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Cquote1.png You ever hear the expression 'bat out of Hell'? Well, that bat was running from us! Cquote2.png
Andras of Hell's Hounds

Hell's Hounds is the name of a gang of seven demons who are noteworthy for being the main enemies of The 3 Heralds of Death. They are sometimes seen around Pintor's Citadel. Each appears as a Mobian animal with demonic traits (somewhat similar to the Reversians). They serve a demonic force known as Buer, the Black Wheel of Decay, who is the polar opposite of Ka, the Great Wheel of Being.

They first appear in the Ghost Hunters Roleplay.


All seven of the Hell's Hounds gang are cruel, sadistic and destructive. They'll ravage an opponent's self-confidence, making them feel worthless. They love to possess people and turn them against their friends. They never seem to have a major goal, other than to spread chaos and discord.

Even though they're a team, they'll still argue, belittle and nitpick with one another.

The Original Members

Andras the Crow

The unofficial leader of Hell's Hounds.

Byleth the Cat

Often seen as the least serious of Hell's Hounds, quite similar to Flying Frog. Nonetheless, Byleth is just as dangerous as his friends.

Gamygin the Echidna

The brute, although he is not brawny.

Kimaris the Hedgehog

Marax the Wolf

The wild-card of the group, also the most verbally aggressive.

Vassago the Hare

Xaphan the Weasel


The original seven Hounds have decided to recruit other demons into their gang. These recruits are being trained to successfully possess people and spread chaos and discord. Although they are inherently evil and malicious, they are not as experienced as the original Hounds, seeing as how they've never directly served Buer (who is the source of most of the Hounds' power). They're also rather too eccentric about their work; they've accidentally interrupted their respective superiors numerous times, usually when they (the superiors) are possessing a host, resulting in a comical situation more often than not.

Despite all this, they are 100% loyal to their superiors, and to Buer.

Cassimolar the Lemur

He is being trained by Andras.

Dantalian the Possum

He is being trained by Byleth.

Furtur the Elk

He is being trained by Gamygin.

Nisroch the Chameleon

He is being trained by Kimaris.

Orobas the Ram

He is being trained by Marax.

Roneve the Wallaby

He is being trained by Vassago.

Ukobach the Viper

He is being trained by Xaphan.

Fusion Form

The Hell's Hounds Gang can fuse together to create a monstrous being known as Anvasamylekimaran, or better known as "Devil Hound".


  • All of the main members (excluding Xaphan) are named after certain demons from the Ars Goetia in The Lesser Key of Solomon.

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