Hexos is a Griffin and member of Team Star-dust as the flight member.


Hexos is the headed-level member of the team and the less impulsive and more slacker, he think before do some thing, prefers not get into intrigues with others and try appease the conflicts between Amethyst and Tidal

More coll and reserved, but he care about his friends, if you harm then, Hexos lose the coll and don't care about uses exaggerated force against the opponent.

He prefer keeps a "simple" relationship whit the others.


None Known

Powers, Abilities and Skills

As a griffin he can fly and have claws

Physical Traits

Hexos is very resistant, and are very hard to harm. Also he is a very good acrobat


Hexos can uses his feathers as projectiles. Also his feathers can be used to heal poison

Hand-To-Hand Combat

Hexos is the most skillful hand-to-hand combat member of the team, able to beats Mamba and Tital single-handed whit a easy. His skill is parallel to Amethyst Dragon Kata style.


He is the fastest flyer from the team, able to draw whit mamba in a earth-air race.


Amethyst and Tidal: Hexos haves a unclear relationship, they are just friends.

Mamba: Both share a brother-sister like relationship.

Moskito: His evil counterpart of Team Darkron, both are simply rivals.

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