Hi Jump Kick is a very powerful but risky fighting technique.


The user first starts off by jumping up high in the air. The user then dives down towards the opponent. Depending on the user, they either have their knee or foot held out, put all of their strength into their lower leg, which glows from the intensity, and spin sideways either clockwise or counter-clockwise in order to strike their opponent, or they do a downwards kick to attack the opponent. If the attack hits, the target is struck with incredible power, which is capable of launching opponents or crushing them with the attack. However, if this attack misses, the combined speed from the fall and power from the impact will cause serious injury to the user, capable of even breaking bones if the user hits the ground with their leg. As such, this attack carries great risk to the user if they miss.


Pokemon Users



With incredible power but almost equal risk, this attack is ranked as a B-Rank attack.

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