Hero of Mobius
Hero of mobius
Capcom, Phantomobia
Release dates
Work still in progress
Single player, Co-op, Multiplayer

Hero of Mobius is fan game created by Megaphantaze, based on When the worlds collide comic series.


The story of the game takes place after Worlds collide and before worlds unite. Mega Man has his own story separated into three games in series Mega Man: Yukon rebellion. Blaze is sent to Sonic's world by Sol emeralds yet again and Blaze have finally decided to tell her feelings to Sonic for him. Before she says she's in love to Sonic, there will be breaking news of about gigantic robot terrorising the city.

Sonic and Blaze will hurry to the sapphirepolis and meets their new enemies: Evil robot emperor Yukon and his right hand, Perish the skeleton .

After a battle, Yukon uses a weapon, which makes rings unable to defend Sonic and Blaze from damage. Just before they are shot by death ray, a green flash teleports our heroes from the disaster.

Sonic and Blaze meets new friend called Pilot the Blot, the leader of S.C.Y.L.L.A and one of the most popular mechanic. He creates Megashield for Sonic and Blaze to protect them from critical damage for a limited attacks.

Our heroes will then get a message from Yukon, that he have revived all robot masters, which he found from DR Wily's lair and stole them all with his twice higher IQ and he's gonna make them attack to Sonic and Blaze .

With the few calls, Pilot invites more freedom fighters to fight with this evil robot emperor and to repeat history. Are Sonic and Blaze able to defeat Yukon and his army?


Gameplay is similar to Mega man games with minor changes. Ladders are replaced with elevators, which can be moved to up and down. Every character also has their own robot masters based on their skills. Amy for example can control water and Ice, Blaze can control fire and Vector can control time.

There's also new bosses in game, which will appear every fourth robot master defeated: one sub boss stage and one main boss stage.


  • Chapter 1: Mystery of Yukon  includes robot masters from Mega man 2
  • Chapter 2: The Perish of Dr wily? includes robot masters from mega man 3
  •  Chapter 3: A rise of new emperor includes robot masters from Mega man 4
  • Chapter 4: Shadow the betrayor? includes robot masters from mega man 5
  • Chapter 5: The greatest battle of all time includes robot masters from mega man 6
  • Chapter 6: Confrontation of fate includes robot masters from mega man 7
  • Chapter 7: "Sonic heroes from Metal" includes Robot masters from mega man 8
  • Chapter 8: "Galactic showdown" takes place at Perish' robot factory.
  • Final boss: "Together, always" is the final boss chapter, which takes place at Yukon's space sentinel.
  • Extra chapter 1: Revival of Perished evil (Unlockable extra map) includes robot masters from mega man 9
  • Extra chapter 2: threat from outer space (unlockable extra zone) includes robot masters from mega man 10
  • Extra chapter 3: Enter the rival from future (unlockable) includes robot masters from Mega man and Bass

DLC content

Unlimited DLC pack: If you have a save file in Mega Man Unlimited, you can unlock new weapons, bosses and challenges, which all are found from Unlimited game.

Sonic force pack: If you have a save file in Mega Man: Rock force, you will unlock new stuff to hero of Mobius from Rock force game



Here's the playable characters of the Hero of Mobius:


Sonic the Hedgehog

World's fastest thing alive is now taking on his most dangerous and ecxiting journey, where he have ever been. Ironically, he is missing the showdowns with DR Eggman.With the help of his new alleys, he will discover a whole new way to fight against evil alongside with speed. Sonic will do his best and, as always, party hard on this challenge.

Sonic is a master of quick and boomerang weapons.

Blaze the Cat

Sonic's friend, whose relationship with the fastest thing alive is going to the next level. Blaze will once again fight for her Sol emeralds to save her dimension. 

If she ever completes her mission, she is ready to t

ell her emotions to Sonic, as long as Amy is not disturbing them.

Blaze can control fire type weapons.

Amy Rose

A self-professioned girlfriend of Sonic the hedgehog, who is ready to follow her love everywhere. But this time she may have made a mistake, since this adventure will be dangerous and heart-breaking for her.

But I think she will see the upcoming for herself, she can read tarot card yo know.

Amy can control water type weapons.

Knuckles the Echidna

Knuckles is a powerhouse echidna, who have heard about rumors of terrorist robots. He first thought, that the eggman is responsible of it, but he was wrong. The new light have lighten up inside the Knuckles and the this light belongs to new challenge.

He will brawl his way to victory and show to Yukon who is the best.

Knuckles can handle guts-needing weapons.

Miles "tails" Prower

Tails is Sonic's closest friend and an young mechanic.

After meeting Pilot the blot, he have became his assistant mechanic. He also helps others to defeat robot masters. 

He has already on buster, which can shoot electric shots. Pilot have edited to shoot Sonic busters.

Tails has ability to use air and electric type weapons.

Espio the Chameleon(Unlockable)

Espio is the member of Team chaotix, which have accepted the challenge against Yukon.

Espio is a spy who have promised to keep an eye to Yukon, whenevre he finds one of his minions. With ninja skills, he is almost untouchable opponent.

Espio can use sharp things as a weapon

Vector the Crocodile

Vector is the boss of the team chaotix, who loves music and money.

He does everything to capture Yukon and have even promised a prize of him. But he will make sure, that he gets Yukon, so he will get the prize as doubled.

Vector can control shield weapons

Charmy Bee(Unlockable)

Charmy is the enthusiastic and youngest member of team chaotix.

He is very excited about this mission and can't stand still in this mission. He must still be watched, or he will blow himself.

Charmy uses shield weapons 

Pilot the Blot

Pilot is a leader of the S.C.Y.L.L.A (Savers of citizens and your lovers from lunkerhead antagonists) and a famous inventor. His rival is Bright Man, who is also an inventor and he have spyed Pilot.

When someone meets Pilot, they will get scared because his face. So Pilot must say he won't bite. 

A handsome leader of team Hero of Mobius, who will help our heroes to return emeralds and defeat Yukon. Shadow masters blades and cutters

Anti heroes

Shadow the Hedgehog

In this journey, Shadow is an anti hero, who Yukon uses to his crimes and dirts Shadow's own reputation.

Sonic first believes he is villain, but after the many fights, he realizes that Shadow won't do anything like that.

Shadow wants to return his reputation which is blackmailed by Yukon and get the chaos emeralds from Sonic.

Silver the Hedgehog

Silver have arrived to this time to look forward Blaze. But because his naiviness, Perish tricks him to attack to Sonic. He said that if he destroys Sonic, Perish can get Blaze for Silver. Silver can control time

But later Blaze will tell him the truth, and gets Silver to heroes of Mobius.

Metal Sonic

Metal Sonic was kidnapped by Yukon to his own purposes along the revolution, what happened after Yukon was 

Metal Sonic

created. He have been given the power to turn into a metal overlord and defeat his rival once and for all.

Metal Sonic is one of the rival bosses.

Metal Sonic can also turn into a neo metal sonic. 

Rouge (Unlockable)


Rouge's Usual Outfit

Rouge is bribed secret agent of Yukon's, who later joins to Hero of mobius team.

She's roboticized copy is used to Replace Crystal man, who is said to be "out of order", but he is in truth Yukon himself. Shadow promises to revenge for Yukon from her kidnapping and that they will be together after the madness is over.

E-123 Omega (Unlockable)


E-123 Omega

Omega is a henchman of Shadow, who have been investigating the reason of Yukon's appearance. He figured, that Eggman is working with him and does everything to destroy him and Yukon.

He unfourtunately gets brainwashed by Perish and serves Yukon and Dark man robots.

Omega has power to shoot rapid fire

Villains and bosses

DR Eggman

Doctor Eggman
An evil scientist with IQ 300, who have tried to defeat Sonic for years, but without results.

He decided to create Yukon, an ultimate destruction weapon, but he made mistake: When Yukon were ready, he add memory chip containing twice of his IQ.

Yukon started rebellion against Eggman and with his high IQ, and took the lead as an evil robot emperor.

Eggman is one of the bosses in game.

Eggman Nega

Doctor Eggman Nega
Eggman Nega have been looking Blaze and followed her into chaos dimension. There he decided to go see Eggman, but got trapped by Yukon.

He is now helping Yukon from his order to defeat Sonic and Blaze once and for all.

Nega is one of the bosses.


An evil robot ruler created by DR eggman, who has twice higher IQ than Eggman has.
Yukon III

Yukon's third design by Boberatu and drawn by Megaphantaze

Perish the skeleton
thumb|left|nullxnullpxHe is the one, who revived all robot masters and forced them to attack Sonic and his friends. 

Will the speed be enough to stop this evil newcomer Nemesis?

Perish the Skeleton

The really good friend of Yukon and the most trustable ally of him. He is a spy of team robot masters and sometimes comes to interrupt our heroes.

Perish have prepared for everything, so be reeaaally careful when you start fight with him.


This game has an unofficial soundtrack. It includes Linkin Park, Fall out Boy, Green day, etc.
Soundtrack cover

The cover of the soundtrack

The list of the tracks

01. Linkin Park-Burn it down(main theme)

02. Swedish House Mafia-Save the world(2nd theme)

03. Paramore-Monster

04. Fall out Boy-Beat it

05. Daft Punk-Robot rock(Robot masters theme)

06. Billy talent-Surpise surprise (Yukon's theme)

07. Green day-Know your enemy
Back cover

Back cover for Hero of Mobius Soundtrack

08. Daughtry-Renegade

09. Poets of the fall-Locking up the sun

10. Fun-Some nights

11. X-Prophets-Freakshow (Perish's theme)

12. The 69 eyes-Tonight

13. Skillet-Rise

14. Crush 40-What I'm made of (Bonus track #1)

15. Team Nekokan-Airman ga taosenai(Bonus track #2)

16. Iron Maiden-The final frontier (Final boss music)

The soundtrack is available on

Info about Espio and Charmy

Due to vandlism on Espio's and Charmy's pages, the weaponry and misc. info is put here. You still can see other characters info on hero of Mobius on their articles.

Espio the Chameleon CD Data

a member of Chaotix detective agency. He can turn invisible and has ninja skills.

Quote: "Behold Ninja power!"

Good: Laid-back

bad: opinionated

Likes: Ninjutsu

dislikes: Crooked dealings

Charmy Bee CD data

an enthusiastic young bee and member of Chaotix detective agency. He carries the rest of the team from the obstacles.

Quote: "Yeah, Time To Rock And Roll! "

Good: Cheerful

Bad: Hyperactive

Likes: Sugar

dislikes: Dull and bland atmospheres

9-29-10 Espio
Hero of Mobius
Biographical Information
Age 16
Physical Description
Species Mobian/Chameleon
Gender Male
  • Skin: Purple
  • Eyes: Golden
  • Dark purple boots
  • White gloves
  • Studded wrist and ankle bands
Political Alignment and Abilities

Metal Blade Shadow Blade Drill Bomb Crystal Eye Yamato Spear Slash claw Flash bomb Magic card Jewel Satellite Triple blade Grab buster Yo-yo cutter Crypt Cloak Rolling cutter

Hero of Mobius
Biographical Information
  • 17
  • Leaf shield
  • Needle cannon
  • skull barrier
  • Star crash
  • Plant barrier
  • junk shield
  • Homing sniper
  • Remote mine
  • Bubble bomb
  • Hornet chaser
  • Water shield
  • Nail shield
  • Virus outbreak
  • Hyper bomb


  • The names of Chapters are based on original Mega man series' games Japanese names
  • The endings of games is replaced with dialogue of Sonic and Blaze and more


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