looking appealing. They empower the hawk as they are enchanted, it actually helps him create fire easier and allow him to keep warm in very cold areas. The tattoos aren't really tattoos, they are symbols that have enchantment to them. They are completely irremovable.


Cquote1 One thing was always notable about this bird.. It was that he was as aggressive as he was loud, that he was as curious as he was attentive, and that he'd be as focused as he was stubborn.. Damn it, Hiero. What are you, my child? Cquote2
Ridas' response when asked about Hiero's personality.

In Youth

Young Hiero was an easily excited little hawk who often got involved with too many things that intrigued him. He had a deep passion for learning about the world around him and loved wild-life. He would often poke at things and try and find out how they worked. Though, even at youth his temper was visible. He'd have little outbursts that weren't physical, but a tad intimidating. One thing young Hiero loved were the elements, he had a fascination with them and wanted to learn each of them. Sadly, things didn't go his way. He was delusional and suffered from severe stubbornness, this carried out to some of his adolescence too.

Adolescence & Early Adulthood

During his adolescence, everything changed for poor little Hiero. Instead of being the excited and curious Hawk he once was, he turned to aggression and hatred. He was incredibly stubborn and only listened to his instincts and solutions on fields he didn't even know about. He was prideful, vengeful, and irritable. But at the same time, he was deeply hurt. He lost much and yearned to end his pain. During the time he was miserably depressed, he had not much to turn to and used most of his anger to supply for the tears he never had time to shed. He also had troubles with getting over things. He really appreciated his privacy and did not like the company of others, making things even worse for him to cope with. This was the beginning of Hiero's trust issues.

Adulthood & Current Growth

Hiero has become an easy going person. He let go of his depression and aggressiveness and moved onto a more wholesome side of life. He began to realize that his time in the world was limited. He was open, and socially acceptable in his current stage of life. He learned to become forgiving and trustworthy of other's opinions and orders. Though he can be considered positive, he was extremely cynical inside and did not express it for he knew it would offend others. He dd not trust outsiders or anyone he didn't know. While he wouldn't appear openly antagonistic, he would definitely keep his distance from new people.

In Leading

During his youth, Hiero was a gruff leader. He expected his orders to be taken seriously and not to be shrugged off. Though initially being laughed at, those who offended him quickly became followers with the strict methods of leading Hiero has. Though he was cruel, he'd substitute this with his great intelligence and appreciation. He glorified those who got the job done well and motivated those who were trying. Though he was verbally abusive, he was very appreciative and rewarded his team well. As time progressed, he became much calmer and shared great compassion to his team mates. This made him ideal for commanding armies. The hawk also tries to know his team on a personal level, connecting to them in ways they wouldn't understand.

In Essence (Basic Personality)

As he grew up, he dropped many childhood issues and has become more calm and easy going in the sense that he can take jokes and be level headed about varying situations.

He's a prideful, yet good natured hawk. He doesn't really do anything for himself, anything he does is for his people and island. To him, nothing gets between his island and its people. He always had great determination, whereas if he says he'll do something, odds are he'll do it. When determined, nothing gets in the way of the hawk. Absolutely nothing can stop him from getting what he desires and needs for his quests.

But Hiero is arrogant, callous, and some times just plain ignorant with how stubborn he can be. He feels his word is above all that come before him, forcing things to go his way or else. He expects everyone to understand his point of views and respect his customs, but is never willing to do the same to others. It takes time for him to truly care for you and even longer for him to trust you.

But deep down, the hawk is a loyal comrade, some one you want on your team. He's capable, strong, and relentless. Hiero may have some downsides, but if you can get over those negatives, you'll have an extremely powerful ally willing to assist you in anything. Hiero is a hero to his people for a reason.


For spoilers, this is his true story.

Early Life

Cquote1 You and I? We're going to be de bestest of friends, no? Cquote2
Aiwa once meeting Hiero as a child.

Hiero was born in the tropical jungles of Luft-Tribu. He was alone in a birds nest, having no parents or nurture. Hiero was born on a short tree that can be easily seen. It was at this moment when some preservers of the wild collected him and took him into the village of Luft-Tribu. After being taken care of, Hiero was sent to an orphanage by the age of two, this was where he met another orphan known as Aiwa. The two would cause mischief around the orphanage and would be the most intelligent among the others at such a young age.

Hiero and Aiwa were taken in by a moderately aged Toucan named Theodore. Aiwa and Hiero lived with Theodore for two years in Luft-Tribu's capital. Hiero was treated with proper care and a lot of attention, but he knew something wasn't right. At the age of five, he saw Aiwa and Theo practice Aerokinesis. While Hiero was dying to learn Aerokinesis, all he could ever do what Aiwa and Theo were capable of doing was just being able to fly. Hiero grew incredibly jealous, especially when Aiwa and his friends would play Air sports and change the temperature of the area.

Discovery of Powers

Cquote1 You not s'posed to be here, brett. Igna-Tribu is for you, there you must meet de leader, Ridas. Cquote2
Aiwa in response to finding Hiero's powers.

Hiero discovered that he was gifted with the ability to create flames at will. He noticed this when trying to create air power with Aiwa at a camp site. The power amazed and scared Aiwa, along with their camp mate. It was then when Aiwa looked at Hiero seriously (as he rarely does) and told him that "he was not living in the proper part of the island". Hiero was confused and then Aiwa instructed him about the other villages, specifically the one up north known as Igna-Tribu. Their island's famous presidential leader, Ridas Huo caught Hiero's attention the most. It was then when Hiero was determined to leave to Igna-Tribu. With the consent of Theo and the support of Aiwa, Hiero left on his journey. Aiwa tagged along to make sure Hiero went off on the right path.

Path to Igna-Tribu

Cquote1 The hardest journey I've ever experienced was this one.. I was too damned young to understand where I was going. Sheesh, I could have died with Aiwa.. Cquote2
Hiero in response to his journey to Igna-Tribu later in his life.

Hiero went through hell and back with Aiwa as they traveled to Igna-Tribu. Aiwa and Hiero's mind became essential towards survival. Thus, the duo had to learn about how to survive in rough conditions. Being a Hawk, Hiero was very carnivorous compared to Aiwa whom is a Fruit bat and used a strict vegetarian diet to survive. Hiero also created many ways to trap/skin prey and to protect himself and Aiwa. After several months of travel, the duo had finally entered Igna-Tribu and lived normally, all though some what deranged after all that they've endured. After experiencing some of the life style at Igna-Tribu, Hiero became accustom to it. As time passed while he was in Igna-Tribu, Hiero decided he must learn how to control his pyrokinesis. Upon finding a young man's military training sign up, Hiero happily applied for the Ignant Guard (Igna-Tribu's military unit).

Meeting President Ridas & Training

Cquote1 You.. You boy.. You have the potential to be masterful.. I will train you, my child. You will be the best! Cquote2
Ridas upon meeting with Hiero.

After accepting the application, Hiero went to immediate training. He almost surpassed many ranks, often due to his incredible stamina, strength, and endurance. It was because of those talents why captain and president, Ridas was really looking towards Hiero's future. Ridas took young Hiero in and put him against many obstacles and tip top training across the entire island of Matai-Mobi. During his training days, Hiero forged a very close bond with his new mentor. This caused the hawk to be dubbed "Son of Ridas". With three years of training Hiero was ranked high for such a young recruit.

Hurricane & Aiwa's Failure

Cquote1 Ha..I guess I'm done for ja? As much as I said it before; don't be weak, brudda.. Don't be sad because of me either mon, I don't want that.. Just remember, you'll always be one of da best to me. So stay dat way.. Cquote2
Aiwa's final words.

At the age of ten, a severe Hurricane swept the island. Hiero was one of the selected few set to save many of the other villages and fix up the island. Hiero was told to head to and save the inhabitants of Luft-Tribu. It was then when Hiero came across turbulent winds and severely ruined his mantles that allowed him to fly. Crashing down Hiero fought some brutes stealing and killing off some of the inhabitants of Luft-Tribu. The brutes managed to cut off Hiero's mantle completely, ruining his wings for eternity.

While Hiero won the battle, he was far too late to save the considerable amount of lives that day. He went to Aiwa's riverside hut after saving what was left of the survivors. It was then when he witnessed Aiwa's inevitable death. After comforting his best friend before his life just gave out, Hiero entered a very serious depression. Leaving with some of the survivors back to Igna-Tribu, his life was just not complete. It took a considerable amount of time to even get him to talk of the situation to any one. Whatever bonds he'd form with others, he would become extremely attached to. Ridas stepped out like a father figure and aided Hiero at his time of weakness.

Learning Lava and Loss of Fatherly Mentor

Cquote1 First Aiwa, now you.. Damn it.. Rest in peace old man.. This country is and will always be yours.. You're the only father I ever had.. Cquote2
Hiero's note in regards to Ridas' death.

During the age of ten to twelve, Hiero was strictly learning how to work with Lava. This was where Hiero met general and high ranking commander, Tyrone. After a lot of training with Tyrone and Ridas, Hiero felt he could control lava relatively well. Well into the Autumn around Hiero's birthday, Ridas had hit the end of his life. A severe heart attack struck Ridas during his sleep. Hiero was training during this time with Tyrone, the day after his birthday he noticed Ridas had passed.

Hiero spent an entire day at Ridas' throne, constantly praying and sobbing over the loss of the closest thing to a father figure he's ever had. The hawk lost a major figure in his life and it showed. He couldn't even spend his birthday properly after this turn of events. This fatality had reached into his heart and made him a more responsible leader, but a very closed off person, almost to the point where forging any kind of bond was easily rejected or just not appreciated. This was due to his stubbornness and rejection to understand the feelings of others.

Mental Rehabilitation

Cquote1 Ya don't seem half bad for a hot head. Why are you so tense? Cquote2
Keira after training with Hiero for the first time.

After giving up on lava training, Hiero humbly took the role of fourth in command while Tyrone became guardian of Igna-Tribu, like Ridas. Hiero began training the army of Igna-Tribu to be the best army around the island, along with the aid of Tyrone and the other rank masters. Hiero then met a young aquakinetic known as Keira. After teaching Keira independence and combat expertise, Hiero formed a very close bond with Keira. It was then when Hiero's former depression began to fade away and he became far more open, but still very closed off.

Mercy Squad and Current Life

Cquote1 Listen you join us and your life is indebted to us. You choose, live your life with us, or stay here on this island. Cquote2
The fox's response to Hiero's success in the competition.

By the age of twenty-two, Hiero made much of his chaotic life peaceful. He began fishing and getting hobbies around the island to spend his time outside of training well. On a fateful day, a strange fox appeared on his island to review it for anyone that was keen enough to join a selective group of vigilantes. The island made a small competition to see who is worthy of said role.

Hiero was accepted into the basic competition and won with ease. The fox came to him in dire need of recruits. While skeptical at first, after some questioning and trust tests Hiero agreed to join the fox in his journey to make a national police force.

Since then, Hiero has joined the mercy squad and became a global officer hunting down the highest ranking criminals. He even gained a new attire and weaponry suited for the job. His skills also greatly increased from his work on the force.


Hiero has a questionable morality. He was born to survive, so many of his character traits are from being a hunter. Since he was a hunter, a valiant warrior, and leader among his village, he had a far different view and mentality to morality as a whole. Though, he has a deep sense of good in his heart. This is proven when he went out of his way in a hurricane just to save his friend and neighboring tribesmen. Hiero puts his life before any one else's as he felt it was his duty to protect.

Despite having his selfless morality, he also has a chaotic one. He will down right kill any threat in cold blood. The killing is once again, a trait from being a hunter and a survivor for so long. He also wants to balance peace above all odds, so in order to achieve that he must end his enemies to permanently silence violence. Though he enjoys killing for the moment, he often regrets them afterward. He just does what he feels is right.

Though he has always been a 'by the book' kind of person, he never strayed very far from the rules and stipulations handed to him.


  • Pyrokinesis
  • Moderate Lava Control


  • Can survive blazing temperatures.
  • Can walk over Lava.
  • Can generate, absorb, and demolish Fire.


Hand to Hand Combat

Hiero is skilled with swaying kicks and hardy punches. Because he is so agile, his combat really improves. His punches are flying and crazy fast. Though his foot combat happens to lack to that of his fists, this is because Hiero wears heavy chrome shoes. While it is not much of an issue with his armored attire he uses now, before he seriously lacked foot combat. But never did his hand to hand combat lack, he makes great use of his knuckle pads to make sure his enemies bleed or lose some teeth. Hiero fights like a brawling boxer, he takes the orthodox stance as well.

Advanced Agility and Jump Distance

Because of the strong elemental fields in Matai-Mobi, Hiero has become abnormally agile. Before Hiero's wings were cut off Hiero used to fly around Matai-Mobi. Since his wings broke off, he has learned how to stay in the air for a longer amount of time allowing him to jump very large distances. With this skill, he is incredibly agile and quick.

Survival Skills

Being born on a harsh island with no parents or care, Hiero taught himself how to fight nature. He can invent weapons and create shelter from the tiniest of equipment. Hiero is also skilled at countering and hitting surprise attacks. He does well dishing offensive, but not as well as his other combat skills. Even though he was trained to survive, his combat would not stand too great against gifted fighters with real skills. He grew up with survival skills that were taught on his own. He later found a mentor and learned from them until the mentor died.

Great with Blades

Hiero has made many accustomed shanks and machetes. Because he had to hunt to make due of what was around him, skinning was mandatory. He is murderous in a sword/knife fight and could dish quite the damage. But like previously stated, if he were to fight an actual expert in the field; he'd have trouble fighting.


Hiero s weapons by xx midnightlight xx-d6oecw4
Hiero has many weapons, though he prefers to use his normal sword. All of his weapons are hand crafted by himself, or either handed to him by his old mentor.

Twin Daggers

Hiero has two, crescent formed, daggers that are attached to the side of his back. Hiero uses these daggers for basic cutting and traveling through wild grassy plains. The blades of the daggers are made of a near indestructible material, which allows Hiero to climb mountains and almost any surface. The Daggers are not very large or very reliable in fighting, which is why Hiero doesn't pull them out in combat. These are the only weapons Hiero has retained since his debut into the group he works in.

Blade of Huo

Hiero's signature weapon. This blade is made of divine-fire and the same metal material Hiero uses to create his indestructible chrome boots. It was named after Hiero's mentor, "Ridas Huo" and takes the signature appearance of Ridas' old sword.

The sword has a ruby gem placed at its center, it has an eye like appearance. The "eye" is actually its main source of power, which can indeed power up, or heal Hiero in the midst of battle. The eye can also see hidden things other beings can not. An impressive feature the sword has is its ability to block and swat things away with ease, this varies from projectiles to enemy attacks. The blade of the sword is immensely sharp, as it can cut things with even the gentlest of pokes.

The biggest downside to the sword is that it is a pain to carry, or even a pain to transport with because of its immense size and weight. Another weakness is that the blade can be bent, how ever it can not break down or be broken. Hiero has also dropped this weapon in favor for a machete later in his life, reasons for it are unknown.

Brass Knuckle Gloves

In the structure of Hiero's gloves, Hiero has very rough knuckle pads on the end of his gloves. These are often used to break or beat down rocks/enemies. Hiero is not very skilled in hand to hand, so he heavily relies on his gloves to do serious damage. The pads of the knuckles are not indestructible how ever, which can mean Hiero can break them in the midst of battle.

Among contact with enemies or structures, the gloves or knuckle pads do not shield Hiero from the pain he'll feel from hitting a hard item, so he has a limit to what he can hit and what he can break with these knuckle pads. Though these weapons were short lived, they were flawed and Hiero found them to weigh him down in instances where he really needed to use his fists to get out of situations. He simply dropped the weapons later in his life.

Assault Rifle

As a Mercenary, Hiero opens up to a new field of weapons. While he tried to avoid guns, he knew that his new field required these types of artillery. While he is not very skilled with the weapon, it is becoming his best companion against light and medium armored targets. Since he can channel pyrokinesis into the weapon, he really benefits out of using it. He still needs to work on getting used to the weapon as a whole.


Hiero tries to be the strongest of any pack, but he himself has his fair share of fears and phobias.


Hiero has a deep hatred for Ice, but he also has a strong fear of it. Hiero fears being frozen to death. It's a reason why he does not fight cryokinetics/Ice users with out being hurt first or have some one hurt by them. It is an odd fear because of his elemental strength over Ice. Though this was only a fear that existed for a younger Hiero as his tribe heavily manipulated hatred over anything ice.


Hiero fears ghosts and phantoms some what strongly. He listened to most stories about phantoms and odd demonic spirits roaming around Terre-Tribu which scarred Hiero as a child among his first time being in Terre-Tribu. Since then Hiero avoids spiritual activity or black magic.


Hiero is generally weak water. While Hiero can swim through water with little irritation, it really comes into weakness when he is attacked with large quantities of it. This does a massive amount of damage in battle, especially when Hiero is trying to create fire.

Beside elemental weaknesses, Hiero can also be weakened emotionally. Because Hiero is very clingy, risking the life of others would do quite the number on his emotions. His attacks are intense when he is angry/sad but defensively he lacks leaving him open for plenty of weakening attacks. He is heavily effected by his fears, mostly of his fears of hell and ghosts. While induced with fear, Hiero hesitates often making him an easy target to pin down and defeat.

Hiero lastly, has two very vulnerable spots on his back where his old wings used to be placed. If attacked at his weak spot, Hiero drops rapidly. If immense pain hits the spots on his back he could possibly die.


  • Hiero was originally based off two Bionicle heroes, Tahu and Jaller. He is a natural born leader like them, is a pyrokinetic like them, and shares the same personal problems as the other two faced.
    • Hiero is completely immune to insect poison.
  • Hiero leads the team known as The Ineekah.
  • Hiero was born on October 29th, he is a Scorpio.
      • Hiero is left handed.
    • The word Huo is Mandarin for Fire, Hiero's blade is named after Ridas' first name which was Huo.
  • Outside of his work with Igna-Tribu's military; Hiero had a deep passion for architecture and nature. He also had a tad of a soft side for children.
    • Hiero's name is often mispronounced, it is pronounced as HIGH-ROW .
  • Hiero is actually a bi-powered hawk, he could manipulate Fire and Earth. Though, he only knew of one's existence.
    • His favorite color is gold. He also loves orange and red.
      • Hiero does not celebrate his birthday. Therefore, he forgets how old he is quite often.
    • Hiero shares a similar boot design to Hayden Tenno from Dark Sector in his military attire.
  • Hiero is Xenophobic, this trait has never changed either. He often lacks understanding and has a mild dislike for those outside of his island.
    • Hiero is an avid drummer. He commonly plays the bongo drums. He was even the drummer boy for Igna-Tribu before joining.
      • Hiero has a light hispanic accent. It is frequently heard when he pronounces things with "S"s at the end. His accent is considered that of a Hispanic Caribbean.
  • Hiero's beak has never been seen or shown in any of his drawings, this is accurate because his character never takes off his scarf/bandana unless specific situations take place.


Gallery of either my art for Hiero or requests from others.

  • Incredible special thanks to HauntedPhantom/FracturedMirror she is the best and has helped me on considerable projects with Hiero. You go girl!

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