Heracles Anchorta

Biographical Information
Relatives Kuwaga Anchorta (brother)
AliasLightning Beetle
Romantic Interests
Physical Description
SpeciesRobian/Hercules Beetle
Attire N/A
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliations The Hunters
  • Low-caliber rapid-fire energy blasters x4
  • Solid-laser axes x4
  • Bladed horns x3
  • Multi-use electric cannon
  • Super strength
  • Flight
  • Above-average durability
Super Forms
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original CreatorKagimizu (Based off of pre-existing character)

Heracles Anchorta is a Robian Hercules Beetle hailing from Soumerca, member of The Hunters, and brother to Kuwaga Anchorta. He is based on the Mega Man Zero boss Herculious Anchus.


Heracles and his brother were both born and grew up in Soumerca, in a small region outside of the territories of the Mysterious Cat Country and what would later become the Wolf Pack Nation. The two brothers were always close, and would often play with and compete with one another.

As they grew up, the two eventually became mercenaries operating from Soumerca, and became well-known for their efficiency, capability, and if necessary, their capacity for destruction and mayhem. This made them not only renowned, but also feared, earning them both a spot on G.U.N.'s watchlist for potentially dangerous individuals. Between them, Heracles was known for his enormous strength and durability.


Eventually, Heracles and Kuwaga were hired jointly by the Felidae and the Wolf Pack Nation. The Soumerca chapter of the Dark Egg Legion had invaded Felidae territory, taking over the ruins in which the Ancient Onyx was placed. Wishing to avoid all-out war with the more technologically advanced DEL, the Wolf Pack Nation (with begrudging approval of the Felidae) contacted and hired Heracles and Kuwaga to sneak in and sabotage the DEL systems, and if need be steal back the Ancient Onyx. Met with the offer of great riches and prestige as well as a challenge, the two brothers eagerly accepted.

Sneaking into the ruins, the brothers attempted to find the main core for the DEL's weaponry and equipment, in the hopes of shutting it down and taking down the DEL. Unfortunately, Heracles supposedly became over-eager and set off an alarm, alerting the DEL to their presence. While Kuwaga suggested they grab the Ancient Onyx and run, Heracles was confident they could fight back. And fight back the brothers did. The two of them faced wave after wave of Dark Egg Legionnaires, causing massive amounts of damage and casualties, but were eventually overwhelmed by sheer numbers and firepower.

Enraged at the damage done, both Razorklaw and Drago were more than happy to eliminate the brothers, but Eggman- who had been watching the security feed from the Death Egg Mark 2- called in with other plans for the two brothers. Seeing potential in their great strength and skill, Eggman instead ordered the beetles roboticized, so they could serve as enforcers. Razorklaw and Drago obeyed with sadistic glee, and later threw the beetle brothers into a roboticizer. As the two forcefully underwent the procedure, Heracles and Kuwaga kept trying to hold out and resist. As the process was nearing completion, Heracles lashed out with a panicked attack in a desperate attempt to escape. His strength enhanced by the roboticization was unexpectedly powerful, and was able to break through the machine, causing it to malfunction and explode. Roboticized but retaining free-will, a dazed Heracles clumsily made his escape, not knowing whether or not his brother escaped as well...

Vengeance and Sadness

After managing to escape and regain a hold of his mind, Heracles nearly lost his sanity as he had to work through the fact that his body was no longer organic: that while he had thoughts, feelings, and emotions of a living being, his body was completely mechanic and robotic. What's more, Heracles had no idea if Kuwagata had escaped or not. With nowhere to go and unable to cope with this intense failure, Heracles retreated into seclusion for months to come.

During the latter part of this time however, Heracles began attacking the Soumerca Dark Egg Legion. Heracles did this for a multitude of reasons; to get revenge for what had been done to him and his brother, discover and refine his newfound Robian powers, and to garner materials and supplies to keep himself running. These constant attacks showed Heracles that his roboticization had come with a number of benefits for him, though this only amounted to a grim upside to his situation. Heracles continued to fight and attack constantly, on several occasions fighting both Razorklaw and Drago.

Eventually, these constant attacks resulted in Eggman taking actions of his own. During one such attack, Heracles was "treated" to a personal visit by the doctor himself. While undeterred, Heracles got the shock of his life when he came face-to-face with none other than his own brother. While Heracles had been able to escape the roboticization without losing his free will, Kuwaga had not been so fortunate. As such, Kuwaga had become a loyal servant of Eggman and the Eggman Empire, and attacked Heracles without hesitation on order. Heracles, outgunned and not wanting to hurt his brother, was forced on the defensive and eventually reduced to attempting to flee his own brother's relentless assault, eventually losing the faster and more maneuverable stag beetle Robian by barreling through ruins, causing a cave-in and preventing Kuwaga from pursuing further. However, the momentary relief was nothing compared to the grief that would follow.

Mercenary -> Prey -> Hunter

For a time that seemed like eternities afterwards, Heracles was relentlessly pursued by his own brother, forcing the red Robian to constantly be on the move and looking over his shoulder. The constant flight meant that Heracles couldn't raid for supplies or energy, causing Heracles to suffer from wear and tear, multiplied by Kuwaga's repeated and increasingly ruthless assaults. Eventually, Heracles' energy cells ran so low that he was forced to flee on foot, his thrusters and weapons no longer functioning.

Eventually, Heracles' fleeing led him to an open field, with nowhere to run or hide. Even worse, Kuwaga tracked down Heracles and prepared to launch a final attack on the battered Robian. Just as it seemed that Heracles was going to be done in, Kuwaga was repelled by a powerful laser blast. Startled, Kuwaga was repelled by a further barrage of shots. Heracles found himself being rescued by a blue hedgehog with an arm cannon and a black wolf in red armor. Eventually, the two were able to force Kuwaga to retreat, after which the two introduced themselves as members of The Hunters; a black-ops group that operates secretly against threats such as Eggman. The two revealed that they had been tracking Heracles for some time prior to his roboticization, considering both him and his brother possible candidates for recruitment. However, both Heracles and Kuwaga suddenly fell off the radar for some time (due to their roboticization), but later came across Kuwaga terrorizing resistance in one of Eggman's territories. The Hunters tracked him, and eventually found Kuwaga hunting Heracles.

Rock and Zero offered Heracles repairs, fuel, upgrades, and the opportunity to strike back at Eggman and possibly free his brother, in return for joining The Hunters as a guard and field operative. Heracles gladly agreed, under the two conditions that he and he alone face Kuwaga, and that unless acting on a solo mission or under guard duty, he be allowed to try and detain his brother should the opportunity arise. Both Rock and Zero agreed, welcoming Heracles to The Hunters as all three were teleported back to base.


In his organic form, Heracles was a red Mobian Rhinoceros Beetle. His underside was basic red, while he had a peach "muzzle" and aqua eyes. His legs were segmented typical of most insects and were dark red, with three short, sharp extensions on the outer sides of his lower legs. His feet were basic and ended in two short sharp "toes". He had two pairs of arms, one shoulder behind the other. Both pairs were likewise segmented and dark red with circular shoulders, his hands ending in two fingers. His back was covered likewise by dark red wing-covers, while his head is covered in the same dark red shelling. From the back half extends a long, large horn about a third of the length of his body, and from in front of the first horn extends another slightly smaller, shorter horn. As a Robian he largely maintained these features altered to mechanical form, save for his eyes which became black with red irises.

Numerous upgrades and alterations have given Heracles a drastically different body. His chest area is cylindrical and dark grey/blue, while his abdomen is slimmer in comparison and red in coloration. His groin is only slightly larger in circumference than his abdomen, and pale grey in color. His thighs are dark grey/blue as well, with his upper thighs having thicker red armor. His knees are covered by red armor with sharp bulb-like designs, his lower legs likewise being dark grey/blue. His feet are now pale grey and shaped like shoes, with sharp red extensions extending upwards from the toe area. His shoulders are red and remain orb-shaped in design, with his thin dark grey/blue arms being jointed by more bulbous red elbow joints. At the end of his arms are golden conical attachments, from which four X-originated spindly fingers fold out. In battle, these fingers fold back in, and dual-bladed axe-like solid-laser blades extend from the attachments instead. His head is red and round with a peach "muzzle", while a sharp red blade extends from the front of his head in an L-shape, and from the back two larger similarly-shaped blades extend. Around his neck is a pale grey collar with red slot-like sections. On his back are a pair of thrusters, which are covered by dark grey/blue wing-like extensions.


As a natural Mobian, Heracles had all the abilities inherent to his species, including flight and protection thanks to his shell. Most significantly, he had incredible physical strength- able to lift upwards of 850 times his own body weight. Heracles could use this strength in conjunction with his large horns, trapping opponents before throwing or slamming them. Time as a mercenary has also given Heracles experience in hand-to-hand combat and firearms usage, as well as a basic understanding of strategy and tactics.

As a basic Robian, all of his physical attributes were greatly increased, most of all his strength and durability. He also traded wing-powered flight for jet-powered flight. He also found that he gained a basic laser cannon installed in his larger horn.

After numerous upgrades on the part of The Hunters, Heracles gained a much greater amount of weaponry. All four of his hands can be launched at high speeds; in conjunction with the solid-laser blades, this can be used to impale enemies and objects for damage or capture. Heracles can then either pull these blades (and usually the person or item caught in them) back to him at high speeds, or send a powerful electrical shock through the wires from his arms to his hands. Small-caliber laser guns are also installed in the nose of each "hand", which can fire at opponents at high rates.

Heracles' three sharp horns can be manipulated and angled slightly. His thrusters have much greater power (capable of reaching just below the sound barrier), and with these Heracles can generate high-speed, high-impact crash attacks, which are lethal when combined with the sharp blades of his horns. Since these horns can be manipulated, Heracles can still use them in close combat to slash his enemies, or grab and throw his opponents as he would in his normal Mobian form.

Heracles' most significant weapon however, is a single mid-caliber electric cannon installed in his head. This cannon can be angled to face specific directions, but can only change angle up to 45 degrees in any direction. At base power this weapon is a four-shot cannon that fires four electric-element projectiles before requiring a brief recharge time. By charging the shot, Heracles can fire a much larger projectile that moves slower, but also has homing capabilities. However, it carries an even greater function than that: after propping himself by lodging his arms in the ground, Heracles can focus electricity through his horns, which is then charged into the cannon. After charging, Heracles can fire an energy projectile as either a powerful rail cannon attack, or a focused beam of energy. The second method of attack doesn't require lodging for recoil compensation.


Prior to roboticization, Heracles was an eager and aggressive person, with a penchant for taking direct routes and causing destruction. Also very prideful, Heracles always enjoyed a chance to exploit and use his strength in any situation, especially combat. While Heracles was always able to maintain priority concerning his mission objective, he was more than happy to take advantage of mishaps or accidents as an excuse to use his strength and cause some destruction. This culminated in a habit of being fairly reckless while on the job. Despite this, Heracles cared deeply for and respected his brother, willing to take a more subtle route at Kuwaga's discretion. He also prioritized Kuwaga's safety above his own and even the mission.

After roboticization and having to deal with his brother working for Eggman, Heracles has become much more mission-focused and cautious in the actions he takes, although he maintains a confident a prideful demeanor. Heracles takes his mission as a guard very seriously, and as such has grown to have a questioning nature when it comes to strangers, making sure to keep his guard up and remain prepared. He is quite loyal to his team, and makes sure to do everything he can to keep them safe, to avoid repeating the mistakes that caused his current situation. Surprisingly, Heracles is more or less comfortable with his Robian status, content with retaining his free will and being able to use his newfound abilities. However, Heracles is nonetheless driven to see his brother freed from Eggman's control, so much so that if given the option Heracles will immediately drop a mission to take on his brother if Kuwaga is in the vicinity.

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