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After 3 years of the genesis wave, Dr Eggman decides to steal one of Dr Wily's robot masters and rebuilt it to resemble himself literally. But the things ends bad, when Eggman added twice higher IQ for his latest creation, Yukon.

Now when Yukon have taken over the cities with his reprogrammed robot masters, it's up to Sonic and Blaze to save world once more along with some new friends. Get ready for an adventure, which will not be forgotten... Nah, just read it and you'll see

Included Characters

Sonic the hedgehog

Blaze the cat

Pilot the Blot

Perish the skeleton

Yukon the robot emperor

Dr Eggman

Cubot and orbot

Amy rose

Vector the crocodile

Charmy Bee

Espio the chameleon

"miles" Tails prower

Knuckles the edchidna

Cream the rabbit

Various other roles, which are revealed later


The year 2018, it have been 3 years after genesis wave, which made two worlds collide each other. With the help of two blue heroes, their worlds were restored and saved. One of the blue heroes couldn't expect he and his friends will live these moments once again...

Somewhere in the secret hideout of Dr eggman, this meany egg-shaped scientist was working on his biggest project ever. "Behold, my zany employees" Dr eggman said happily. "My latest invention, which proves Sonic is history". Eggman laughed as he was sure for his victory. "Now I'll give this chip for my robot, which makes him twice clever than me!" He said. "But boss, you are the most genius scientist in world. How could you do this for your robot?" Orbot asked curiosly. "Little intelligence is not bad for my new son, my dear boy" Eggman said. After saying this, he inserted the chip on the robot. The robot then woke up. "It's alive! It's alive!!" Eggman shouted happily. Suddenly, the robot shot Eggman. The robot was Sludge green with golden shoulders and he had diamond-shaped crystal on it's forehead. "Who are you, and what am I doing here?" The robot asked. "Ugh, I am your new master Dr Eggman" Eggman said. "But why you attacked me? I am your master, I built you" "Are, YOU?" robot answered sarcasticly and walked closer Eggman. "Even me like robot could conquer the world faster than you. And what about that hedgehog? He doesn't take chance against my intelligence." "How you like just borned robot could success in a mission, where I have failed many, many, times, you metallic acidbot?" Eggman asked. "Silence, bootlicker. You will now call me as Yukon, the robot emperor." Eggman looked Yukon frightened. He now realized, what Orbot meant when asking is it good to add more IQ for robot. "B-b-but..." Eggman mumbled. Cubot and Orbot looked these two characters with a fear. "Shall we help our master or just float here?" Orbot asked from Cubot. "You mean that Yukon-dude?" Cubot answered as dumb as usual. "no no no, Eggman" Orbot said, like he have used to Cubot's low IQ. "Don't stand there. Get me some help" Eggman yelled. "Now listen, you egg belly" Yukon said and threw Eggman to wall. "You do now, what I say. And it means you two too" he said and looked Cubot and Orbot angrily. "Y-y-yes sir" both of robots answered. "good. Now this is what you will do now. Listen carefully. Together, we will show Sonic who is the boss. But first, we must..." We will not know just yet, what was Yukon's plan, but it's terrible I say. With the help of Eggman and Cubot and Orbot, they gathered up a large robot army, ready to exterminate sonic and his friends.

Chapter 1: The beginnings

Our story begins few years later after the great mistake of dr Eggman from the lively Mobius , which is the home of the fastest thing alive, Sonic the hedgehog. One day, he got an unexpectable guest from alternative dimension: Blaze the cat, the fiery princess and the guardian of Sol emeralds. She was walking with Cream the rabbit to Tails' house to meet Sonic, who lives at Tails. "Mrs Blaze, can you tell me the reason why we are here?" Cream asked from purple cat. "Uh... It's a things of older girls" Blaze answered shyly. "You'll see what I mean, when you get older". "oh. Well, we see Tails too?" Cream was excited everytime they visit on Tails' house. Tails is a mechanic and talented for 8-years old kid. He have helped Sonic on his many adventures with his gadgets. "Of course we will, cream. No doubt about it" Blaze answered and smiled.When these two girls reached the door, Blaze knocked on it. Moment later, the door opened. When seeing Sonic, Blaze turned red from blushing. "Hi Blaze. What brings you here?" Sonic asked happily. "U-u-u-uhh.. w-wwell.. umm.." Blae couldn't get any word from her mouth. "We were gonna see you Sonic. I think Blaze has something to tell you" Cream told for blue hedgehog. "Hmm, I think I know, what she wants to talk about" sonic said. He had actually ome emotions to Blaze too. When Cream gone to see Tails, Blaze sat down with Sonic watching him. "Sonic, there have been a thing, which I have waited to say for you" Blaze said quietly. "What thing?" Sonic asked. "I have been always interested of you since we met. But now it have turned personal" blaze said. "how personal?" Sonic asked. "It have made me to think you as new person." blaze said blushing. She came really close Sonic. "Sonic, I think I'm..." Suddenly, an alarm started to ring. "Sonic! Blaze! This is an emergency!" Tails ran to room. Sonic raise from the couch. "what is it, buddy?" he asked. "There's two strange things terrorising in city" Tails said nervously. Sonic smiled. "Looks like that egghead have made a new party for us." But before Sonic started to run to Sapphire city, Blaze took his hand. "wait, Sonic!" Blaze said. "Huh?" Sonic turned. "I... I want to fight with you. I don't want to lose you anymore" Blaze said and blushed. "Uh... okay." He then whispered for Blaze. "I think, what do you mean, but let's keep this as our thing now, okay?" "okay" Blaze said. Then the two heroes gone with the full speed ahead the sapphire city. When these two heroes arrived to the city, they saw the reason for the destruction and demolished city. A giant head of skull, which had enormous black top hat was flying around the city destroying it. "Sonic, I don't think Eggman is behind this" blaze thought. "That skull still reminds me of something, which happened years ago" Sonic said and ran to fancy skull head. He used homing attack to attack the skull. In that moment, the top hat opened and there came two characters, which wasn't, what Sonic expected: A dark blue robot, who had crystal on forehead, golden shoulders and yellow cape and a skeleton, whose head resembled the flying vehicle, whose attire included black overalls and shoes, which resembled Sonic's shoes. "Well, if it isn't Sonic the hedgehog and his loyal friend Blaze the cat" the robot said while grinning madly. "For beginner you know my name well" Sonic said. "Who are you, and where's Eggman? Is this his new things again?" "I fix that: This is my things. I am Yukon the robot emperor" Yukon said. "And I am his assistant Perish the skeleton" Perish said smiling happily. "None of creeps like you won't crash parties between me and that egg face, nobody" Sonic said angry. "I thought you like to deal with enemies like me" Yukon said. "Sonic, enough of this. Let's just destroy them" Blaze said. "Okay, then we find Eggman and show him a lesson" Sonic said with a new enthusiasm. He prepared for homing attack. But before he reached Yukon, he pulled a gun and shot Sonic with it. A purple laser came from it, which stopped Sonic. Sonic fell down. "Sonic!" Blaze shouted and ran to Sonic. "Are you alright?" Right on that moment Blaze got hit by the laser too. Both of them were now lying on the ground hopeless. "With this gun, I have now neutralized Sonic's and Blaze's ultimate speed and their immunity gained from rings. Now they are just pity mortals like others." Yukon was laughing as sure for his victory. "Perish, prepare the deathlaser and turn those animals into dust" He commanded. "Yes, sir!" Perish said and ran inside their vehicle. Perish activated the laser and aimed to two heroes."Ready!" Yukon said. "Aim... FIRE!!" But before the laser hit Sonic and Blaze, a green flash flashed around them and they were gone. Yukon looked the black mark on ground and got mad. "Where those two gone?" He shouted.

4 hours later, Sonic woke up from some sort of room. He then scared the face,which he saw. "UWA1 a monster!" Sonic screamed. Then he heard a familiar voice behind him. "Don't be afraid, Sonic, he's on our side" Sonic turned and saw Blaze. "Blaze! You are alive. Where are we?" Sonic asked. "That's good question, my visitor" The "monster", who sonic scared when woking up, replied to blue hedgehog. "I am Pilot the blot, a famous inventor. I am really sorry, if my face scared you. It has long story" Pilot was a black creature, who had red tuxedo and red pilot hat."How did we got here? I only remember, that I got shot by a laser" Sonic remembered. "I brought you here. It was really close, that you were gonna turn into dust" Pilot answered. "Those two are really bad persons. They have set up many dangers just for you." "We want to know what happened to Dr Eggman" Blaze said. "Eggman... I assume he is the nemesis of Sonic the hedgehog, right?" Pilot asked. "Yep, that's me?" Sonic said. "You... you are Sonic?" Pilot said. "it's an honour to meet you, Sonic the hedgehog." "Yeah, whatever" Sonic replied. "And you must be Blaze the cat?" Pilot then looked to Blaze. "Does everyone here know us?" Blaze asked. "Of course they do" Pilot said happily. "But, now to the point, I can help you find the eggman and defeat Yukon." "Ican take care of that piece of junk by myself" Sonic said nd tried to run away. after while running, Sonic realized something. "huh? Why I don't move super Sonic speed?" He asked. "It must be an affect of the neutralizer" Pilot said. "it neutralizes a special ability of it's owner. You have lost your immunity gained from rings too, so they are now worthless for you." "Okay, I guess you won then. Besides, I like to fight with someone else, than eggman." Sonic said. "Now, follow me and I'll show you my plan, how we defeat this robot emperor" Pilot then led Blaze and Sonic to the computer room, where he told about Yukon and his army.

Chapter 2: The gathering

"The only thing, what I know about Eggman" Pilot started. "is that he created Yukon" "See Blaze, I was right, that this was eggman's plan" Sonic said. "but, it have happened, that Yukon started rebellion against Eggman, who then got kidnapped by Yukon." Pilot continued. He then opened a computer, which showed an image about familiar robots for Sonic and Blaze. "Few years later after the rebellion, I've got many alarms about robot masters, who have been terrorising the city" Pilot said, while showing the dia show about robot masters. "We have seen these robots before" blaze said while thinking about the moment, when she and Sonic fought against robot masters. "You have been fighting against these robots before?" pilot asked. "You should read more comics, dear Pilot" Sonic smirked. "Anyway, the point of this thing is, that Mega man, a so called blue bomber can't access to our world to defeat robot masters. My suggestion for you is, that you will stop them." Pilot said. "What? Only we?" Sonic asked confused. "Of course not" Pilot fixed. "We will call your friends. You must work together to defeat these robot masters." "how do we get connection to them, then?" Blaze asked. "When meeting you, I commanded my messenger, Pillsner to get the message for your friends." Pilot said. Pilot invited six Sonic's friends. To get their attention, Pilot wrote different letters for certain persons:

The first invited hero comes from Angel island, where the famous treasure hunter, Knuckles, was training on his secret training hideout. Suddenly, there came a little robot, who looked like dishwasher, who had faces. "Who are you and how did you got here?" Knuckles asked from washer angrily. "I came here to give you a message. You are needed on this location" Pilsner said and showed the map for Knuckles. "what for?" Knuckles asked. "It's said that rouge is seen on this location" Pilsner said. "So there she hid, when she last time stole my Master emerald. I'll go there right away" After saying this, Knuckles flought away to location, where Sonic and Blaze were waiting.

At Chaotix detective agency, there came a letter from Pilot. "You'll be rewarded royally, if you will complete this mission and come to this location" vector read the letter. "Alright boys, we have jobs to do" he said a money-symbols on his eyes. "Yahoo, another adventure" Charmy cheered. "do not count our chickens before they are hatched" Espio said, "You remember the last time, when we took a job, where our client promised a reward?" "Of course" vector said. "i have learnt my lesson. This time i'll make sure he will pay".

Meanwhile Amy Rose was already packing her bags, when she read the letter: "We need you at this loction. Sonic is here too" "oh boy, I finally get Sonic" Amy said with an excitement.

Tails flought to see Sonic and Blaze without reading the letter, since he had to find Sonic. Something terrible happened, while Sonic and Blaze were transported to Pilot's headquarters. Tails didn't needed any instructions how to get Pilot's base, since he can etect Sonic's location with his radar.

Meanwhile Sonic and Blaze were spending their private time on their new room. Blaze invited Sonic to her room to try again, what she wanted to say. "well, the thing, what I tried to say about us" Blaze said blushing. "Was that I think we have reached a new level on our friendship" Sonic looked curious. "What do you mean, then?" He asked. "Sonic, I think I am..." before Blaze finished what she was gonna say, a pink hedgehog came to room. "A-HA, I knew it!" Amy shouted mad. "AMY!" Sonic surprised. He thought, that this was the best time to please Amy somehow, that she won't get wrong image about his and Blaze's things. He ran and hugged Amy, like he was her boyfriend (Honestly, Sonic would not ever marry Amy, so he is only acting). "It's so nice to see you again!" He said, and turned his head to Blaze and winked as he was trying to say: "Play along. We continue later". Blaze nodded and acted like she was mad for Amy. "Well, I'll leave you two lovers alone now" She said "jealously". The hug made Amy to forget Blaze and Sonic and she blushed. "uh, you too, Sonic" "So, what is your reason to be here?" Sonic asked. "I have been invited here for a mission. They said you are on it too" Amy said happily. "Follow me, then you'll see, why you are here" sonic said and led Amy to computer room.

In computer room, Blaze and Tails were talking. Tails and Blaze seemed worried. "What's the matter with you two?" Sonic asked from them. "It have happened something terrible Sonic" tails said. "tell me" Sonic said. "I couldn't find you, but when you were gone, some big robot kidnapped Cream" Tails explained worried. "Sounds like a mission for me" Sonic said. "don't worry. I'll rescue her." A red edchidna came behind Sonic and slapped him to back. "Well, look who is here" Red edchidna said. "Ow!!" Sonic yelled and turned. "How many times I have to tell you not to do that, Knuckles?" "hehheh" Knuckles laughed as always. "it's so fun to do it for you." Pilot was talking with Team Chaotix, who have also arrived to their location. "After this case is done, you'll then pay for us, okay?" Vector said for Pilot. "Of course I will. I have enough money to pay it" pilot said calm. 

After everyone were gathered, Pilot explained once more, why our heroes were here. After explanation, Pilot smiled. "and now for the interesting part: As you may know, you can't deal damage for robot masters by yourself, So i have made these arm cannons, which are models of Mega man's arm cannon. I call them, Sonic busters" "Uh, Pilot" Sonic said. "I am not on your plan" "Why?" Pilot asked. "I don't want to catch death with weapons" Sonic said. Pilot got idea. "Then why did you used sword, when you were on medieval time?" "Uhh... dang, you won" Sonic sighed. 

Chapter 3: The mystery of the robot emperor

Sonic and friends faced many fiendish and deadly robots called robot masters. A group of robots, who were created to raise the technology into next level. Since Sonic and his friends had experience from these robots, their defeating wasn't hard thanks to our heroes special abilities.

But how their new antagonist number one, Yukon the robot emperor, reawake these monstrous robots?

2 years ago

"There, it's finished" Eggman sighed. "DWN-025 is ready." "Excellent job, Eggman" the robot emperor said grinning, although his grin couldn't seen behind his mask on mouth. "Activate him, now" Eggman activated the robot. The robot opened his eyes. The robot had really big lightbulb on his head, which started to glow. The robot turned to Emperor. "Who are you and what do you want from me?" He asked. "Do not worry, bright man. I am here to offer you jobs" Yukon said gently. "You will now help this egg guy to awake your brothers and your sister." "That's a pleasure... uhh..." Bright man stopped curiously. "Yukon." Yukon said. "Now, get to work" Eggman and Bright man ran into work. After this, Yukon made a call. "Perish, how our operation: Armageddon is going?" "t's going really well, boss." Perish answered. There were noises at the background, which we will come back later. Yukon laughed. "Sonic the hedgehog doesn't stand a chance against me. I will do, what that fat scientist has tried years without success."

Back to present time

After 8 robots were defeated, Pilot located Yukon's first hideout and sent Sonic and Blaze to break there. After fighting their way from the guards, Sonic and Blaze were standing in a high tower. Blaze looked bit stressed. "Uh, Sonic... Can you hold me?" "What for?" he asked. Then Blaze did something, which she haven't done before. She whispered to Sonic's ear. "I have fear of heights" She blushed bit. "I haven't wanted to admit it ever for anyone, because it may feel embarrassing for me" She said. "hey, it's alright" Sonic said. "Everyone fears something and we can't do anything else than win the fears" Blaze nodded, and the two entered from the hole in the tower. Then they found a endless pit and really tricky looking blocks. Blaze got even more stressed. "How can we across this one?" She asked. "I have plan" Sonic said and lend his hands. "Jump to my lap and I'll carry you across this pit" He said. Blaze gone to Sonic's lap and blushed. "I hope Amy doesn't see this" She blushed. "Sonic smirked and they started to across the pit. After few jumps, they heard crumbling. "What's that?" Blaze asked. "Hold on tight, Blaze" Sonic said. "I think this is an invitation from Yukon to ultimate party" After Sonic said that, there appeared a big, blue dragon with three eyes. "Metal Sonic" Sonic shout and started to jump to blocks at faster pace. The blue dragon were following these two with a speed. After a few minutes chase, the dragon stopped. "Mwrahhahhahhahhahhaa!" The dragon laughed. "Long time no see, Sonic. My foolish copy" "What are we gonna do now?" Blaze asked. "I don't know" Sonic said. "Prepare for your doom, Sonic" The dragon said. But before this blue creature shot the blast, there appeared a black hedgehog. "Shadow" All characters shouted. "Leave this place now, hedgehog"Shadow said. "But we can't..." Sonic said. "I said "GET OUT OF HERE NOW"" Shadow shouted and prepared chaos blast. "We have no other choices, Sonic" Blaze shouted. Sonic nodded and teleported him and Blaze back to Pilot's base. "You saw Shadow?" Pilot asked. "Yeah" Sonic answered. "He said he was gonna fight against Metal Sonic." Pilot thought. Let your weapons ready. We don't know what are his thoughts against us."

at Yukon's real fortress, things were hot. "What?" A robotic voice yelled. "What do you mean that they escaped?" "S-S-S-sorry boss" Perish mumbled. "But there's a bright side: The group of robot masters number 3 has stole the robot you wanted" "aah, yes" Yukon calmed down and laughed. "Alright, Eggman, are you finished with your robot?" Eggman came to room. "Yes sir" he replied. Yukon grinned although it couldn't be seen. What bad things these two has made for our heroes?

Chapter 4: The end of Dr Eggman?

Heroes of Mobius were sent to deal with the third group of robot masters, which were sent by Yukon. During the fights, they found something odd. "Hmm, I swear I have seen this thing before" Pilot mumbled, while looking a thing, which Vector brought after fighting against Snake Man. "What is it?" Vector asked. "it looks like this is some sort of element" Pilot thought. "The legend tells, that it's required to have eight elements to create a peace keeping robot called Gamma. !" Pilot suddenly stunned when saying the name of this robot. "I may have solved the mystery of this thing." "What do you mean?" Vector said confused. "It seems, that Yukon has managed to create another genesis wave, but this time we are on Blue bomber's universe" Pilot said. "We are currently repeating the history".  Meanwhile at Magnetic generator, where lies Magnet Man, Sonic has managed to get inside the generator. He sees a green flash and then sees Shadow the Hedgehog. "Shadow, what are you doing here?" Sonic asked. "None of your business" Shadow replied. "I am here to destroy you. I saved you one last time, and now I will defeat you once and for all" Shadow then started to run forward Sonic and throw chaos spears. "whoa! C'mon Shadow, we must forget the past now" Sonic shouted and used Spin dash, but Shadow dodged it. "WHat even has gone to you? First you save me, then you want to kill me" Then Sonic used Spin dash one last time and hit Shadow. "..." Shadow stared Sonic moment. "Chaos Control" He shouted and disappeared. Suddenly, the floor on the left opened. Sonic standed for minute silent, thinking what Shadow was up to and why he did this.

Sonic couldn't know, that Espio and Knuckles got attacked by Shadow too. They told it for Pilot, who were looking the elements. "Really strange I say" Pilot told. "I am quite sure, there's an explanation for his behavior." Then the alarms started to ring. "W-w-what?" Pilot yelled. "New bunch of robots already?" The second group of robots came back as doc bots. Pilot sent the heroes to defeat them. After they were defeated, Knuckles went back to Rocky plateau, where he encountered Hard Man. There, he saw a red flash and there came Shadow looking like robot. He called himself as Shadow Man (not to be mixed with Mega Man's Shadow Man). 

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