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Helix is an 17 year old deep blue porcupine with areas of his fur shaded a dark indigo color. His eyes are a yellow gold color. He has a tan muzzle and stomach patch, with the indigo parts being his calves, forearms, tips of his quills, tip of his tail, and his scalera. He has a gap between his two front teeth, making his smile a bit goofy looking. He normally wears an orange bandana on his neck when in the Sonic Boom universe or on the normal Mobius. When in other places, his outfits change so he can fit into the general crowd. Otherwise, all he wears is the bandana and occasionally some black framed sunglasses.


Helix is somewhat depressed, being lonely and having family problems. He thinks everyone ignores him, because he's quiet, and usually people don't follow through with his ideas. But when he's with his best friends, he's generally happy. He's somewhat shy and jumpy around new people, being cautious about who to trust with his secret about being able to travel through dimensions. He has a few friends, all of which he's met on Mobius or the Sonic Boom universe, but he wishes that he'd be able to meet others without bumping into them, due to the awkwardness.



Helix was created by the Zone Cops of the No Zone, designed to be the best interdimensional crime fighter possible; being able to run fast, be powerful, and travel freely through dimensions with no limitations. After they succeeded in creating him, he turned out to be shy, weak, and a coward. Exactly the opposite of what they wanted. They tried to teach him how to fight, but he didn't listen, and would rather play than listen to his mentor, Znuckles. His name was originally just "Z", but it was changed to Helix when he left the No Zone.

Young Life

Helix grew up in the Great Forest with the Freedom Fighters, being raised by Rosie Woodchuck. He was raised to be a polite, quiet young man, but he became bored with his everyday life, and learned how to harness his powers to open dimensional portals. He came to the Sonic Boom Universe when he was 13, and made it his home. He started living in a beach house, close to the treehouse Sonic and his friends live in.

Finding Friends

When he was 16, he finally worked up the courage to meet the esteemed hero of Mobius. He ended up befriending Sonic and his friends, and found out he had a crush on Sticks. He sometimes stayed at their home, often invited by Amy to stay over. He loved the attention, but eventually, it became normal for him to visit. He tried coming up with a plan to infiltrate Eggman's base, but it failed. From then on, they didn't really listen to his ideas. He started getting upset that he was being ignored, and went back to the normal Mobius. He looked for Rosie, but couldn't find her. He went off to look for someone to talk to, and found Gyro the Hedgehog. He thought Gyro was like his big brother; he was nice, talked to him, and he always included him in whatever he did. He loved being noticed again, and went with him, discovering all of Gyro's friends. He discovered he was a very likeable person. He went back home to the Sonic Boom world, and stayed at home until later on.

True Love

Near Christmas, Helix finally confessed his love to Sticks. He thought she wouldn't feel the same way, but she was excited about it. He found out that they weren't so different after all. He was just nervous because she's twitchy, and acts a bit strangely, and he thought she'd be suspicious or reject him. Now, they're happily in love.


Helix has the power to create small portals to other universes at will, and can turn into other forms he changes into when traveling through dimensions (he turns into a blue and purple Zoroark when he's in the Pokemon world, for example). He can run decently fast, and can lift quite a lot of weight.


He is very good at drawing things to scale, and getting colors almost perfectly right when trying to recreate it with paint. He's an extremely talented artist by nature, loving to create things and make music with his harmonica.


Helix is very good at building things. He can make almost anything from wood: from buildings to toys to carvings. He loves working with wood, and practices almost daily.


Helix has a very low self-esteem, and is very subject to torment from others. He becomes very discouraged and demotivated when he's criticized, and that distracts him from the task at hand. Sadly, it takes him a long time to get out of this depressed state of mind.

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