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"Hero for Hire" is the first episode of season 1 of the "Sonic Mania Adventures (2020 TV Series)" It's the first episode overall.


Ray wants to become a hero, but it backfires.


Tails: *whistles*

Tails: Hey Mighty, have you seen Sonic?

Tails: He was supposed to meet me here...

Mighty: I don't know.

Mighty: He's probably goofing off...

???: AHH!

Tails: What was that?

Mighty: It came from Angel Island!

Tails: Where in Angel Island could that scream come from?

Ray: You guys heard that too?

Tails: Who couldn't?

Knuckles: Right... since it's my island, I should go!

Tails: Knuckles, wait!:

Mighty: Maybe we should follow him.

Ray: Scratch that idea!

Tails: Ray is right. That knucklehead probably got himself captured.

Mighty: Well, now what?

Tails: Ray and I will fly over Angel Island and try to find Knuckles and that person.

Tails: While you go through the Island.

Mighty: I hate not being able to fly...

Tails: Well, you'll have a better chance than us.

Mighty: Fine...

Tails: Don't you love the air, Ray?

Tails: Ray?

Tails: RAY?

Ray: Huh?

Tails: What are you doing...

Ray: Wishing I could be a hero.

Tails: Huh?

Ray: You saw how Knuckles went in there like there wasn't a monster in there.

Tails: Yeah, but he probably got lost anyways.

Ray: Yeah, I hate getting lost...

Tails: Hey, what's that?

Ray: There's something running in the bushes!

Ray: And It's heading for Mighty!

Ray: Get the walkie-talkie! Quick!

Tails: *struggles to get the walkie*

Tails: *In walkie-talkie* Mighty! Get out of there!

Mighty: Uh, oh... too late...

*commercial cut*

Mighty: AHH!!!

???: Dude, what are you screaming about? What the world's going on?

Mighty: Have strangers taken up sincerity?

Mighty: *gasps* Oh, wow! I was so dumb to think you were someone else!

Tails: Mighty? You down here?

Ray & Tails: WOAH!!

Tails: Oh, no we're trapped!

Knuckles: Welcome to the party.

Ray: Oh, no...

*Metal Sonic appears*

Ray & Tails: Double Oh, no...

Eggman: Well, they're not Sonic, but they're something!

All: Triple Oh, no!

Sonic: Hey, Mighty! Long time.

Mighty: I saw you yesterday.

Sonic: Which really kills the mood...

Mighty: Why were you screaming earlier?

Sonic: That cliff. I fell.

Sonic: Dumb pebbles have no respect to their elders!

Mighty: That pebble is probably older than you.

Sonic: Uh, right. Where's Tails?

Mighty: I don't know.

Ray & Tails: HELP!!

Knuckles: Still don't need help! I'm independent!

Sonic: Oh, no!

Tails: You mean quadruple oh, no!

Mighty: Don't ask me what they're talking about.

Sonic: Let's Go!

Tails: This stinks!

Ray: I wanted to be a hero!

Knuckles: I want to be independent!

Tails: We'll never get out of here!

Ray: Sonic will come!

Knuckles: Yeah, I don't think so.

Tails: Quintuple oh, no!

Ray: More like Quintuple oh, brother...

Sonic: I told you it was a bad Idea to hit the guard but no!

Ray: *hits the bar*

Tails: That's not gonna work!

Ray: Woah! Oof!

Sonic: I can't believe it!

Ray: You better believe it!

Tails: Hey, what's the next -uple?

Ray: Guys, just slip through!

Sonic: Got it! Now run!

Tails: You know, Ray? Maybe you could be a hero after all.

Ray: Gee, thanks! But after that... I think I'll let Sonic be the hero.



  • Sonic (debut)
  • Tails (debut)
  • Knuckles (debut)
  • Mighty (debut)
  • Ray (debut)


  • Eggman (debut)
  • Metal Sonic (debut)


  • Robo-Guard (debut)
  • Amy (poster)
  • Bark (poster)


  • This is the first episode of the series.
  • Metal Sonic was originally not supposed to appear.
  • Mighty says he hates not being able to fly, foreshadowing the episode "High Flying Hijinks"
  • Running Gags: Knuckles wanting to be independent. Tails and Ray saying Uh, oh.


  • Ray's tails disappears throughout the episode.
  • Mighty doesn't appear in the zoom out of the cage.
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