This is an article about Helios the Vuerna, a character created by SPop120 on 06/28/2013.


Helios is a an orange-furred vuerna. He has yellow messy hair that form into four quill like structures, two short ones pointing down, and two long ones going slightly up, then curving down. He has angry red eyes that appear to glow, and he is about 4' 9", taller than some Mobians. He has a fairly mucular build, and he often wears a blue t-shirt paired with a long brown coat, and black pants along with white boots.  He has cat-like eyes.


Helios is very well-mannered. He is quite easy to anger, and he becomes extremely violent when angered. He tries to compose himself as a kind gentleman, when in fact he is the opposite. He is very rude, and not very tolerant of others. He is very full of himself, and thinks of himself as a deity because of his power, when in fact he is much weaker than one.

Helios depends on others to do his work for him, as he is rather lazy. 


As a young child, Helios created the leader of the tribe as his idol. He idolized him in every way, wishing he could be just like the chief. He disliked it when people told him there was no way he would ever marry one of the daughters of the chief, because he was not a warrior.

Helios also grew to idolize the chief's wife and her two daughters, wishing to marry one of them so he could become the chief one day. But, there was a problem. The chief still had many years to live, and then there was Bentley, the oldest son who would become the chief before his sisters.

As a teenager, Helios planned to take down the chief and Bentley, so he could marry the oldest daughter (Nova the Vuerna), so he could become the chief of the tribe. He continually planned this until the age of twenty five, where he gathered people to help his cause, then came the day where he would carry out his attack.

Helios also gathered weapons for the mass attack. But first, he recruited a young Vuerna named Aither to woo Nova, and then to kill her father while Nova watched. Aither ultimately succeeded in this, leaving Nova heartbroken and then Helios came along, to woo Nova and kill her brother. While Nova fell in love with Helios, Helios brutally wounded Bentley, leaving him for dead, and then doing the same to Nova.

Fortunately, Bentley and Nova were healed in time for them to live. The chief's wife decided it would be time to flee, as her loved one's lives were in ultimate danger. The family fled, then Helios took power, spreading tyranny throughout the tribe and using terror to keep himself in power.




Helios is somewhat stocky and strong, so he is not easily overpowered as some are. He is generally weak to water-based attacks, of course, but he is also weak to earth based attacks. He is also not very nimble and agile, due to his size and weight. He is also weak to air-based attacks, which can blow out the fire he creates. (to be finished soon...)

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