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Hexxor is evil. Pure evil. Hexxor is the kind of thing Death would fear. If you're walking outside at night and see 2 flaming white eyes staring at you, you know it's too late for you. Especially if your name is Sonic.

Sonic the Hedgehog: War of Shadows

Hexxor made his first appearance in War of Shadows, part 3. After Tails backstabbed Perfect Nazo, thus killing him, Mephiles the Dark combined with the energy leaving his body, and permanently transformed him into a beast with razor sharp claws, flaming white eyes, firey streaks on his body, giant fangs, and a thirst for blood (in a nutshell, just picture Mephiles corrupted by a symbiote). He blasted the crew, trapped them in a field made of shadows, and was about to destroy them all, but Silvnico (Sonic+Shadow+Silver) severed off his claw with Excalibur. Then, Hexxor merged with Dark Gaia, creating True Dark. But was later killed by True Light (Silvnico+Super Emeralds+Sol Emeralds+Master Emerald+World Rings) and his energy was sent into outer space to maintain elemental balance. And that was the end of Hexxor. Or so they thought......

Sonic the Hedgehog: Return of the Darkness

Hexxor plays a much bigger role in this one. He was ressurected when his energy in space combined with the energy from a supernova. He made his lair in the Gaia Ruins, or the destroyed remains of the Gaia Collossus. He hatched a new plan for immortality. First, he killed Tails by luring him into an alley, demanding his knowledge of the location of the emeralds, and then he ripped his heart out. After stealing his life force, or as he calls "his soul," he transformed into Fake Tails (to know the difference, Fake Tails wears all-black attire).

Using this disguise, he infiltrated Sonic's headquarters, and acted like a total dush. He drank all the beer, swore like a sailor with tourettes, and groped Amy Rose XD. When nobody was around, he snuck over to Slasher the Hedgehog's room, and stole his dagger, but was immediatley spotted by Slasher, but Hexxor blasted him into the wall, and escaped through a black hole.

Back at his lair, he corrupted Slasher's dagger into a powerful blade he called Hexxor's Judgement. But the blade
Hexxor's Judgement

Hexxor's Judgement

needed a soul to become active. So Hexxor made another black hole, and went to town, where he found Knuckles and Rouge, who were going through relationship issues. Hexxor sped to Rouge, backstabbed her, and decapitated Knuckles. With those souls, the blade was activated, and he grew stronger (and he squeezed Rouge's you-know-what XD).

With the 3 gone, the Chaotix were sent to investigate. But, Hexxor blasted a wave of energy and it turned them to stone, and he crushed them to dust. With the death of Espio, he gained the ability to turn invisible.

After that, he took a quick break from killing and decided to search for the Super Emeralds, the Sol Emeralds, the World Rings, the Darkness Emerald, and the Master Emerald. Sonic and company had 1 of each and the Darkness Emerald. They decided to go to Angel Island, and protect the Master Emerald, since Knuckles had disappeared.

Hexxor had collected them all, except for the ones Sonic had. On his way to Angel Island, he saw the crew there, and turned invisible. It didn't help much, because Shinobi the Tiger sensed his presence and warned everyone. Everyone was ready, and Sonic transformed into Angelic Sonic (a form I created, aka Solar EX Sonic, and Elemental Sonic). Angelic Sonic flew to fight Hexxor, but Hexxor just shoved him out of the way. He ripped off Burrow the Badger's arm drill and stabbed him with it, Ripped Shellshock the Turtle's head off and used his spinal chord (doubt turtles have that) to strangle Foamy the Squirrel and slam him into a stone wall, drained the life out of Tempest the Panther, corrupted Frostbite's Primal Strike to kill him, and detonated Shinobi and Amy from the inside. After that massacre, he teleported out with the Master Emerald, along with the Darkness Emerald, the World Ring, Super Emerald, and Sol Emerald.

With those deaths and his new reagents, he was almost done. He used some of his dark power to transform the Darkness Emerald into the Super Darkness Emerald, for even more power! Then, he went off to claim his last 5 souls.....

With the Master Emerald gone, Angel Island fell into the ocean. Sonic didn't like the water on him. Shadow warped all of them out, and back to Shadow Manor (Shadow's personal mansion, and it was night there). Then, Hexxor emerged from behind them...

"Come on Sonic, don't fight. Just bow down to me, or die," said Hexxor. "I'd rather die fighting than serve you!" said Sonic. The crew ran inside Shadow Manor, but Hexxor blasted the door open. While running, Cobra the Komodo shot a small jolt of electricity into a power outlet, and started a fire. KA-BAMM!! The building exploded with Hexxor inside. All they could do now was watch as Shadow Manor burned to the ground. But suddenly, the flames turned BLACK!

"Hellfire....dark fire," sang Hexxor (Hellfire from Hunchback of Notre Dame). "This turning!" and he impaled Silver with a spear of energy. With the death of Silver, He gained the power of Telekeisis, and strangled Shadow to death with it. "Darth Vader, eat your heart out!" he yelled. With the death of Shadow, he gained the power of chaos.

"GO! I'LL HOLD HIM OFF!" yelled Cobra. Sonic and Slasher didn't want to, but had no choice. Hexxor engaged in a 1-on-1 battle with Cobra the Komodo. Hexxor launched a wave of darkness at Cobra, but, with his powers of Darkness Bending, he reflected it back at him! After a battle of lightning bolts and shadow bolts, Hexxor fell flat on his back, which pissed him off big time. "NECROTORRENT!!!" he yelled. Then, a giant horned skull flew at Cobra with a stream of darkness and blood flowing behind it! When the darkness cleared, there layed a bony Cobra, drained of power, physical strength, and had shriveled up wings. Necrotorrent is a devestating attack, if it doesnt kill you, it drains your powers, strength, and poisons you with a powerful toxin that has no cure. "Any last words?" said Hexxor. "Ugghhh.....bastard....." choked Cobra. Hexxor decided to spare him the pain, and stabbed Cobra in the skull with Hexxor's Judgement.

Hexxor sped up to Sonic and Slasher, and trapped Sonic in a bind of darkness, which makes you immobile and weakens you. Slasher, in a blind rage due to the death of his best friend, went into Rage Mode and unleashed all his powers and energy at Hexxor, causing a big explosion. When the dust cleared, there, he saw, two flaming white eyes staring dead at him!

"Pathetic, PATHETIC!!" he roared! And sliced Slasher in half with his own blade. With that kill, there was only one left. Hexxor unveiled his plan to Sonic. "You see, all energy is netted together, whether it be light, darkness, chaos or negativity, with the Master Emerald at the center," he explained. "But I wanted to know, where does the master emerald get its power, and if all energy is netted together, then if I steal the source, it will be stealing all the energy from everything!" "But why do you want power? You're practically made of power!" said Sonic. "HAHAHA!! IMMORTALITY! IMMORTALITY IS WHAT I SEEK!" roared Hexxor "Oh my god! What are you??" screamed Sonic.

"HAHAHAHAAA!!! I AM HEXXOR THE DESTRUCTION!!" yelled Hexxor, and he transformed into a dark cloud and went inside Sonic. Then, he reformed inside him, and shredded him apart! And then he burst out of him, soaked in blood....

With the death of Sonic, Hexxor has gained enough souls, all the emeralds, all the world rings, and all the power he needed to enter inside the Master Emerald, and he wasted no time. He entered inside the Master Emerald, and was awestruck by what he saw...

"The Source....the one thing....I've been searching for..." It was a glowing ball of fire, with power streaming out of it in all directions. Hexxor grabbed it, and crushed it, thus sending its power inside of him. The Source kept doing its job, which was to keep pumping out energy, non-stop. Except it was in his body, thus pumping all that energy into him and giving him infinite energy! All that energy was just too much for a body like his to handle. But Hexxor didn't let that stop him! With the power given to him by The Source, it allowed him to transform...

And out of the Master Emerald burst a gigantic winged monstrosity with horns and was standing on top of a huge mountain of darkness (I just realized how dumb that sounds). This beast was named Omega Dark, or Hexxor the Controller.

Suddenly, Sonic woke up! "What..? Where am I? What happened?" "You're inside Hexxor. This is where you go when he kills you. You died by his doing..." said Tails. Everyone Hexxor murdered are in here. The souls are stuck here, so they couldn't go into heaven or hell. It was basically purgatory. A bad purgatory.

They knew they had to escape somehow. But could they? Suddenly, a streak of energy sped by them! It was the energy from The Source! And if Hexxor absorbed the energy from The Source, then they could do the same! Then Sonic, Tails, Shadow, Silver, Espio, Charmy, Vector, Amy, Knuckles, Rouge, Burrow, Cobra, Foamy, Slasher, Tempest, Shinobi, Frostbite, and Shellshock all merged with the flowing energy. And they transformed into the ArchAngel Forms. The ArchAngel forms are black-eyed, winged beings of light with all the singnature abilities of that person amplified. They burst out of Omega Dark, and was ready to beat the undead crap out of him.

The ArchAngels launched an all-out assault on Hexxor, led by Sonic. 18 streaks of light zoomed all around him and struck him repeatedly. He was struck in the head, in the crotch, blasted by 4 of them all at once, and pretty much beat the poo out of him. Hexxor would not stand for this, and formed a super strong sheild around him protecting him from all harm. The ArchAngels combined all their powers and unleashed their greatest attack onto him...

All 18 flew up and over him and surrounded him in light. They combined their powers and launched a giant blast of pure light upon him, and demolished his sheild and shattered his immortality. This attack was called Heaven's Reign. Similar to Necrotorrent, but made of light rather than darkness, and no giant horned skull or red eyes.

With his immortality shattered, Hexxor had to destroy all 18 souls in order to rebuild it. And since he is now mortal, the 18 ArchAngels merged together and created a being with white eyes, gargantuan wings, and a blazing trail of light. This being was named Alpha Light, and fought hard against Omega Dark.

After battling for a very long time, Hexxor summoned his blade once again and left his mountain and slashed at Alpha Light with no remorse. But before he could strike him down for good, Alpha Light called upon the legendary Ultimate Soul Saber, and severed off Hexxor's arm and purified Hexxor's Judgement into the all-powerful Holy Judgement. Alpha Light slashed apart Hexxor, and drained all the evil out of his particles and sent them back into space once again. And with Hexxor gone, the energy went back into the master emerald, and the souls returned to their bodies, and they were brought back to life.

And that was the death of Hexxor the Destruction.


Hexxor loves causing pain and misery to others, and enjoys every minute of it. He is also a bit of a pervert, due to the fact that he stuck his hand up Amy's skirt and squeezed Rouge's you-know-what. Hexxor causes corruption and destruction everywhere he goes. Hexxor can easily be ticked off.


Being a creature of darkness, he has a number of different skills. There are the basics, such as blasting energy, flying and chaos control. The flashier skills, such as corruption, necrotorrent, stoning (haha), and fear attacks, can only be used after he has a certain number of souls. The power of those skills increase with the number of souls he collects.


Hexxor Sonic

  • Sonic inhaled a few of his particles after his death in War of Shadows, and it caused him to have flashbacks to the battle and makes him freak out.
  • After his death in Return of the Darkness, Sonic took in some of the darkness and gained a new form called "Hexxor Sonic".
  • Hexxor's look was inspired by Venom of the Marvel Comics.
  • Hexxor taints the ground where he walks.
  • Hexxor is watching you right now >:)
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