An idea that I've had for a while, fun and interesting in my opinion. I have no clue how, let alone when, this game could become reality. Make suggestions, offers, etc., on the talk page. Statements or phrases in italics are up for debate, and thus commentable on. Acceptance, depends solely on myself (XxZekeKnightxX).


A game that melds several different forms of gameplay into one game. The game centers currently on Team NeoRose, and takes advantage of opportunities available with all the forms of gameplay. A deep and emotional storyline accompanies the team of brothers, along with their personal histories having an effect on the story as well.


This game offers several different forms of gameplay, melding all forms of teamwork. These forms are codenamed by the acronym: TSM. This will be explained below.

Team Stages

Team stages are based upon the full-3D gameplay of Sonic Heroes, and doesn't change too many things from it, except for perhaps the leveling system. Either levels would be added and attained by the Power Core system from Sonic Heroes (named "Energy Core" in this game), or leveling is determined by battle, and decreases with hits. It is debatable if levels will be lost upon death. Team Blast remains the same, determined by battle and score increases. For a recap about the types involved, here is the list:

  • Speed: High-speed, offensive "glass cannon"
  • Flight: Medum-speed, passive/aggressive
  • Power: Low-speed, offensive "tank"

Switch Stages

Switch stages are based upon somewhat on Super Smash Brothers Brawl. The gameplay is in full-2D, and requires switching between the characters themselves, and using their individual powers more, as opposed to switching formations. Here's the list for the statistics of the types (expressed in the positive):

  • Speed: Attack/Speed
  • Flight: Defense/Speed
  • Power: Attack/Defense

Mono Stages

Mono stages are based heavily on Sonic Unleashed, with 2D-3D switching. One character alone is used, but full use of that character's abilities are at the player's disposal. The gauge however, is based upon battle, much like the Team Blast in Team Stages. Occasionally, a character switch may be made within the level at a specific point. Here are the different forms of the types of characters' gameplay, in terms of ability types:

  • Speed: High-speed (based purely on Unleashed)
  • Flight: Puzzles (based on Sonic 06-Silver)
  • Power: Heavy-combat (based on Sonic 06-Shadow)


The storyline is based upon Team NeoRose's lates struggle against Eggman Nega. Believing that a new plan being hatched of a very large scale, Nega believed that it was a plan, that only the likes of Sonic, Silver, and Shadow to destroy. Little did he know, that there was a very huge flaw in his plan...


Character additions are up for debate.

Main Characters (Playable)

Minor Characters (NPCs)


Level setup is up for debate. It'd work similarly to Shadow the Hedgehog with changes as to how levels are chosen. Such as for an upcoming Mono stage, selecting the Power-character would lead in a different path than choosing the Flight-character. As opposed to Shadow the Hedgehog, one would not need to play the game ten times to unlock the last ending. Instead, currently only three (from Team NeoRose's story) endings are needed to unlock the final ending.

Level additions are up for debate.

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