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Hell's Hounds
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Cquote1.png You ever hear the expression 'bat out of Hell'? Well, that bat was running from us! Cquote2.png
Archelaus Kigurai of Hell's Hounds

The Hell's Hounds are a gang of eight demons who serve a demonic force known as Buer, the Black Wheel of Decay, who is the polar opposite of Ka, the Great Wheel of Being. Each typically appears as a Mobian with demonic traits, but they each have a more monstrous true form, as well.

They first appear in The Wheels of Fate.


Early Years



The Hounds are primarily a Chaotic Evil group, roaming Mobius and causing mayhem wherever they please. Despite this, they are wholly loyal to Buer, and will do whatever he asks of them.

They also seek out those who share any of the eight Sins they represent, acting as little voices that influence like-minded people into giving into their Sin. Those people that any of the Hell's Hounds are able to completely influence can then be controlled by the respective Hound, acting as a puppet to carry out chaos in the name of Buer.


The Hounds don't seem to follow very many rules apart from maintaining a loyalty to Buer. They're more than happy to use any underhanded methods they can think of to achieve their goals, whatever they may be at the time.

Allies and Enemies


  • Buer, the Black Wheel of Decay - The Hounds obey him without question, and hold a great deal of respect for him, as well.
  • The Five Children of Darkness -
  • The Black Diavols - Hell's Hounds and the Black Diavols can hardly be considered allies, due to the fact that they clash so frequently; the Hounds (save for Sidhael Taida) see themselves as wholly superior to "Buer's gaggle of imp servants", while the Diavols despise being mistreated by them. In fact, the only Hound who seems to get along well enough with the Diavols is Sidhael.



  • Their "surnames" are simply the Japanese word for whatever Sin they are based on.
  • The Sin of Despair, which Baelroch Zetsubo is based on, is sometimes considered to be the "eighth Deadly Sin".
  • Valefar Donyoku is the only Hound who is named after an actual demon. Archelaus's name is of Ancient Greek origin, while Casanove's name is a play on the word casanova. The names of the others were influenced by name generators.

Theme Song


Pantera - Cowboys From Hell