Helihaulers are a type of Badnik created by Dr. Eggman as a means of transporting large cargo through the air.


A particularly large Badnik inspired by double-rotor helicopters, the Helihauler has a large, stocky and somewhat rounded frame with a short, thick "tail" at the end, with two rotors to propel it; one near the front, and another on top of its "tail" that is up a bit higher than the front rotor. Each rotor has three blades, and their are two sets of wheels below the frame, somewhat close to the front and back ends of the Badnik. Also below the Badnik, at the center, is a pair of large, claw-like structures that allow it to grasp its cargo and carry it.

Part of this Badnik is hollow, allowing it to take smaller cargo into its body via a hatch at the bottom; a claw-like structure can extend out of its interior as well. Like most Badniks, the Helihauler has facial features, in the form of half-closed eyes on either side of its "head" (the frontal area of its frame). The Helihauler sports an army green, asparagus and black color scheme.


The Helihauler lacks any sort of offensive ability; it has no type of weaponry equipped, and only has a spotlight attached to its front. It makes up for this by being deceptively sturdy, and, while somewhat slow, has surprising maneuverability.

However, since the Helihauler really has no means of defending itself, it is commonly escorted by other aerial Badniks, such as Hoverbies and Buzzbombers.


The Egg Army makes frequent use of these Badniks to transport cargo around when ground transportation is a poor option (I.E when the terrain is too rugged/treacherous to get by easily). In particular, the portion of the Efrika Egg Army stationed within the Shifting Sands Egg Base of the Desert Ocean Zone uses this Badnik heavily, as the sand inhibits the usage of trucks and other ground-based vehicles; this is also why Extreme Gear is almost exclusively used as a means of personal transportation.

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