Heroes of Legedarus is a roleplay series owned by William Hunteman JR. anyone else who says they own it are imposters. please report any imposters to me, i will contact the imposter, tell him what he did.


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Heroes Of Legedarus: A Tale of Ultimate Bravery is the tale of a kingdom under attack of a race known as Hekk.

The war between the kingdom and the Hekk had been temporarily paused, and King Carmen needs heroes. the war will resume soon.. 

Part of the Heroes Of Legedarus Series.



2 No Sexual Activity, mild refrences E.G "I Have a GOOD relationship with my.. hehe, husband... he is awesome.." are allowed.

3 No Cursing

4 do not focus the story on yourself.

5 The Roleplay is Free To Join, but you have to PM me for a quiz that if you pass, can become a Royal.

6 only 2 characters per user allowed (royals get 5 characters)

7 use proper grammar

7 1/2 A You can use text shorters (LOL, OMG, TTYL, ROFL, SOS) Are allowed

7 1/2 B you can use can not instead of can't, etc or talk in lowercase.

7 1/2 C If your character lisps on purpose, tell me.

7 1/2 D Speech patterns like Yoda are allowed, just tell me first.

8 the roleplay takes place in 2002, so please don't refer to anything that wasn't on/published/recorded/made after 2002

8 1/2 A Predictions E.G "I Think that a series about an 8-year old whos name is mac who hangs with these alien.. thingies" are allowed.


10 Put actions in closed brackets/()'s OR square brackets/[]'s OR starthingies/*'s

11 this one is obvious. HAVE FUN!! :D

Roleplay below..

Chapter 1: Heroes for Hire

King Carmen: This is a dark time for us.. we have to get some new heroes.. at least 76% of our knights died in battle...

Queen Sora: Don't worry.. i'm sure some people in the kingdom will oblige...

King Carmen: [Sighs, then Tilts Head down] I Sure hope so..

Queen Sora: [Breathes In] i hope so too..

Blaze: *Is in knight's armor, Like percival's armor in sonic and the black knight* You called?

King Carmen: Oh thank goodness! listen, the Hekk Race is among us.. they will stop at NOTHING to make sure they take over the world.. and with my father, King Carmen II Dying, i have to find someone as strong and brave as he was, during his years of outstanding performance.. [Scream is heard in King Carmen the second's room]

I Better go check whats up with him.. in the meantime, please see if you can find more heroes..

Blaze: Sure thing! I live to save everyone, Anyway! *Goes to find more heroes*

King Carmen: [Is Startled] MISS SORA!! QUICK!!

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