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Hercules Baker is a pilot in the G.U.N. Sixth Army Division, where he excels in reconnaissance and front-line transport.

Hercules Baker

Biographical Information
Romantic Interestspending
Physical Description
  • Fur: Brown, w/ tanned skin and black wings
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Red
Casual Attire
  • Black leather jacket
  • Gray long-sleeve t-shirt
  • Black cargo pants
  • Black leather boots
  • Lightweight pilots helmet
  • Standard blue-grey camouflage pilots fatigues
  • Lightweight basic torso armor
  • Black leather boots
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Flight
  • Highly skilled pilot
  • Moderate training in hand-to-hand combat
  • Moderate training in self-defense with firearms
  • Basic training in Pyrokinesis
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)Pending...
AppearancesNone so far
Original CreatorFlashfire212


One of the first notable things about Hercules Baker is that he is smaller than average for a Mobian, even considering his wire-like muscular build. While not drastic, there is a noticeable difference between Hercules and other bats, with even encounters with Rouge leaving him looking small.

While his small height is a sore point, Hercules is also fairly plain looking, with brown fur and tanned peach skin; plus the standard black wings of a bat. In his favor, he does have a fairly well maintained cover of short black hair between his ears, though it is kept cut to military regulation lengths. His red eyes are often described as fleeting or darting, scanning from point to point. He has some kind of bony ridge on his forehead, obscured slightly by his hair. In combat, he has been instructed to utilize this bone plate similar to a horn; though medics aren't completely sure why he developed it, whether or not it indicates other genetics in his system than purely bat or not.


Away from active duty, Hercules dresses casually and comfortably in a long-sleeved grey t-shirt, black cargo pants and a black leather jacket; complete with his black boots from his active duty uniform, though he has been known to wear military dress uniform to just about any formal occasion he is invited to.

On active duty, Hercules is always seen in his uniform fatigues, complete with the lightweight Sixth Division-issue body armor and helmet and his boots. This is on the occasions he is seen out of the cockpit, not always a common sight.


All Aboard!

Reaching for the Skies


Super Genesis Wave

Mac's Mangling

Beast Legends


A highly skilled evasive pilot in the already speed-focused Sixth Army Division, Hercules plays the role of a front-line transport pilot to a tee. While not in a heavily armed transport craft, his skill behind the stick is often regarded quite highly by his fellow pilots, though not always in such positive light by the soldiers aboard his transport. Due to this and his highly acrobatic piloting style, Hercules and his copilot are typically assigned to reconnaissance missions rather than proper transport runs; though their plane lacks a lot of vital resources to excel in that field.

Aside for his vehicular exploits, Hercules is a natural in the air, with his flying skill actually allowing him to lessen the weight in his aircraft even further and avoid the need for a parachute. While he is not likely to be setting speed records, he is still nimble enough to avoid being hit out of the sky, and skilled enough to perform similar aerial acrobatics without his plane.

In combat, Hercules loses out. Typically flying without carrying a regular-issue sidearm, his moderate skill with shooting pistols doesn't cost him too much. However, this limits his ability to defend himself in the unlikely chance of being shot down to simply his very small training in pyrokinesis, where he is capable of launching a flare-like fireball and that's roughly it. Similarly, his hand-to-hand combat, while well-trained, is not really a combat focus for the bat, so his ability to protect himself out-of-craft is limited. However, some other soldiers have claimed that if Hercules focuses all of his attention onto them, his gaze is almost paralyzing in its focus.

Fire Abilities

Elementless Abilities


A hot hand on the stick; Hercules pilots a Gorana Aviation AM29-FT Airmaster Combat Dropship, which some soldiers have taken to referring to an APC in the air. While the standard Airmaster is fairly well armed and incredibly well armored; all while maintaining decent speed in the air, the -FT variant sacrifices most of the armament and a good portion of the armor while boosting the potency of the engines. This gives the craft almost unprecedented acceleration, even if it is a lot more vulnerable to attack from most directions. In truth, Hercules is really only in control of the defensive mechanisms of flight, rather than any offensive weapons. Indeed, the chin-mounted turret on the vehicle is controlled by his copilot, those twin chainguns the only weapons retained by the aircraft.



Before the Super Genesis Wave, Baker was an aspiring agent. He wanted to follow in his late father's footsteps, working for GUN and simultaneously doing what he enjoyed. Though he had a tendency to joke a good amount of the time, Baker liked his job, despite the dangers that came along with it. This particular fact is shown in Eggskam, when Baker was obviously outclassed by Vendeta Blue but still wanted to fight against the mechanical menace.

Baker always tried to be easygoing, doing his job while attempting not to be a prick. However, he had his serious moments, and he knew that when the going got tough he wasn't supposed to be fooling around. In fact, his joking tendencies kept him from becoming a pilot for a good time, and he had to learn to overcome them before he could truly help GUN.


After the Super Genesis Wave, Baker was more of the same... up until his confrontation with the infamous Mackenzie the Tiger. After being beaten by him and yet still seeing how popular Mac was, Baker was nearly driven to insanity. After he managed to calm down, however, there wasn't much joy left except for his own humor. Baker turned into the one thing he didn't want to - a prick.

Baker became more obsessed with upholding the law, and he lost a good amount of the mercy he had. He now saw criminals in a new light - or should I say, a new dark. He became far more bitter than he was before, and he wanted to make sure those who would dare harm the innocent would pay. One could say that he is Lawful Good on the alignment chart, but given his personal beliefs, he'd actually be closer to a Lawful Neutral.






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