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Heldere the Panda (pronounced "hahl-DEER") is a scout that serves the Light Clan of Celeritas.

Physical Description

A somewhat curvy panda who stands a tiny bit over three feet tall, Heldere has a short, somewhat rounded muzzle, medium-sized, rounded ears that stand upright, and a short, stubby tail.

Her fur is primarily rosy brown in color, with an almond muzzle; while most of her head is white in color, the markings around her eyes, as well as her ears, are rosy brown in color, and the only other parts of her body that are white are her chest and stomach. Her hair, which is shoulder length and curled near the bottom, is roast coffee in color, and her eyes are royal yellow in color.

Her outfit consists of a vest over a tank top, khaki shorts, fingerless gloves, and boots.



The Elemental Wars Pt. 1

While out patrolling the forest surrounding Hope Tower, Heldere comes across a shadow changing its shape. Confused and curious, she looks for the source, eventually finding a gold-furred hedgehog lounging up in the branches. Naturally, Heldere tries to get his attention, but does not get a direct response right away. He muses to himself, asking if "all things become one, like shadows do".

As he speaks to himself (and Heldere mulls over his words herself), he causes the shadows he was manipulating to take on her shape, and this surprises her. As she seems mystified by his puppetry, the hedgehog snaps from his daze, and the branch he was laying on lowers itself to let him off. Realizing that she had asked him who he was, he introduces himself as Solex.

After Heldere introduces herself, she tries to shake his hand, but he ignores this, instead staring towards Hope Tower. He makes a comment that, understandably, rustles the panda's jimmies a bit; he states that Hope Tower was a "a shining beacon of purity and comfort, beauty and goodness as far as the light touches" and an "an inherently discriminatory thing".

Solex continues on without regard for her, stating that light showed the difference, and that within it, there was a line, a distinction in everything, forcing one to 'choose'. The hedgehog's words seem to get to her, as she starts to once again ponder what he was saying, having no fruitful argument to back up on. Eventually, Solex asks her three questions, stating that she can 'do whatever she wants to him for trespassing' if she answers them all correctly.

Much to her surprise, she answers them all correctly, yet things start to get a bit tense when Solex's attitude begins to rub her the wrong way, particularly with how he talks about the Light Clan. He makes a a casual remark that causes her to panic, believing that he sent shadows to attack Hope Tower while the two were talking, and she runs back to her home, only to find it the same as she had left it...

The Elemental Wars Pt. 2

Unknown to Heldere, Solex had followed her to Hope Tower, and continues to be cryptic as hell, irritating the panda further. Telling her that he'll "see her at lights out", he disappears once more, leaving a confused and exhausted panda behind. The sun is starting to go down, so Heldere simply makes her way to her sleeping quarters to get some sleep; her roommate, Terane the Dibbler, is in sick bay with a fever, leaving Heldere by herself.

Almost as soon as she turns off the lantern, Solex is lying on the ceiling in defiance of gravity, and he casually calls out to her, causing her to panic. After managing to get the lantern back on, she sees him on the ceiling, and is understandably annoyed, calling him out for being in the room with her.


Base Stats
Other Stats

As a scout, Heldere is stealthy and fast. She specializes in spying on enemies and monitoring their movements and numbers in order to help her more offensively-inclined comrades. This is not to say that she is completely useless in a fight, however; she wields a shortbow for protection, allowing her to function as long-range support.

She's not very sturdy, however, as her abilities emphasize speed and dexterity over strength. If overwhelmed by multiple enemies, she can easily be defeated.

Heldere is an adept solarakinetic, and primarily uses low to mid-tier offensive techniques of the Light Element.


Heldere is relatively resistant to the Element of Light. She is also quite agile, able to dodge slow-moving opponents and attacks with ease.


Heldere is weak to the Element of Darkness. Her defenses are subpar, forcing her to rely on her agility to survive.

Friends and Foes








Biggest Fears



Her name is the

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