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Hermes Raiden is a rather precocious and energetic hedgecat child from South Island.


Big for his age, with Ruddy blue eyes often drinking in the environment as he races around; Hermes is a Lime-colored hedgecat with vanilla skin; as well as a fairly simplistic array of basic spines still growing from his head and back, as well as the typical feline ears and tail from his hybrid race poking through his Spanish grey hair. Of note is his muscular legs and torso, surprisingly so for a toddler.



Hermes has always been a very quick to develop child; with fairly advanced speech and basic reading comprehension already skills he has shown; but the key and most important part is his ability to move. Hermes was very fast in learning to walk, and technically never went through a "crawling" phase. Indeed, his parents have pointed out that he never really tottered around or struggled to gain his feet as a child, going straight to almost perfect walking and then from there to incredible speed. Because Hermes already shows some kind of supernatural level of speed, it is obvious that he is going to stay fast, though his true potential is an unknown factor.

As with many feline or hybrid races on Mobius; Hermes has great reflexes and incredible balance; a factor that offers some explanation for his early ability to walk and run.








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