This is an article about the Hero Chao Shrine, a location created by Bandicootfan63.

Hero Chao Shrine is a special location accessed from Station Square in the game Sonic VS. Sonic. It transports the character to certain levels through the shrine.


There is a small palm tree growing next to the shrine. It droops over the shrine, providing shade.


Due to the shrine being on a cloud that floats across the world, there is no definite climate. However, it has a tendency to steer away from rain.


Not much is known about this place, but Hero Chao favor it. It may have a connection to Angel Island.

Significant Populations

There are always at least three Hero Chao on the cloud waiting to greet their visitors. These Chao are unique in the fact that they can speak and understand perfect English.

Notable Areas

The cloud is small and there does not have much, although there is a brick floor that takes up much of the space and emanates from the small shrine-like structure on the edge of the cloud.


The tiny shrine is basically the only notable part of this place. It's doorway is just big enough for most characters to enter.

Sonic VS. Sonic

The Hero Chao Shrine is accessed by jumping while on a specific black-and-blue launch pad in Station Square, or any other location the Hero Chao Shrine may float over.


  • In Sonic VS. Sonic, the size of the cloud appears to change when there are characters following the player character to acknowledge that they need a place to stand and move around.
  • In SVS, it's possible when launching through the cloud to actually hit one of the Hero Chao. Due to the Chao in the center usually speaking, if it is hit than the Chao to it's left will speak, whereas if one of the side Chao are hit the dialogue is said by the Hero Chao in the center. If all three Chao are hit (only possible when having two characters following you), than they'll fly back to their original locations and they'll look angry whenever you go near them until you leave the current hub, and the Chao in the center will speak.
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