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Hex the hedge-bat

Infomation about Hex

Hex the Hedge-bat - Copy

Vampire, Glowing Hog, Mr. Advice
Black with green-glowing markings and white chest fur
Ripped-up gloves, Glowing Sneakers
Dash, Cynthia, His room, Band Posters, Stealing, Flying around, His glowing fur, the moon, Stars
Returning things, To much sushi, Places like Shamar (Hot at day and cold at night), the sun, people flirting with someone he's aiming on
Flight, Spin dash, Night-vision, Burning Transformation, Be-able to make the good out of things, Floating(With his shoes)

Hex the Hedge-bat

A black hedge-bat with glowing markings at his arms, legs and hair. He's also a theif just like Dash and Cynthia, they work as a team. He loves giving people his advice.


He is a black hedge-bat that has glowing-green markings at his arms, legs and hair almost like how Shadow's markings are placed . He has chest fur also like Shadow. He has spines as well that scatter all over the place.


Becoming a vampire

After going to school, since he had detention he had to walk home alone; without his friends talking. It was very quiet. Then he hears a howl. He turns around to see nothing. He started to walk faster until he was stopped by Drad, another vampire that was trying to be stopped by the Vampire Hunters. She hissed at him. He tried to avoid her, by trying to go passed her but she wouldn't let him past. "You look tasty, Black blood.." She said. Hex jumped back trying to run, but was pinned strait to the wall by Drad. He shut his eyes tight, then he felt the pain of being bitten by an actul vampire. For some reseon some parts of his body started to glow. Drad wipped her mouth with her arm leaving a blood stain on her sweater. "Thanks for the blood!" She said flying off. She felt Hex there helpless.

The next day when he was awoken by the day late he actully hissed. Dash was suprised to see his reaction to the sun. Hex suggested to them to stay way for awhile, as in 3 days. He had to go with no blood so he wouldn't hurt his friends next time.

Why a theif?

He went to be coming a thief due to being afraid of Vampire Hunters. He only stole at night where the news says the vampire hunters aren't at. He usally goes with Cynthia and Das at Empire City or Spongonia.

Finding the Sevens Souls' rings

After finding a book, Hex gets sucked in. He went on a wild adventure trying to get all Seven rings of the seven souls. Being warned what would happen he still took the challenge and put all seven rings on his fingers. Then there was a bright flash and


He is a-bit flirty at times. Especially when he finds someone Really attractive. He also gets really aggressive when someone flirts with the girl he's aiming for. He is also shown adventurous when he starts to fly around.

Powers and Abilities


Burning form

His first transformation, He got that from wearing all seven rings of the seven souls. His color is complete black with red glowing markings, He can create fire and electricty also being able to control it. He runs faster than his normal form and much stronger. He has much bigger wings as well.

Complete Vampire

After being told by Drad about this form she put a necklace around his neck with a poison that went inside his body. He than wanted to first summon this form, so she asked her. She replied with saying "Nypyteol". He said it and then it was finally set free, so when ever he becomes really weak he turns into this form which is Dark Violet colored. With also red glowing markings. When he finally faints it goes back into it's necklace.


He is be-able to fly far distantses like the distants from Spongonia to Holoska. Which is pretty far for standards. He also has night visions. So his eyes sight turns burned green at night.


He find the light very 'Offending" to his body and doesn't go out in the morning much. Also he doesn't want to turn into dust. Anyway he can't steal stuff any better then he woud at night.

He also get's attracted to "smexy" girls that he has to battle so sometimes he gets some-what "Hypnotized". He most of the time loses to a battle against girls such a Li-Ri.



He is the best of friends with him. They are like the closest brothers. Although at first they literally Hated each other and fought for no reason. They have fun doing what ever is in the situation.


They were best friends since the ages of 3 (Cynthia) and 5 (Hex). And still are! Although they get angry at each other easily, they still manage to get passed it.


He has a secret crush on her and loves to flirt with her although Li-Ri hates it.

Love Interests

  • Li-Ri
  • Keke

Memborable Quotes

"Life's a game, just play it!" Main quote

"Keep you head held high!"

Hex's Theme Song



Hex's SKRILLEX theme

Eminem - Not Afraid (Lyrics) - Clean Version

Eminem - Not Afraid (Lyrics) - Clean Version

Hex's Main Theme

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