Hidden Power is a bizarre "elementless" attack, which can actually be aligned to any element without the user's knowledge.


The user draws upon the tiniest portion of their untapped potential, creating an aura of energy, although the location and colour of this aura is different for each user. After this point, the attack is then released, although if it is in a blast, wave or orb-form is again, up to the user.

What makes the technique unique, however, is the variable nature of it. For example, a pyrokinetic may have an Electric Hidden Power, or a cryokinetic with a Magnetic one. This elemental affiliation is completely randomized, from basic elements to advanced combination elements, and in addition, the technique's full power is as well. As such, a user might unlock a Balance Hidden Power, only for it to be regarded as extremely weak, or they might unlock a Nature Hidden Power capable of destroying small towns in a single use - it is completely encoded and dependant on their genetics.

However, for some being, the element of their hidden power hints to something more. In their cases, they all share a genetic trait, the ability to activate a permanent transformation upon meeting certain requirements. In their cases, the Hidden Power actually reveals the element, or elements, that their transformation will possess.


Pokemon Users


  • Unnamed physical variant

Technique Rank

Due to the sheer variability and unpredictability of this technique, it bears an A-rank.

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